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Arrival Of The Steamer Marathon

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New Yokk, Jan. 20. The steamsLip Marathon, from Liverpool at ' P. M. of the 8th, arrived here at 10 A. M. Financial matters lorm the chief feature of her news. The action of the Bank of Eugland on Alonday was sudden and unexpeuted. Consols feil , railroad securities considerably more, and commerce was generally oheuked. It is believed thai the Auumcan uews and the position of the Baak of France were the inain mcentives. The Bauk of France on Tuesday followed the example of the Bank of Eng land. and advauced its rate of discount from 5 to 7 per cent. There was uo preesure for discount iu London. . The weather iu Eugland coutiuued most severe Öuow was still falliug wheu the Marathon sailcd The iáliip aaratoga, from Mobile for Liverpool, wfaioh put iuto (Jork haven on the ith, ran aeliore, but after cutting away all her masts was got off. The Paria ourse was depressed, and closed ou the 7th at G7f 20c. The Daily News anuounces that the French goverumeut offored to withdraw its ships lïom Gaeta, provided the Sardinians discoutiuued iiring till the 18th or 19tli instant, after which it Í3 understoop the bombai dinent by sea uiay oommeuce. It is ass rtcd that Englaud will no louger propose to Austria the sale of Venetia, One of the ministers in the Saxony ohambere assertud that all the federal jovornments wcre rt-ady to act in concert with Prussia in the Danish questiou, and, if necessary, t;ike the field. A qut'stiouable report that eleven English and seveu Faeuch gunboats were wrcoked in a humcane in the Peiho, is prevalent, but unconfirmed. The Paris correspondent of the Times says: The English goveruraent sent a strong note to the Frcuch govornment agMinst auy louger occupation of Syria thao is warrauted by tieaty with the Porte. Tliree new iron-cased ships are orderod connnenced at Toulon. The HeraWs Paris correspondent says : By the beginning of March France will possess on arniy of 140,000 men, ready to uiarch at ■! few hours' notice, bftsides the Imperial Guard, 40,000 strong, kept on a war footing. In addition, 400,000 men are uuder anus, unbrigaded, in the garrisous of the Empire.


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