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Mr. Webster al Faneuil Hall- The distinguished orator comrnenced his oration, on Friday even ing, with the most expressive exclamation which Milton puts into the mouth of Satan, on the first rally of his followers after their expulsión f rom the realrns of bliss. The arch fiend addressed his devoted Beelzebub: - "If thou beesi he, but O how fnllenl" &c. Mr. Webster did not begin at the beginning, but he exclaims, in the language of the lost: - "Whnt though tlie field be oei1 AH isnatlost; the unconquering will." The quotation stopped here - the original orator proceeded: - "And study of revenge. inmortal hale, And courago ncver to submit oryield," &c. He expressed his continued conviction that "no political party question was more important" than those of "Texas and Tariff," ond it was mortifying that they shouid have been so decided. He then declared that among the causes of this rcsult: "There was one cause, so conspícuous, so glaring, which stood out in such bold relief, that it was impossible to shut our . eyes to it, or not to deplore its conse quences. The results in several of the States cannot fail to impress on every hinking and reasonable man, the deepconviction of the absolute necessity of a thorough reform of the naturalizaron law. [ Tremendous and continued ckeering.'] Mr. Webster went on to say, that he believed, upon his conscience, that the preservation of the constitution imperatively demanded this; and that all parties, however they might difler upon sccondary matters, should unite for the preservation of what was of far higher and greater necessity than any mere party considerations." This we coppy from the report in the Atlas. It will be seen that the "great and mighty issues" of Texas and the Tariff are dropped already; and even before the voting is through, in which these were represented asso essential to the salvation of the country. A new issue already taken up, and no doubt a new name is to be assumed. - Bost. Chron. A Change. - Henry F. Harrincfton, late actor and author, has been installed pastor of the tirst Unitarian Cburch in Albapy. Book Binding. - The New York True Sun States that a new metliod of binding paniphlets has been introduced into this country. The old mode of stitching is done away witb, and a solution of India rubber is applied to the back of the Pamphlet and a strip of muslin is then placed upon t. lt is opened more conveniently, and has a handsome and finished appearance. High Price Shawls. - At a eale of India shawls, in New York, on Thursday, by Messrs. Foster fc Livingston, severa 1 shawls po'd as high as $650 and $500; others at $400 $300, &c. CENTRAL RAILROAD. Amnunt roceived iipon this road for the moiitli pf October, 1844, as follows: From Passengere, 12,364 24 ForFreighr, 19,457 57 For U. S. Mail, 552 SS $32,874 14 Corrcspondmg month of 184S: $32.532 98 A Confesión. - Brother Storrs, in the last "Midnight Cry," says: "I confesé that 1 have been led into error, and thereby have led othera astray, in advising advent believers to leave business entirely and tend meetings only; thoughl have usunlly qnalified that ndvice by excepting business absolutily neceesary for present necessiBusiness in Cairo. - Wheat is ground in Cairo in small milis, wovked by buffaloes or oxen. The business of the baker is somewhat different from the sams calling vvith us. The loaves are usually made ready by the customers, and brought at stated hours once or twice in the same doy, to the baker, who places them in his oven, which is always kept heated, and in a few minutes returns them sufficiently baked for which he receives a small sum. I had to advance money to the baker to purchase flour, as he would not incur such a risk himself, and also to pay him in part in advance for his labor. I enquired why he was so cautious as he would have the bread in security till he should receive his pay. His reply was that he wanted money and not bread, and that I might only intend to make a fooi of him. I found this to be the usual practice with tradesmen, who will not do work to the amount of a few piasters without receiving a part of the pay in advance. I sent my boots by my servant to the shoemakers to be repaired; he soon returned, and asked for three or four piasters, without which the man refused to undertake them. Travel to Detroit. - Passengers now go through to Detroit in 60 hours. Leaving here in the Steamboat Champion at 9 o'clock, A. M., they reach St. Joseph at 3 P. M., and leave in stages immediately. Riding all night, they reach Marshall at 4 P. M., the next day; where they tarry all night and take the cars in the morning at 7 o'clock. They reach Detroit at 3 P. M., of the third day; thus giving passengers one day on the lake, one in a stage, and one on the railroad. Distance by stage 90 miles. Distance by railroad 110 miles. It is expected that the railroad will be extended to Kalamazoo, nearly 35 miles more, this season. Fare to