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GBEAÏBARGAIUS AT Maynard, Stebbins & Wiison'B. WE IUVE AO.UN' REPLENI5UED OUB STORE WITI took of 2r O O 23 S,j thafWAS cvf-r offered in any one establishment b , the Stuif, all -■! vrbich n ofifer [bi islov hm onr: be fouud iu th# Uut on We want ïfloney ï w ! irill mnke Grcul Saerifices on Aiiytíii' wejiavi io obi.iin it, aot t xcfiítínj; . OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS ALL GASH CU STOMERS tn cll nn4 examine our Coortn a ad Frlcw. We ;tl ui vite our Prompt Payiiig Customers io come anl buy thoir supplioB for ttie Win tor. To tho i Q&ahful ooeatkat uv iftttla to cali, vtt say to thtm, liiJSEIjIj "Tour '77IX33-3L.rï? ■nthoutlouger wftitit.gfor hígher p ricen, come in, iE=.L3r xjip nld senren, and tfuM n1 soch priwc u irlll ai ke ap all tosKfl Ií id han!!. neccessarj to enameiAle om Goodtj fot We have Sverything A larye iworiwirntof ÜARPETING, CKOtKERY DKY QOOJJS, 1IEDILVES, GP.0EEIE8, TA1NTS, OILS, [JAT ', BOOTS, SIIOES YANKEE NOTIOXS &c, &c,, &c. (71ötO MAYNARD, STEBBINB & WII.SO O. ELi 1 SS --.'- '. -■ ■■■■'■ ■ ■ ■- ■■■ Still in the Field'! LARGE STOCK of GOOD in my line direct (rota New York, Boston, ond the Manufac t u rers! I liare just reccircd a Ifrrge and weK selectedAssortment of CLOCKS, WATCHES, J 3P -7T 3D Xi H T. SILVEK &ÍLATED WARE, Musical Instruments, Table ai d Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And a gront Tftriety of Yankee Notions. Ae. I wou!! cïill particular íitteution to my lurgo stook of OI33CTACIjES, Of Gold, fcilver, Steel, and Plated, with PEK SCO 3 ' GL ASS A superior ar(HIe, aml ft grtat variety of artioles in the '"CUEAP C7A_ÜTerfi'ine b&vsng dlffcult walchcstfio wiíh glasee] Caü aunodat&d as roj stock is largo ftnd i 1" S, Putioulrr attetitlon pal totbe EEPAIRING of all Mndi ui' Fint WitcheB, such a Making & Setting New Jewels, P1NIUNS, STAFFS and CYLINDERS, nlso ' CLOCKS, AND JEWELKY, C. BLISS. lugut 2?, 18CP. T68tL M. W. HAWLEY'S Celebrated Embrocation. For Humaii Flesh uud Animáis. fN ealltne tho attontioii of tho PuMlc to thLb Mediciné, X we would say that it lias be?n fully trifd, nnil linndreils wbo liftve ased it speak in the most oom pli inent nry term of its.wondorfül etlVcts opon Human FlflBfa and ibe bruto crention. It )s fii-st jruliiiti popuÏMitv. Wlu-rever used It if ri'coivod with acclainntions of joy, and pn nouncod bo the prpatost Keinoly for Achea and Tutus averofferert to tlio PuMlc lts ritprly etfects over dlftcast, when applicd, si vee It colebrity unsurpassed hy any oxternftl prepanUon now tn uve. Tbcreforo wo cou eay, wfth tlie atrauat ooofidoBO% that the KinbrocAtijp will Caro Rhcuniatisin, Huniaand Scalds, "Wenknewi of Joint, ■ BweUingB and Tumors IIeuurrlioidBor Pilde, - Chilblalns, Tooüiiichn and Chappod Uu]% ffcabroeaUos will Oor Otd Boros and Crampe m Bolls and Coma, " C'ontracted Muscloe, ■ Oallsofallkind, Ring lïone and Poll Ev, a Callous and Snavio, inbrOMMlB wilt Cïuie Bweeny umi BufiML u ï Springliíuilt and Flntal " Bcratcïies or Greose " Kxternal Poteone, ■ Snd OraolGBj " Iaiikmiosa and Sfraliw, Bm broeatton will CnM Kounlerod Jb'tict, Man ge " Gnickc-d Teata, m Gargct in Cows, Koot Kot In Sbeep. Aübcïn, tt. ï ., Öïarch 0, 1M. We, tho nnderstjcncd, do rertify, that we have utd M. tV. Uawley" Cklebbated Kjaikocation, for Int) animar toryuiL'l Chronlo UhcuniAtiñni, and c)iorful)y reoommeMl H as tho best rcmeily we liave ever uüci]. J. M. Morri, M. D., James L. IIoM-ton, Ia