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Washington, Jan 20. WasliÍDgton 8 now more froc frora excitciucnt ihan it has been at any time sinco tlie Bession df CoDgreas comraenood. ApproheDsiooe of difficultica atteodiog tlio inauguration of President Liucoln exist, but to a liüiited extent. However, to guarii against poaaible, ampio meaos havo been taken to preservo the '■ public peace. With the probable aotion I this treek, secession movementa will be retarded as to Southeru States. A compaiiy of sappers and minera from West Poiut, aeting as infantry, arrivud here to-day, and are quartercd at the Columbian armory. Last week a largo number of Republicaa mumbers of Cougros froni New land, the Middle Suites and the West, uuitcd iu a stroug reeoniniendation to Mr. i Lincoln to appoint Mr. Colfax, of Indiana, as Postuiaster-tteueral. Mr. Bailey, conneeted with the abstraet.ion of the ludían trust bonds, has beea released from prison on bail, to the amou'it of $5,000. Ho will appear before the speeial committee. Senator Hunter has determined to retire ('rom the chairmariship of the Committee on Finance. 11e wi'l airnounce bis witlidrawal in a few days. There is no doubt kliut iiwtructionshave been seut to the commander of the Gulf or Home squadron, for a return of some ot the vessels on that station, their presence not being required there since the HUOOess of the Liberal party iu Mexico. Tiie ïuinority report frcin the coramittee of thirtythree, signed by Messrs. Taylor, of La., Phillips, of Aio., liusk, of Ark., Whitely, of Del., and Winslow, of N. 0., embraces in substanoe the followiug: The report says the present difficulties eau only be remedied by aineudments to the Uonstitution, and sugi;ests that the amenduients proposed in the Crittenden resolutions, if adoptod, would restore tranquilitj to the country, and place the Union on sueh a foundation that it could uever be shaken. These amendnients, the report, asserts, would not in reality ehange tlie Constitution. 'ihey would only have the eflect of restoring it, by the added provisions, to what it was in point of faet, on the day of its adoption, thro' the operation of the cirenmstances which then surrounded it, and which erected the barriera against the preseut sectional contüst, as constitutional provisions would now. If tl constitutioual niajority eanuot be united in support of the Crittenden resolutions, or the substance of thein, thon a di&solution of the Union is inevi tablo. The report also recommends that steps be taken lor calling a conveukiou of the States with a view for peaceable separation, by providing for a partition of the property of the Uuited States, settliug ' tenns by whieh tbe commercial inter course between the separated States shall be cimductcd, and making a permauent arrangement wifch respect to the navigation of tho Mississippi rivcr. The report gives what the signers of it Qonsider a full acoouut of the rise and progress of the slavery agitation, which ha produced the existing difficulties. Washington, Jan. 21 Numerous applications continue to be made by Postrnasters in seceding itates, for supplies of postage stamps. Before the orders are filled, an affirinative response is necessary to the question whether they do now, and will continue hereafter to hold themselves responsible to the goverument, in conforniity to the existing laws, for all the postal revenues received by them. The orders have been filled accordingly, the Postmasters following the ezample of the Charleston Postmaster. Thus far postal communication with the South continúes uniníerrupted. Judge Groenwood still has the tender of the Secretaryship of the Interior uuder consideration.


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