Marshall $7,00. Fare from Marshall to Detroit $3,50. Total Fare $10,50. Boats leave for Buffalo as soon as the cars get to Detroit. - Chicago Democral. Political changcs. - The Philadelpbia North American. Brooklyn Star, Bosion Courier, Troy Whig, Shelby (Kentucky) New?, and ihe Albany (N. Y.) Citizen, late Whig papers, have espoused ihe cause of the Native American party. The Louisville Courer, re ceived last evening, also hoists the flog of the new party, giviug a list of lts principies, cm bracing a twenty oneyears naiuralization law, and the exclusión of persons bom in other countries from the privilege of holding any office of trust or profil. The list makes no allusion lo the tariff, abolition, distribution of the public linds, U. States Bank, or nny ol the measures advocated by Ibrmer parties. - The Courier hoisted the flng on the day after the election in Kentucky, and before the news of the result in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rbode Island, &cc, had arrived at Louisville. - JV. Y. Sun. Franlcing. - A Washington letter eays, - "I hear that the Hon. Willis Green, of Kentucky, sLT.ds every day into difieren;, parts ol the country, vast numbers documente. A friend who lives oppsite the post-office tells me, that four large cart loads go into Uncle Sam's eaddle bags every day.An Englishman has been fined a thousand robles, by the Russian authorities, in St. Pe tersburg, for throwing a stone at the statute of Peter the Great. We extract the above from an Irish paper, as it rerninds us of a similar case which oc curred in St. Petersburg, in 1830. A young American gentleman, the ngcnt of a mercantile house in Boston, having dined out in that city, got a little excited wilh wine, and on his return to his lodginge, wa8 obliged to cross Admiralty Square, on one sido of which the equestrian statue of Poter the Grent is situatod. A thought strnck him as he looked iip at the statute that he would Jiké to take a f ide along with rhe old gentlemaD. Upon the impulse of the moment, and without thinking of the consequences, he ciambered over the iron railings which enclose the stat ute, aöcended.the enormous pedestal rock, and inotinted the gigantic bronze horse, behind the Czar Peter. He had hardiy got comfortably seated before he was ordered from hi6 elevated posi'ion by some of the numerous pólice offioers who are constnntly on the alert in that great city, and taken into custody. - The ftmbitioue young man was taken before the authorifies, and fined fíve thonsand rubíes. Upon his remonstrating at the severity of the penalty, the Judge who imposed the fine, with quizzical gravity, remarked that, "persons who ride with great men, must expect to pay a great price." - Philadelphta Chronicle. The Mormons. - The St. Louis Repubücan of Friday, has the foiiowing letter: Warsaw Ilc, Oct. 22, 1844. The Circuit Court of this county commenced te session at Corthage. The grand jury is engaged in exnmining witnesses in relation to the murder of the Smiihs. Sharp and Williams mnde their appenrance in couit, as per treaty, and have been at large atvaiting the action of the grand jury. My opinión is ihat no indictments will be found against any onc - certainly not against Sharp. One hundred and fifty or two hundred Mormons ore encamped within a few miles of Carthage, but for what purpose is as yet a matter of conjecture. There is also a company of Indiansencamped a few mile6 off", who appear to be there for no purpose known or understood by the citizens. Tliere is much excitement manifested at Carthage and here in consequence, and I much lear that an outbreak will be the result. In the meantime the business of the court is progressing with its usual quiet. Leather Gloves. - In the village of Glov;ville, John8town, Monigomery aounty, N Y., the manufacturing of Gloves is camed on to a large extent. More than 200 men and boys and 1500 women are employed, principally ii their own houses. The amount of gloves solc is from 300,000 to 400,000 a year. Abou $10,000 worth ofsewing silk is used in a yeur Thid was formerly Italinn silk, but they new buy American sewing silk, made in Connecticttt. They purchace in the city o New York about $100,000 worth of dressed deerskins annually. Dying Jlway. - Five thousand copies of the Albany Patriot are this week published, to supply subscribers to that paper and the Birney Advocate. We must have a Daily here to head Ihe "Roorbacks" successfully; and we believe their unscrupulous and false attacks upon us, will söon help us to get up a daily paper. What say you friends? - Albany Patriot. The Wesi.eyan Methodists. - Thia infant denominntion founded about a year ago, havins secsded from the Methodist Episcopal Church on account of Slavery and Episcopaoy, held its fir8t General Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. which has just closed. We notice the number in the connection is about 15,000. They have establi&hed a Denominational Book concern and Newspaper to be