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AT THE CASH STORE OF Jïnn Jlrbor, Lower VMlage. JUST received at the above establishment, a complete assortment of Groceries, Crockery, Sfielf Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Tuscan and Straw Bonnets, Floweiv, &c &c, all of wliich will he sold ts cheap as ïhcy cah bë bor.ght at any oihersiore in Michigan. The above Goojs ueie selected iih great care, and we lèel assured that We ean convince purchnsers of ihe truili of what we say. The liighest price will be p.iid for Wool. We will also receive a'l kinds of produce in exchange for Goods at ihe highest marker price. Purchasers are respectíullj invited to cali ai;d examine for themselves. Aun Arbor, May , 1844. S-iflotice tO Rlcrcïiants-.' THE Subscribers ëriconriiged by the patronage tliey have hitherto received i. ilio vho.eaule dcpariment of tlicir businet-s. vi) tlu; :rst day of May next. open the s'.oic how ccu)icd by Geo. Grenville. froiiting on Hurón treet, and connecting vvuli their present store n the renr. exclusively for a WHOLE SALie RCOME, vlieio they vvill keep at all unies a Jull assonncnt o f Dry Goods. Boots, fy Shoes CarpcLing Hals, Caps, Paper Hangings, 'Boïififts, Crocker y by the Crölë, Hardware and G'oceries, 5yr;. 8{C. c. II of which will le gold on as good lerms as at ny poiat this side of New York Cuy. G-. D. HIJ.L & CO. Ann Arbor, Mnrch 26, LU44. 48tf. 'H THE follow'mgindispensabU: fnnii'v remedies JL may be found at Maykaku's Druggis: tkore. u Ann Albor, whcre none will be solci niess krown to be of the best kind :md 110 ounieift'it anicle ever pffered. paiem medicine nvariably procured ot the origiii-1 inventor or lis regular sucoessor: (E? JVo fumilj shovld 6e a toctk without these BALDNESS. BaLm of Co'umbift, for the H'dr. vvhich wil top it if fulling out, or restore iton baid places; nd on children m'alcë it grow rapidly. or on lose who havo lost tliehair Oom ;my cause. ALL VERM[N thatinlest bc hëads of cliilren in Kchools. are prevenied ór killed by it at nee. Fmd ike name of COM-STOCK on ii r never try il. Pomnfibcr this alicays. PILES, &c. re wholly prevent..-J. or governed if the, altnck as come on. if yon use the onCyirnc IIays' Linmknt. ironi Cornstock & Co All SOHKS. nd every thing relieved by it that admits of an utwardnpphcaüoa. It actslike a chr.J:n. UstRÏ1EUMATISM AND LAMËNESS posivelycured: all shrivelled nuisclcs ;nd limhsaK estorecí, in the old oryounir, by ïiuüm Veg tabla Elixir and Ncrre and Boiie Lmimcht - hd ever without the :isme of Com.stock vi Co. on 'KOLMSTOCK'S VERMÍFUGE -.villoradiate nll WOJIMS in children or adults with o ertnintv quite astonishmg. TOOTH DROPS. Ki.ikbs- cures eflecluallyAnn Aibor, Feb. 5, 1M44. 41 tlfSedirated. E la ster spretd for inunfíüiate nse. PRICE ONLY ONE SHILLING, TN ORDER TO PLACE THEM WITHIN TH13 MEANS OP ALL. IN slight ailment?, orwherethe patiënt prelers a expensive Q rtible timn the i:Anti-inlnp.iatory and Rheuviaüc Piaster," thfse w;ll be ound highly benchcial. Being alieady spread 'or imraediate applicaiidii. tliey will be íound very cunvenient for WEAK BACKS, Pain or Wenknpss in the Side. Breast. Siomach. between the Shoulders, ur wherever there is Pain, or where a Piaster is needed. They may be rendered more serviceable by pasting a picce ot' cloth on the back of thetn befure they are op)lied. Multitudcs'havebeen relieved of pain nnd luflering by thse Cheap Pb eters. For feale atMosely's Booksiore. nnd by J. T. Stocking, Travelling Agent for Michigan. 