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Gov. Blaib sent imo the Senate on Fnday lust, the names of anolher batch of NotarieaThe list included the following for Waahfnaw: Lyman W Wailace, Kintrsley, Jr., Samuel Grisnon. Josfph H. Vanee. Edward P Clark, Traoy W. Root . John N. Gott, Wilin-uu A. Martin, Jume S. Fii-her. The nominations were confirmed on Satur. day. - i i - - ■ b-wm' i E" Wü undewtand that the Dooation visit made to Rv Mr Cornelius. Pastor of the Bajitiat Churoh of this Citv, on Monday evenin, was a very pleasant affair. The proceeda were between ninety anJ one hundrod dollars. [ Carl Soiurz wil] lecture bef ore the Students' Lecture Association, on Honday Evening, February 4th, at the Methodist Church. [y A noticeisin circuí at i on, headej ' No unión with slaveholders Religiously or politically," advertising a ineetin? to b held in our City to raorrow and nnxfc dny to re. joiee over the approaohing di-soluion of the Union. A couple of roving, crazy fanaties, of the Garrieon Phillips Bchool, and a nominal resident of t' e same stripe, are announced as speakers. Under the auspices of the same individuáis a meeting was held at Adrián recent ly, and lesolutions adopted whieh, speaking in the mildest terms, ehocked and disgusted evtry lover of his kind and coun. try under whose notice they carne ; and it ia to be regrutted that our City cnuld not have eseaped the disgrace of asimilar demonstra - tion. P. 8. We give this notice in lieu of the one w have be?n requsted to publish. la The new ereoted Works a Coldwater, we are sorry to hear have proved a failure ; and the game is reported of the FoDtiac works The Republican says the Coldwater works are lo be immediately hariged to coal ipi rks ; and the Qazctte sys that the retorts of the Pontiac works have been buinedout and lliat uew ones are being cast. Weinistrust tbat in boih paces there are radical defeets besides thoe named, and that eomebodies' flngcfs will be burned. - Such enterpriees should alwnys be placed in charge of practical and experienced men. tLT Our sleighing - we suppose it was sleighing, we havn't tried it - was re newed by a fine fall of snow on Wednesday night- one of the heaviest fallsof the pres. ent winter Lumbermen, woodmen, and Young America have a tine prospect ahead.


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