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farce or pantomime colJed"The Last Day," has recent ]y been ploycd on the stage, and strange to eny, persons enpposed to be Christians went to see t. The Keystonesays: "We are not very faslidious in these thingp, hut the dea of burlesqning the judgments of God on the stage, is too much tbr us. We may langh at cbe-Millerile delusion, but on attempt lo ridicule the faith of nine-tenths of the Christian world, is a piece of iinpudence and impiety vvhich no display of wit or genius could make tolerable. The piece alluded to was as stupid aa profane. The aiithor had taken the sarcastic advice of Churchill - 'Shrink not from biasphemy - 'twill pais for wit.' " We wonder they didn't get up a representation of the "Crucifixion."05= TiieJackson Whig Gazette takea its defeat ralher hard. As a eort of safety valve for its indignation, it denonnces the course of the Liberty party as "projligate and daslardly," and the leaders in that coiinty as "unprmcipled and rcnegade." This is all harmless enough- nobody believes any of these assertions. 05a In 105 towns in New Hampshire, on the question of aboÜ6hing capital punishment 15 towns ivere for it, 89 againBt it, and one equally divided. Ann Arbor, Nov. 22, 1844. The Wheat market continnes without alteration. The price to-day is 68 cents.


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