16-Iy wootT"wööLï CLOTH! CLÖThTï THE Subscribers wouid inforrh the Public th;it ihey will continue to manufacture good at ilieir Manufactory, two nnd a half miles vveyt ot'Anu Arbor, on the Huron. on the folio win g TER MS. ' Until the first d.iy oí Novcrr,her. A. D. I3'M. the price will be 37 cents per yard, or huif the cluiiuhe vool will inake. I''rom the Ist ot November To the Ipth of May, 18-Í5. the prics will be 3.) cents per' yard. or ninc twentietks oí the cloih the Vvool will m;.kcs th;itis. 4K yurdsoatol 1 00 nanufactured. The wot)l will be manulactured in turn as il may ccune inio the laotory, as ncnr as may be with referentie to the different qualiiies. A.ny person who vill fiirnish 'orie or nore pareéis of vvool from 80 to IÜÜ pounds of one qunliry can have t manufiictund by itseJf. Vool will be receved at Soij. Wool sent !y Rnilroad will be attended to in the same manner as iftheowner were lo camo with it - it liould bc carehiliy niarked. We have nionuinctured cloth during the past year lor u very large number of customers, tó whom we believe wc have given very general satisfaction With ;hese focts and the advantagés oTered by the luw price at whieii we oOer to maniii'acturc cloth, vit hope for a large sbare ol p.atropaga. SAMUEL W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, Washtenaw Co.. July 25. 1844. 3- tlA 1 7 a. K&üLt KL.1. I ! NEW BOOT, SHO B AXD LEA THER Ann Arior, Loioer Town. tQ KELCH baa removed lO his establishment frota tiie Upper to ilie Lower Village, Ño. 4., H-uron B!ocU, A- where he holds himscll in ES!0&1 readiness ro 'clrcss liie livnd 'er stand 'ing s" oí'every Mm, b. Vomun and Cliüd who wifl -'- give him a cali. in the neatest. and best mnnnertliat can be doné in Michignn'. J,EA'!'Hf:R and F1NDÍNGS of all lund, consiantly on hand. WANTKD, Cavli and Hides, in riny quaniilies, i'or which tho bighest prices will be given. CTLet none purclinse uniil ïhey have cullcd at Felch's. No. 4. Huron lilock. Ann Arbor, May 4, 1844. 3-1y ANN ARBOR OIL MILL. rriHB subscribers vvould give notice thnt thev 3. are engaged in ir.anulacturing IJNSEED OIL. and nrc prepnred to furnish oil of the best quality to mershants and painters. cheap as it cnn be obtnined frorn the Enst. Oil exchanged for Flnx seed at the ,rate of a gnllon of oil for a liushel of Flax seed. Cosh ut all times paid for Flax seed. PULOIPHER & JUDSON. Ans Arbor, (Lower Village.) Öept. 6, 1844. CMy.I. B. W&LKER'S PATEMT SMUT MACHINE. npiIL' tíubscribers tnke this nieijiocl of infurmX in-4 all snch ns ore engrtgecl n ihe Millinu business in ihe Statu of Michigan, that tlicy are now munufacturing n Ann Albur, Washtenaw Coiiniy. Michigan, L. B. WnTlier's F&fesat Simit Machine, which they would recommend to toke the tímut off of wlient os yvell or betiei; than any otlier machine. This machine s a horizsníol machine - it reíains all the fnciion of the wheiit, nnd uniúns ■ siiuplicity wiih diirability, it combines thc beating, scouring. and btowing principies, dischaiging the dust uid smut ns fust ne sepnrnteil from the whent. This machine 3 purfectly seciiro írom fire, and ruos rnuch lighier ihan any other machnie in use. For ftmher information, sec large bilis. S!iop in Lower Town. Primes o agfee w-'th the timos. All orders for Machinrs wlll be proirptly atiended tr. Address. E. O. & A. CRITTENDEN. Ann Albor. Washienaw Co.. Mich. July 8.1844. U6m "SINCLAIR & CHASE7 1TT0RJYEYS JJYD COUJYSELLORtí AT LAIV, (office lower town. ann akbor,) Will ttend ío all business in thetr prufession wilh aüdelity and despafch. Paricular atteniion will be givcn to colleciing. HOBERTP. SIKCI.AIR, EDWARD R. CH 1SZMarchSO. 