W. OIcmcDts, Orrin ïlurd. Peter Fiero, 8. F. (iould, J 1Í. Robinfon, of Prophetsiown, 111., says: I eftteem H tho best Lininiont I have ever known. It gfves univenuü aattHfaction, and I can tos ti f y to lts eifiency frum my owi xpertence.' AUnnfacitired bv M. W. 11AWLKY. Aabnrn, N. T. G N. TUTTLE, Aniynrn, N. Y., General Afent, to Whom all ordortifthould be tuldrcssed. SoM y all Drngglrtn and Merebasta tbroogbotrt ttM ■ad hv MA ÏH ARP, PTKUIUVS h WILSON, 4rt) Arbvr, Söfl Ayer's Sarsaparilla A compound rcmcdy, dcaigncd to bo the most cffectual Alterativo tliat can be made. It is a eoncentrated extract of Para Saraaparilla, so combined with othcr subatances of stil) greator alterative power as to afi'ord an efiVctive antidoto for the diseases Sarsaparüla ia reputad to euro. It 13 bclicwed tliat suoh a remecly is wnntod by thosc-who suffer from Strumoun complaints, and thnt onc which will accomplish their cure must prove of immeaise service to this lar#e elass of our afïïicted feJlovvcitizens. Ilow completely this compound wil] do it has been proven by experiment on many of the worst cases to be found of the following compl.'iints: - SCHOFOlA AND ScjtOFLT.OUS CoMI'T.AIÏCT-1, Ervptions and EauPïrvE Diseabes, Uicehs, Pimples, Blótches, Tumors, Salt Kheum, Scai.d Head, SvriiiLis ani Stpkilitio Affectioxs, Mekcuriax Disbasu, Dkopst, Neoaloi.v on Tic Douloukeux, Dbmuty, 1)vpepsia and Indigestión, Ey3ipela9, Rosb ór St. Anthony' Fibe, and indeed the whola clnss of complaints arising from Impükity 07 Tur. Blood. This compound wijl be found a greftt promoter of hcalth, when taken in tho spring, to cxpel tho foul humoTS which fester in th blood at that season of the yc-ar. Bythetimely expulsión of them many rankling disorders 8re nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by the aid of this remody, spare themselves from the endurance of foul eruptions and ulccrous eores, through which the systcm will strive to rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do this through the natural channels of the body by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the ntiated blood whenevev you fmd its impurities burating through the kin in pimples. ertiptionS; or sores; cleanse it when you iind it is obstructed and sluggish in the veins ; oleansa it whenever it is fou!, and your feeHngs will teil you when. Even wherc no particular disorder is feit, people enjoy better heatth, and livo longer, for clcansing tho blood. Keep the blood hcalthy, and all is well ; but with this pabulum of life disordered, there can be no laating health. Sooner or later somethin must go wrong, and the great maclunery of life ia disordered or overthrown. Sarsaparilla has, and deserves mach, the reputation of accomplishing these ends. But the world has been egregiously deceived by preparations of it, partly because the drug alone has not all the virtue that 3 elainied for it, but more because many preparations, pretending to be eoncentrated extracts of it, contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparüla, or any thing else. During late yeara the public havo been misled by large bottlcs, pretending to give a quart of Extract of Sarsaparüla for one dollar. Jlit of the3e have been frauds upon tho sick, for they not only contaüi little, if any, Sarsaparüla, but often no curativo proporties wBateTer. llt'nce, bitter and painful disappointment has followcd the use of the various extracts of Sarsaparüla which flood the market, until the