located in New York, Rev. Luther Lee to be editor, and Rev. Orange Scott. book agent. It will be remeinbered that this denomination, unlike the old parem stock, reccivcs into ils councils lay delegates. It is remarked in the proceedings as piibiished in the "True Wesleynn," that rreat harmony prevailed tn the Conference, and the ]ay delegales nppeared to be as deeply inlerested as the clerical delegates. - Albany Patriot. Postage. - The post office department ie 5a d io be half a tnillion of dollars in debt. - Wedon't pity Uncle Sam. Hehasacted by turns like a fooi and a tyrant. Let him stagger on. say we, until his loadsinks him; unless he'll repent and transport our letters and papers for a decent componsation. For one, we don't hold to calhng hun "uncle" any longer. Out upon the old autocrat, forthwith. Let the people pour a thunder-blast iiHohisear - and clamor for the M.wo cents postage'' until it is grnnied. The poor woodchopper gels fifty cents a day for his labor, nnd pays half of it at night, for a letter from a son at the West. A drunken inember of Congress, pockets eight dollars a day, and has his letters free. Men may be"crented eqnal" but they dnn't live so long. Blessed democracy ! - White Mount. Tor rent . The Siamese Twins. - You may bo aware thai some few years since, the Siamese twins, Chang and Eng, retired from the public gaze, and settled down in thia county (Wilkes) as farmers. You will also recollect, that during the last year it was published in some of the newspapers that they had married two sisters. This notice was treated osa hoax by some of the journals; and I incline to think that public opinión issetiled thai tlie twins were slill living in pingle blessedness. To niy surprise I find that the supposed hoax is a liieral fact; and that these distinguished characters are married men! Mrs. C. and Mrs. E. are well known to several of my peisonalncquaintances, and are said to be very amiable and industriou8. Each of the ladies has presented her pariicular "lord" withan heir, in the person of a ftne, fat, bouncing daughter! It is eaid that Chong and Eng, with their wives and children, contémplate malunga tour through this country in a year two. The twins enjoy excellent health - are very lively. talkative, and apparently happy; and will doubtless prove more interesting and attractive in their second tour than they did in iheir first tour over the civiüzed world. Having families to provide for, as prudent husbands and fathers, they may think their bachelor foriuno insuflïcient for all the littlo Changs nod Engs of which they nowhavc the promise. - S. C. Fparlan. At Clemsford, the other day, a knavisl debtor chealed a creditor by gïving him a promissory note made payable two months af ter dea ik, instead of afrer date.Checking Runaway Horses. - A safety rein h as been recently adopted in Edinburg. It consists of a rein composed partly of thrend covered vvilh cut gut and partly of common leather, one end of which is uttached to the briddlent the top of the horse'x head, while the other resls at the pommel of the saddle, oron the splash board or coach bjx, as the case may be. Running up the cat-gut part by means of loops, is a ehort cross piece of cat-gut, which resls against the windpipe of' the animal, is nll that is neceesary to bring him to an inslantaneoos pauee. He may bc in a state of panic, running off wilh the bit ietween his teeth, in spite of every ordinary means of checking him; Bui no sooner does [ie feel theetrictare of his breathing, than he s conscious of being otit-witted and nonplu9sfid, and become instantly as quiet aso lamb: il the same time he keeps firm on his legs -the check not being by any means calculated '.o bring him down. On the contrnry trom he position in which it places the horse, bis jhoulders being bronght np, and being pressed ïpon his haunches, the check is, indeed, emiïently calculated to keep him up. A horse fi a gig, fitted up with a safety rein, was ately paraded before oureelves inoneofthe jtreete of Edinburgb, and the animal was sev;ral times, in the height of his career (once rvhen coming rapidly down hill) bronght to a ■udden stand. We understand that the safey rein is rapidly coming into use; and friends is we are to every thing that tends to diminsh evil, and promote the convenience and igreeableness of human life, we cannot but vish to see t ir. universal applicalion. We eel assured that henceforth, by means of this ein, accidenta from the running away, or vioent conduct of horses, may be altogether prerented. LETTER FROM FATHER BAYLJ3Y. I am glad Birney is nominated by his neigh. bors, and hope he will be elected. Let him go into the legislature of Michigan, and if he can'l mauUain his integrity let him fall. l have no fear of the result. I fear we shall not increase our vote as much as weexpected; but weshall, I Iiope, dobetter in November than in September. Clay wil not be Slade; and the' steam is blowing off. God reigns, and wherein the wicked