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Thurlow Weed On Concession

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To those of our lïepublican frieode who expresa an anxiety to help whip the South, who protest against the exhibition of a conciliaiory spirit, who declaim against doing right by repealing the unconstitutional personal hberty laws, and who, confesping that they do aot like negroes and do not want any more of thuin to come among us, vet refuse to diseountonanee stoaiios tlitiin frorn their tnasters, we commend the folio w ng paragraphs from the pen of that veteran of tne Press, Thurlow Wee, of the Albany Evinimc Jourpal In a recent issue of his paper he snys : '' To eustain sueh men as Senator Johnson and Mr. Eihridiie, of Teuneasee, Messrs. ritephens and Johnson and Hill, of Georgia, Mr. Gilmer, of North Carolina, Gov. Ilioks and Dav:s, of Maryland, we would go just as lar in conciliation a.d ooneession as the oonstitutioa permito. To save ihis Union, and to avert the horrors of a civil war, we implore meinbersofCongres- to moet the reasonable propositions of the Union men of the South. , We know how little of consideiation our previuussng gestions havo attr aeted. e know, too, with how mueh inore favor our frienda in Congres listen tnjournuls whose oolumna abotiud p appeale io "baekbono,' "pluok," &c, &c, &c. These things are very well in their place; but very misohievoua out of place. In disoussing a questioo on which the Union hangs. and upon whicb tho vvifare of tniny iniliions of people'depends, we will not dissmiss the hope that there are Uniuo muil in Cont gress from the North who can mee. [Jnion men Irom the South with iruter nal feelmgs, and, in di;-ch ;-ge of a oom mon duty, asjrce upon terms of acijust ment whicb will hold border Siates from disuuion. The cheapest and the thinnest kind of patriotism is that which costs notliiug. So too. with that species of courage whicb, ont of dauger, vapore and swaggers. Of the army of abolitiunists who have for so many yoars been teaching war and rapiñe, on paper, not one of them ever fuctü their enemy. Whon heroic John Browo, aeting upon the principies so many professed, lay in piison awaiting oxecution, whaf ttbolitiooist went to his rescue? While. in our way, we have upheld freedom, and resisted the extensión and aggression of slavery; while, in this line of duty o shall ever be faithlul; and while, too, we will go to the death, if neerts be, for the Union, we cannot but look with abhorronce upon jouroalista who labor so reek lussly to prevent the adoption of sorne plan of adjostment upon which the Union men of southern States can ' BUBtain themselves. Toróoto, Jan. 22. Mr. Bowes, tho newly ekior.ed Mayor, in his speech last night to the Oouncil statefl that largo accossions to our population tnight soon bo expeoted on account oí' tho troublos in tho States, and röoonnnonded suuh a ]ilcy in gard to tiixation, &c, as ill eapeeiaöy íavor suofi emigr:!ti-n.


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