name itself is justly despised, and has become ynonymous with impositlon and chcat. Still we cali this compound Sarsaparüla, and intend to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the name i'roin the load of obloquy which rest3 upon it. And wc think wc have groimd for bclieving it has virtues which are irresistible by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intended to euro. In order to secure their complete radication from the systcm, tho remedy should bo judiciously taken according to direcüona on the bottle, TREPAKED BY DB. J. C. AÏEB & CO. LOWELL, MASS. Prlce, $1 per Bottle ; Six Bottle ior $5. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has won for itself such a renown for the cure of every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that it Í3 entircly umiecessary for us to recount tho cvidence of its virtues, whcrever it has beeu employed. As ít has long been in constant use throughout this section, we need not do more than assure the people its quality Ís kept up to the best it ever has been, anti that it may be rclïed an to do for their relief all it has ever been found tó do. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, TOK the ctraE of Costivcness, Jaiindicct Dyspopaia Indigestión Dijscntenjt Foul Siomach, Enjsipclas, Ileadache, Piles, Rieumafism, Empiions and Skiti Diseaxes, Livct' Complaint, Drops], Teller, Tumors and Rhciimt Worms, Gout, Neuralgia as a Dinner PUI, and for Purifying the Blood. They are sugar-coatcd, so that the most sensitive can take them plcasantly, and they are the best aperient in the world for all the purposes of a family physic. Price 25 cents por Bok ; Five bozes for Si. 00, Great numbers of Clergymcn, Physícians,Statesmen, and eminent personages, have lent their nftmes to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these remedies, but our space here will not permit tho inaertion of them. The Agcnts bclow named furnish gratis our American Almaxac in which they are givcn ; with also full descriptions of the above complaints, and the treatment that should bc followed for their cure. Do not bc pat off by unprincipled dealers with ther prepavations they make more profit on. Demand Ayeb's, and take no othera. The sick want the best aid there is for them, and they should kftve ït. All cur remedies are for sale by .. . . i . v . i : i . . ■ ■ - .n t W í LSON , and by all Drüggiste and Dealers evgrywhere. J. BUKIULL Trave ing Agent. An fcperieni Stomacliic prepartttioa oflRON pui ■.■■.i Carbon by combustión in Hydrogen! c tioneH by t&o bigheifl Medical Autliorítiee, both in Ru ropfl &üf ilw Uaitód 6tntcs.and pioscribcd in their ptftct Í C L" Che oxpei1encfofthon89ndR daJJj proye t mm no preparationof Fron &n b I wítb i. Impurities of the bN ■ ';i vw:-'y . ' wiae sirMv complexions latHcattofl i( deceésity in aftnost erwj coticen iibíc oase. hmoxious in nil usaladies in whïeli it has been trtyl, luis provcO abuplutelj curatiTe in each of tho f compltunts, vlx: In It'blïi1y,E'rvoii3 AíFr-ctiotifl Kinnentloti i 'sj tsin, i oiiHilpnUoi), Dianlurn, Dfsentery, Intlplent Cuuuinptloii, Scrofulous ïubercaloüc, Salt ithcum. Atimnutntation. H'kte Cklorosis, ÏAvtr Cnnjiiiiiiiifi. Ohrónic Ffcadackes, Rhcumailitm, IntOMtiMént Wevers, l'tmp'rs mi thr. Face, kc. lnjCR-e of G km:;: ai. I BBlUTY, wlictlicr res uil of ncute dioa-p, or of the coatlpaed dimination of nerroua and muscular $n&rgy from chionic complaints 9 ono trial of tlii-; rentOTative li:is proveí