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The Stars And Stripes Unfurled At Indianapolis

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Indianapolis, Jan 22. The American ílag ordured by tho Legislatura a few days ago, was un furlod frora the dome of th-; Capital this aiternoon. Tho entire military forcé, fire department, and an inmenso crowd of laiiius and gentlemen wero present, and iu the stars and stnpes were run up, were weloomed by 'he boomiog of cannon and the wild patrioüc huzzaa trom the assembled muhi.iidt!. Hon. Henry S. Lane, ExG'iver'ior Hammond, Hon T. A. Hendricks, and Governor Morton, made putriotic union-loving speeches. The speakers, representing both political parties, scverally claimbd that Indiana was true to the Conati: ution and the Union, and would stand by and protect tho American flag throngh every emergency, and would respect and do justice to every sectiou of tho Union. Miss Caroline Ricliings was introduced to the auditjnce, and sang tha Star Spnngled Bannor, which was received with imnnuDse and enthusiastio applause


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