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Slate of Michigan, ) gg County of Washtenaw, $ We, the undersigned, do hcreby certify that at a meeting of the Board of Count) Canvassers on the hielitb and ihirteentl days of November, in ihe year eihteen hundred and forty four, at the Count} Clerk's office in the vilbge of Atm Arbor for the purpose of canvassing the voto given in said county on Uie fourth and fiftl days of November, in the year eighteen hundred and forty four for the officersthet to be elected. It was then and there ascortained anc detennined by enid Board of County Can vassers, that Filch Bill, Isaac Magoon Thomas Woorl, Henry Compton, Asa Williams and Henry T. Walker were severally elected to tho uffice of Represen tative lo the Stute Legislature. That Gilbert Shattuck was elected to the office of Sheriff. Thai Samuel P. Fuller was elected to the office of Judpo of Probate. That Satnuel Ct Southerland and Thom as Tale were severally elected to the office of Coroner. Thai Robert Purdy and Oliver Kellogg were severally elected to the oflice ol Associafe Judges. That Beriah King was elected to the office of C County Cierk. That 011: ver VV. Moore was elected to the office of Couniy Treasurer. 'Ihnt George W. Gilbert was elected to the office of Register of Deecls. That Russell WJ.ipple was elected lo the office of'Cou-.ty Soiveyor. Grifen underour hands at the clorks office in Ann Arbor this day of No vember in the year oighteen hundred anci forty four. WM. R. PKRRY, Ch'n of the Board of Co. Canvassers E.P. GARD1NER, By J. C. Mundy, Depuly, Sec'y of ihe Board of Co. Canvassers--. The whole number of volos given for the proposed Amendnicnl to ihe Cons:iiuiion of the Slate of Michigan, werb one thousund eight hundred and lifty two. The uliolo number of votes given against ihe proposed amendment were six. We hereby cenify that the above is n cor-ect statement of. the volei, given for and' against the proposed amendment to the Smte constilution at a general eleclion holden on-the fourth and fifth days of No vember in the year echteen hundred and forty iour. WM. R. PERRY, Ch'n of the Board of Co. Canvassers. E. P. GARD1NISR. By J . C. Mundy, Deputy Sec'y of the Board of Co. Canvassers.


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