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Hear ader! "If thcy shall be induced now to desert own colors, they can never rally ogain, and there is great comfort in this thought. They can never make any more converts, because they can never again inspire confidence, after abandoning Birney, the chief abolitionist of the world, and supporting Mr. Clay, with $50,000 worth of slaves, toiling under the lash ofhis plantation." - Madisonian. If southern politicians do nottake care, they will themselves, ere they are aware, learn to look upon slavery as disreputable. Emancipator.{L" Read the letter from Mrs. Work on the firsL page. Her husbond is now imprisoned with felons, not even nccused of any real crime, while his family is reduced to the depths of destitution and want! How long shall these outrages be perpetrated on our citizens? The nnmber of victims increase from year to year. Three are imprisoned in Missouri, one in Florida, one in Maryland, and two in Lexi ngton, Ky. One of these last is a clergyman named Fairbank, and the other a young tcoman of t he name of Webster, but not related the great Daniel, as formerly stated. "What has the North to do with Slavery?4" {Lp Mr. Torrey's trial will not come on till Febrary or Mrch. Rev. C. W. Denison lately visited him in prison. He says: 11 ï found Mr. Torrey in a christian frame of mind. He anticipated thnt his cause would go up to the supreme Court, and triumpb there. His counsel here are doing ■oll for him that is Jawfully in their power. He had received a letter eigned by Thomas Clarkson and John Scoble, on behalf of the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, that cheered his drooping spirits. It was affecting to ee him reading that letter, ciad in his night clothep. with a prieoners towell tied around his breast, as he stood where the light of an AmericBn "October sun" strenmed faintly throngh his iron grates. O.' slaverylwhen shall thy tyrant dominion have an end?"


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