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Union Meeting At St. Louis

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8t. Louis, Jan. 13. The Union demonstra tion yester'étay P. M. as the largest meeting ever held. in thi city. Business was gentrttïïy suspended. A 1 rga number ol store and private residences were decorated witli flags and devicea in honor of the occsuion. Two national ealutea were algo fircd. Robert Campbell ws chosen President, and forty threo Vice Presidenta sölectod, irreepeutive of party, frora aroongst the most prominent citizens. liesolutions were passed expressing wart attathment to the government under which we live; reeognizing the Federal Union ag the great preservativo of onr liberües ; deoying tho necessity oí ary conilict batween the institu'.ions of the peoplo of the country; regardinga I ution öf the Union, dmastrous to the country, and tending to injurs the cauws of rational liherty throughout the world; denounoing the formation of sectional partios, uiid, while the ternporaiy triuinpfa of giich partiss i not of itsuli sufficient cause for the overthrow oi the governmunt, it is a cause for earnest and soleiii!) waiiiing that tho Union cannot ii'iritiiiiio unlesa uil ooastitutiooa] rights are securod ; that the pnisession of 8litT.) propwty is ti oo-nstitutiona! rigiit, and ouglit to bo ever reeogn'raed by the 'Foderal govennnent, and, if tbfl Ferleral govermnent -hall fail or rofuse to sucure this right, tho southern .States houlü bo found uuiteJ in ita dofence, in which event Ml98ouri wil] uliare the düties aud dangera tA the South Raolutions were a!so passed cordially approvingof Crittünüeti't) proposition na bui-i of settlemont of thu pretiaot diffioüities, bolieving thom to by atisfactory to all parta of the country; dep raua'j rcion as conducive to civil war; ;n.i entr.mting tho seoediog Staten, as well as iho Fedaral government, to tay the ar.n ol military power uotil the pe" !e can lake such acti in as our trouble densand; aud propoüing a State oonven in, and cousullaüon witii all of our nisie:' States, Ttie reading of tb e resol ; ; '.is eliuitod much onthusiasin, and nine cheers were givon for John J. Crittundan. Strong, oio "quent, and earnest Union speeches were made by Judgo Gamble, Major Wright, Ooi. Bogy, aud a uumber of other gentlemen Tbe Springiefd eorrespondent of the KBssonri H")n!ican says tbere ia reasou to bt-heve '. hat Mr. Lincoln will accept the border States' compronjise, and the doctrine f ■non-inter-vyiition in regard to the subject of slavcry in the Turritorie Mr Liheotn dnies haring tendered Henry Winter Ddvis a Uabiuet appointment. A Stato convent on bill was warmly discusflad in the Missouri Logiilature during the past three days, but without final act ion. Handbiild signed by six leading repnbHoans, iocluding F. P. Blair, advia ing repuTslioans not to partioipato in Ihe Union tneüting j-estenlay, were f'ree]y postcd about the stroets beforo noon. %-LT Principios aro of slower growth ihan pnssions; and the hand of philoaophy, lolden ouk to all, thcre are few who pres poi-dully, B&T A lady beiuguskcd her placo of nativity, replied: "l am bo unfortnnate as to havo no native place; 1 am the daughter uf n Mcthodiet elergyrnaG."


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