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The Odd Fellows On The Union

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ÜDD FkLLOWS' II A LI-, ) Dktkoit, Jan 17 186Í. The M, V. Grand Mustet of ihe Qrand Ludgê f Michigan, I. O. of O. F., haviog in bis anrrual refort reoommended Ihiijt lbo ()v.n i Lodge take some aolion on t!ia sfateof fhecountry, i i-pei-ial coinmittee of fivd was appointed t" report sic!i action as they mig'it deern tiiproprtate. The com;- t ■'■ ■■■' thu lol Ion ing report, wbieh wa-i unnni nounly adoptea. B. VERNOÜ, Grand Becrefcuy. To t:-. r.; .-ht tt .- :.-. „ ■ !.,:i;o„r Michigan; The epeeial coinmittee, t whom was roferred that part of the Most V. Grand Mastér'g report n regaré to the present ooaditiou f ihu country, re1 s eclfully r?por : That your oommittee foei tliat the 'great [):-os:c:!y of our country, iu pro.-eut unusartjpled growth, tb e spread .f ütelleutual and mural us woll as physical wotthh,aro in ;i groat measure, owiog lo tho oonstitotiun and Union, which, by tlieir eflectf, have camented thu liiorlier] oí' the nbo!e country, s.;d made us respectad amODg ihu nations ol the world, uid happy, peaceful and ii'eo ut hor;. e. We look with distrust upon uny effort in :iny soution of our country lo st r ii. " tho bitter waters of sectional stiii;" and that tho principies of our Order, ña wcli as patnotism and our duty as American uitizoos, ro quire us to suatuia, by yoioe and vote, those patriotio raen wbo, North and South, East and Wost, are endeavoriug to sustain and support the constitution and Union, iomided in so much peril and by so great sacrificus, ai;d produötive of ko much good to our con-.u.-y and to the world, Phiit we tiiu:effro lecommend the a'-.iption of tho tollo wing resolutiona, All of which is re-pecii'ully snbmittcd. Be üReiolvid, bv tbe K. W. Grand Lodgo of the I. O." O. F. of the State of Michigan, That, sa memoere of this. Lodge, we ledge ouiselves to exert our influence to rouew those fraternal íeelings bérètofore prevailing in uur cournry, so that in all our land it inay again be said, ns always has been tha boust of our Order to be able to say, that brethren from every section oi the Union, meeling for a coinmon purpo.-e under a oommon organizatión, can carry out plans for the comrapD good without eeottonal strife, as brelüreu aud as American citizeos, Resolved, That this Grand Body, nowj as ever, tstand upon the platform of " Liberty and Union," " tho constitttion and tbe lavs " That we ippeal to tho people oi the State of Michigan to stand to, abidu' by, and support the constitution ünd the laws of the Union, ready at ail times to deiend and prothe nghts of every State a( oareiully as we would our own, and as prompt to strike down any vioiation of the supreme laws by Michigan üs bv 8outh (Jurolina. Retoloed, Tbat we appeal to our sister Grand Buciies all over the Union, by the memories ot comrnon charities and fraternal ntercourse ; by the ties of coimnon bh)iid and eominoD enoeetry ; hy the glorious reoolleotton of our Revolutionary ttrugglus ; by the lioly reneiubranee oí uoinmon dangers in defence of the interests aod tho houor of of our country ; by the glories ol thut noble fiug which we have all stood ready to sustain and cheiish ; by the memony of the great nd good men by ivhose toils aud sacrilice and blood we aficquired this glonous heritaga ; to aid us ie rea toni g that harmony and fraternal so necessary to our est ence as a natioo, end to pledge Otld Fellous every where that by our Order no esotiöna] aggreasion shall ever be sustained, no uníiuly ambition ever bo encouraged . ie.i'jlved, That the principies of our Order fo: bid fraternal strifo, and incúlcate, in the spirit of conciliation and concession, that charity which "sufferelh long and is kiod, which beareth all things, hopeth all thinga, endureth all ihing?, and tiatntver faileth." Resolved, That tlio thanks of this Grand Lodge are due to those noble men every where who, at the risk of personal popularity and local asgrandisement, have thrown themselvos into the breach to sustain the constitution and tbe laws, and to restore those fraternal relations which se-m now so nearly dest: oyed, and the destruction ot which would, in its iall, involve the desti:;icj of uur counti-y. Resolved, That cepies nf theso resolutions, under the seal of the Grand Lodge, bo fortlnvith sent to each Grand Lodge and Grand Encampmeot O affiliation with us, and to the Gr&nd Lodge cf the Un'ted States. C. A. STAG 7. SBTH LËWB, .1. dHOEMAKEB. JOHN HOSMBR, HBNRI i'UALICK, Cominittee.


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