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At a special moeiing f the Fii Department of the City of Ann Arbor, callea upon the occasion of the death of Herman Schlack a committee of three was appointed to drnft & set of resolutiens expreasing ihe feelingof Department in referenca to the death of Hekman Scelaox. The following resolutions wére reported and unanimnusly a'lopted : Whertas, Herman Sobxack, one of ou.r most esttemed and worthy membei s, has been re moved from amongst us b the mvsterious hand of death ; and, hereas, The event has thrown our hearts in ihe sombre vestments of grief, sadnea's and sorrow, be it therefore Resolved, That in the death of our as3ociate firemat), Hermajï Schlack, we have iost one of our most worihy, esteemed and efficiënt mem bers ; one who vne evr amongst the furemost in the discharge of his duty as a member of this Deparment ; and wliose honesty and uprightness an'l gontlonmnly deportment in his evi-ry day intercourae with us not only as foreman but as cil izen, endeared him to us r.i a true and unfulteririi; friend, and whose place amongét us. now made v.e int by this sad '-rent. Ti-e littlc hope ean te fi!K-d. lüsolved, That w? leader to toe bi-reaved relict or' our depated fnend nn I as'ocia'e our most sincere and heurtfel' symimthy for hr in this the hour of her sorrows and grief. Re'olred That ihe Seereiary present a copy of the furegoing resolutions to the f mily of the deceased, and also ciuise a copy to be puuüshed in the Oitv paprrs. M H. GOODRICH, G MAST. CONRAD CHAPF, Corómtttee G. F. Haussr, Secretary pro tem. AHn Arbor, Janunry, 5, 1b61


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