do proudly, he is above them. To him let us look and try eo to conduct that he may be on our aide. it is belter to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man. I believe there is more prayer with us, than with our enemies All prayer is a mighty weapon. The more weiiseitthe better. Endure hardness asa good goldier. Yours, cordiaüy, K. Batlet. Hardwivh, Vt., Ocl. 29, 1844. P. S. Delaware should be looked after, a well as Rhode Island. Those litlle State may be easily won - and won, would be m portant. Had we four senators from thos States, what would be the consequence? Se what can be done. - Bmancipator . Arrest and Suicide of t'ie Bunk rf Englam Robber. - Joseph Eider, fornterly a clerk in th Bank of England, and whofmudulently obtainet obout $8000 in sovereigns froni ihat institufion in July or August last. with which he csctped to ibis couniry, was arrested in this city on Tliursday, and taken to Leverett street jail, where hc ended his Iife the same niglu by suicide - having hunghimself witn bi handkeichiels. He ha residcd in this city for some time under the mm of E)l!s, and the pólice have had an eye upon him. When laken befare the U. S. Marshal about400 sovereigns, and certificates oi' stock to ihe value of about 34.0)0 were found in hi possession. He was apparently about6)year of age, and rathera fine lookmg man. A person supposed to be an acconiplice. by th name of William Burgess, for whose arrest warrant has been issued, waa traced ast night t Naiian, from place he escaped in a boat withou bis hat. - [Boston Mail. Consecralion oj the Bishop of China; of Ar kansas and Texas, and of Turlcey. - The interestiner solemnity of consecrating, for th fiist. time in this couniry, two Bishops of for etgn lande - China and Turkey - in additioi to a Bishop for Arkansas and Texas, was per formed on Saturday, in St. Peter5 s Church Philadelphia. To Make yelloto Butler in the Winter. - Put in yolk of eggs just before the bui te comes, near the termination of the churning This has been repeatedly tried, and it make very fine pweet butter. It is kept by man} as a great secret, but its great value require publicity. - Cor. Alhany Cultivator. There never was a good war, nor a bad peace. - Fkamklik. Millerism. - We understand that some ten or twelve of the victims of this miserable farc have been comitted to the Luuatic Hospita in this town, within the last few days. - Worcester Citizen. The Boston Courier (VVhig paper) says "The conclusión of Mr. Webstor's speeci was hailed by cheers innumerable, and th Native American doctrines which he assertet received, throughout, the greatest applause.' fX0 St. Augusiine is, by more than forty years, the oldest town in the United States Houses in it are yet standing, which are sa! to have been built many years before Virgini was colonized. $ Billcs. - In rpfering (o the American Bibl Society, the New York Journal of Commerc gny.s,ihnt the issues from the Depoiitory fo ihe lust five months, have been upwards o 40 000 copies per month. Bibles of th smaliest size, neatly bound, are now furnishec at Hventy-fiVE cents, and Testaments at sh cents! Besires gratuitous supplies, for multitudes in our own country, the Society has th last year maut foreign granls to the amount o f23,000. Sporling Ministers. - In the game list jus published for England nre the names of be tween lifty and sixty ministers of the Churcl of England, licensed i o snoot! No dissentin ministers are on the list. - Boston Chron. The project ofcutting a canal across the Ish mus of Panama will probably be abandoncc The difference in the level of ihe two seas, ii stead ol'lhirty feet, as reponed, is 375 feet, anc thts Canal would roquire upwares of sixty■ Cold Water Cure. - This Prussian mode ot cure ís exciting considerable attention. It ias been iinrodoced among the Sliokers of ebanon, N. York. A long suflfcrer fVom scrofulii commenced on the Ist of June by using the cold wet sheet arranged to become quickly warm by thfi heat of the body, witn mndages on the hcad - he remained all night n the sheete - bathed throe times a day - Irank 15 tumblers of 6oft water per day - coninued the sysfem a month - biles broke out over him, but they are now all healíl ar.d the tstienk is well and talies no cold. A boy of 4 witli a costimUonnl heredifary jiunt a ripple ond a loathsome object, is now entlreyctiredby the same means. - Mnny oiher ases of cure are noticed. - Gardner(Me.) Bladc. The discipline oí thc Rhode Islnd:! State Prison 8 said tobe so severo andbarbarous, that one our fevery íour. discharged froni tl at prison, had econie inanincs. - Ifthis is correct, that siate íad hetter abolish its prison and relurn to thc ractice of flogging and branding, which wer ie legal punishments in thai Siate uniil the last ïw yeare. Wo regret to learn that Mr. Haalilio, the Sand vhÍ2h Islnnd comtnissi'iner, reinnins aiclc at thc Hassncbustts General Hospital, ín litis city.


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