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Letter From Ex-president Tyler

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Ex-President John Tyler lias written a letter on the crisis to the Richtuoud [Va.) Whitj, iu which he says : " If I may be permitted to make a suggestion, it wuuld be that the Legislature, without delaj ai;d without inturfcrenoe with the eall of' a convention, niight inaugúrate a meeting of the border States of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Teuuessce and Missouri, slave states, and New Jersey, Penusylvauia, ühio, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, freo States, through two Commissioncrs to bfi jppoiutud by each, to arrauge, if possiblo, a prográmalo of adjustmeiit to ■ be submitted to the otlicr States, as conclusivo of the wliole matter. ' Should tliey agree, I think thoir recommeudations would bo followed by the other States, . and incorporated iuto the coustitutiun, and placed ou thöfooting of UQ uiiLilterable compact. Surely 110 States can be more dcoply interested iu the work of restoring the couotry to quiet and harmony. If they cannot agree, then it may safoly be coueluded that the restoration of peaee and coucord has become impossible. I would have au early day apjoiuted for the meeting of the Uoinmissioners, to be appoiutedby the üovernors or Legislatures, f in scssídu, so that Virjinia, when sho holds her convention, nay bo in full possession of the result. " All other methode having failed, then [ would advise, as a dtmür mcaaure, a convuiiiion of all the southera States, and, after incorporaling upou the present constituí iuii guaraiitoesgoing uot oue iota beond what strict justice and the security ot' the South rehuiré, adopt the coustituion of tho United States as it uow is, and git'e a broad iovitation to the other States to enter our Uniou with tho old [ag ftying over oue aud all. Wheu thii s done, 1 would say, in conclusión, to all ny COUntrymeu, rally back in all speed to the coustitution thus invigorated aud trengthfiied, and let this, for all time to ome be written on every hcart as a moto that, under all ciremustauces, and in very conditiou ol 'thiug.s, thero ost ofaafety, and is-to siand by the j constitution.'' " JOHN TYLKK,"


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