eucceasfül to an extent whiob no deaarfptfon norvrittoti attwtation wou ld render credible. Inyalldfl ao long bed ridden aa '" have bscomfl forjfotten ín tlicirown noigboorhoodSj bdTesud■leniy re-appeared u th buay nork) as if jast n from protracted travel löa aistanf land, Soniö very sfgnal in -tíLiictrri of ihïs kiin! art? attestfidpf fi'inale pufferftrs, oinaofatcd victims of apparent marasmuSj aanguineous eachaufd ii . critical cha n;;t ■#, and thnt compïïcjition of uorvoi ptic aversión to air aa3 exercisc for wblcb the phy rfcfan nao no mino. In Ni.::1 an of sil kftids, umi for reasons familiar to medical mei tion of this preparationot iroi il; i tary, for, ualik the old "xidea, it isvigovouH.'y foiiic witbout being exciting and ovei I -(ruJaïï? aperirat, even the nu 'hi t) iii;if casca oí costil euesfl v ftbout even being a gftstricnurgatlvtOr ínilicting a dfsogreeable senaation. It ie thi latter properi y, aoionj; oihers, which makeü it so emarkablv eflteetual ■ remedy for TUes upon whicii it &iso appsars to exori difttineï and fp6eifle actlon by dispersinpt the local te&dencv whiahrernui tllCTD, In D78PESStA,t&nunierable asnrpits causes, i box of these CTJulybeate PÜÏs have often suffl the most habfi attendent C'ïitr. ncïs In oncfaecked DURRmax, evon when advanced i Dystntêry ciirmnt'i, cmaciatin.'-i and appareotly malignant , ■ i having been o ..M decisive and ateniuhing In the local iii n s, toss o? Hesb anfl stren ■■ l inosb, and remttteat heet ie j vrblch generally indícale Tnefplmt Consumptie, ia severa! very gratifying and Interest ing : B In Scrofuiou$ TubercuoteUy .thfa medicatod Iron has iirt ï'nr more than UiO good effecta oí the most cautionsv balnnced prepai ationa oi tbdlne, without any of iceir well known Mabflti Li sThoattention "f femalatcannotoetooconfideatlj ted to this remcdyand rcttorat ivc in the cases pcuUarly afTeoting thom In ?íííatím,boíhc]iroiiie;in'l loflammatory - in the latter, howovor, owre dcoi ledly - it lias been invai ;ib!y wol) reportecT, both m alK-viatin pain and redacEng the ml KnUBCCfs In 'Vrrrxit mul d Bsarfly bea Wkt-romedy and enei etic re torativ,o, and its pcogreaa in the new settlemeni oi th '■'- -,-t, will probabrj be ono of high renovn &n I No remedy lins over been SiacovCrcd in the whole bistory of meJiclne, which exertfi such prompt, happy, ánd tiillj rostoratïvö effeel Qooft app ■ te di geitfloiH rvpld acquidltlon of strength, with an usuaual olsponitlon for activo and cheerful exerclse, Immedlately follow lts u". Pu1 tip in oeat flat metal hoxea pontalnlog p80 plUs, p Ice 60 flenlfl per box; Fot ualo by drugglsta and dealers. Will bes v address on receipt of the price. All let tors, ordi'rs. etc, slum hl hr addrefsed to B. B. LOCKE,&Co . General Asentí, 477yl 839 Broa liray,. Y. Howard Aasociition, Philadelphia. A Bmevoieni Tn%itttton istablitktd tof spectoü endoumen for the rrlitf of the Stek and DUtressetít, f: ! ''VV,1' and T)isrnr. and ettpenaUtf for rhr Cure uf DUeaëi s of 'Uv Sexual Ornan, J)Lpcn$aryfrce to palien ' all part rfthi f tited State! VALUABLLREPOBTl?onsperniatorrbaeaandotherPÍseases ol the Sexual Orgnns, and on the SLW REMEDIES emyed) eot to the afflicted in soaled envelopí of ehivrge. Pwo (ir throe Stampa fot postage be ivill be CÍ A'l.lrpAs Dr. J, SKIIJ.IX HOUGHTON, Acttag' Sur (gtn línward A m ocia tion No 2,south Ninth Streef. Phil1000 Tino Overcoats I For Sale Oheap t (ÍU1TERMAN& 00 'S.


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