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Dinner to Louis Pkiiïippe. - A grand dinner was given by Qneen Victoria to her royal guest the King of France, a day or two after hia arrival. The dinner was 8erved in St. George's Hall, and the sfyle of the fashionablo furniture 13 thuslescribed : The noble magnificent service of gold plate was used on the occasion. The long table on which the dinner was served, was covered with candelabrn, epergnes, vases, wine coolers and diahes; all of gold or silver gilt; in the centre of the table were the epergnes and cnndelabra placed nlternately, several of the fermer of a circular foim, bein filled with artificial flowers. A row of candelabra with wax lights, wcre placed on each side, nnd beyond these at both sdes of the table, were iiumerous vases, wme coulers, and dishes of the roost elegant form nnd designs. At each end of the hall were elevated sideboards of equal dimensions, contnining n choice eelection from the numerous and valuable articles of plate in the Royal Treneury, remarcable for their excellence of workraanship, antiquity or historical interest. Flaxman's celebrated '-Shield of Achules." The Armandft Urn," and some ancient sconces were displayed on the west sideboard. and a large sliiekl, sculptured in high relief, with the representation of the battle, and the "Neptune Epergne,5' richly embellished with marine emblems, ni-d surmounted wilh a statute of tlie marine deity, were on the east sideboard. Nuriieious innkards, vase?, shiclds, and buil cupp, richly chased, were tastéfnlly crranged on the the back ground of crimson, and were very brilliuntly ïllmninoted with can delabra and sconces of silver gilí, beariüj. wax lights. The order of the Girter wns conferred pon Louis Plnlippe at Winsdor Castlt?, anidst great pomp and manificence. In a State chairsat Qucen Victoria, in the manlle of the order, its motto insenbed on a bracelei that encircled her arm, a diamond tiara on her hca'l. The chair of State by her side was vacant. Round the tnble before her sat some ten knights companions of the highest rank. The purple velvet of the order was seen on all that group- -the Qneen, the knights, the chairs, the table; gold glowing at every tuin on robes and furniture. On the steps of the throne, behind the Q'ieen's chair, were seat ed the high civil ministers of the two soverigns, and some officer6 of the French suite; nt the onposite end of the room were the royl ladies and the two yonng Princcs visiting at the cautie; more remóte nround the room, the pcr.sü attendants and others. The chapter constituted, a speciul statute was paesed, dispensing with certain dilatory forma; and the candida te was elecled. The King, dressed in a uniform blue and gold, was introduced by Prince Albert and the Duk3 oi Cambridge, preceded by Garter King at Arms: the Qtieen and kniyhts all standing. The The Sovercign, in French, nnnounced the eleetiofi, The derlaration having been pronounced by the (.'hancellor of the order, the new knight was invested by the Queen and Prince Albert with the Garter and the George, and received the accollade. Tnking the King'sarm her Mojesty conducted him in state, to his own aptjrfnient. i The same day the King received an address ■ from the Corporation of Winsdor, in return - ing thanks for which he again dwelt npon the advantages of peace.


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