1844. ly. EJew Hat Störëi TAjVlES G. CRANE would respectftilly inƒ forai ihe Public, that he has opened á tíne iiock ut Rats, Caps, Stocks, Cravats, Sca7-fs, Collurs, Umbr ellas and Gloves, at No. 105. .clTerson Avenut?. Detroit, noar'y oppusite the U. S. Coui t Rooii: and Pos! Ofik. whero he will be l'nppy fó' see Ira fríéncís fiiid -upply them wi;h ,is good uu nicle in his lim as c-in be.procurcd, eirhor hcie or at theeast. .in.'l as cherij). Gentlemen in the interior, wishing a first rate" fshion:ble auicle of Hnts or Cnps. can be supplied by sending theii'.size or have any stvle furnished to order in a few hours. and ihufranterl to suii. Cali and see- it muy snve you a dullnr JAMES G. CRANE.,. July 12 1844. 3-6;nALWAYS ON ISATCO. &L5 nnillO h;is reS--. -- invetl hiö.Shop ui Main Vf -"t"" "eui oppoeijfi JJ. Bec!, ,'" '. :. '.; ', i-;" ■ ; i: -■■■' ■ !'- fi;(o 15 )!& lie ma-v '-10 löM ready tú ■ '■ ■ ' ' ' Mnvingjust receivedüirect fVüiu iVew York nn elegant stook oí' jip.d Fancy Articíes, wluch he iritenrfs to seil loioor ih:i!i has ever been sold west óf Buffa!' ior R&uxlij Pa y OnLy. Afllóóg vv!ic!) moy b( fouml a trood assortmen.i of Guhi onxl Cnjiinion Wiucli Keys-, Gitld Finger Rint-s and" isom Pins. Guard Glirfinië, Silver Têa ur.d T.i'trc Spaons, Sugar 'I'ongs, lUuier Knives. il.-. Penci! cases. Silver and Coimr.on Thimbles, b'!ver Spéclacles, Gcrmijii, do. Stee!, do. ti;ii; Hiushiis, Cluilms. do. Tooili. do. Liuhi;r. do. Fine Rüzors nnd Pocket Knivcs, Finé Shems and Scissors, Iuher Coxes. ilnzor Strops, Wulletts. Purses. Violiiis und Bows. Fluics, Violin and Bass Viul Stings, Ciaronet Reeds. Porcusaion Caps. Pocket Pisiols. Brittinnia Candlesticks. Watches. Letter Stnmps, öieel Pens and Tvveezers, Sauff and Tobncco Boxes, Fine Comhs, Dressing, do. Side, do. Back. do, Shel!. do. Needies and Cases, Water Painis, Toy Watches. Kid Do!ls. n crent vnrief.'oí' Toys too numerotis to meniion. Leadj, Nccklaces, Fancy Boxes. &c. &c. Cr.ocKs and Watciiss of every descriptio repairedand warramed; also. Jewelry renaired.on shüitnotice. CALVIN BLISS. N. B. Cash paid tor OLD GOLD AND SILVER. C B. Ann Arbor, Oct. 24. 1844. 28-K. The Bïraaey Fortraits. THE Subscribeis have on liar.d a quantity o these large and splendid engraviiigs.beaini Tully t'xecuted ftn sieel pintes. by an excellent artisi íro'ii a paintingby E. W. Goobwin Esq..of Albany. N. Y. y are a striking ikenessot thl ?1a.v, and inake an elegant, oinameat lor llu parlo r. For su!e. wholesale and retail, t 8 per dozen or$1.00 eacli. by A. TrlcFanen. Bookseller Dc-:roit, am! by BECKLEY & FOSTER. Ann Aibor. Nov. 1, 1844. 28 tf CA ME into the enclosure of the Subscriber oi or about the 2itih of Scpiember last. a dörl ryd Leifer. abour three or Cour years old. Th owner isrequested to prove property. pnycliarrre and lake her nway. IllA BECKLEY Ann Arhor, OctoLcr 7. 1844. 8w2 Estray. rïAKEN up by 'lic subscriber. on the 25ih p JL September last, in the town o( Northfie'i' a small chesnut coloicd mare, of the pone' breed, with a stnr in the forehead, sfip'potséd i be about 8 or 9 years old, brundi-d A. C. on ïh shoulder. The owner is requesied lo proy property. pay charges and takc her away. Northileíd, Arov. 1,1844. 29-8w' liOST, ON the 97th of Sept. last. between Ann.Aroo nnd Whitmoie Lake, a Lady's !rown ïnc rino cr.oAK. The finder will bc compensaicd b; "ving infonnntiori at this oiüce. Nov. 4. 28 4v FIP.ST rate Tca. Sugar and CofTee, at tb lowest ma'rUet pri'-cn, at RAYMOND'S CASH STOREr 148 J e il' Avenue, Detroit. May 20. í_ Black Salí} WANTEDby & m Ann Arbor, Lower Town. 2G liiberty Almanacs for 1 845 FOR sale by BECKLEY &HICKS. Oct. 4. 1844. 24-4 w. Eriass Seed! WANTEDby BECKLEY & HICKS. Ann Arbor, Lower Town. 26THE MJSSES CLARKS Young; Ladies' Semiiiary, ANN AR.ÜOR, MICHIOAN. MARY ÍI. CLARK, Principal. CHLOE Ar. CLARK, Vice Principal. MISS WitíT.' Teacher in Musici ]. F. sCiiOFF, do of Classics. do do i u French. ■'.MARSH, of Mathcmaiics. U10BY E. CLARK, Teacher ofJuvenile Dept. THIS lnstiui'ion lins heen in operation sinct A'ovfMiibcr ld. IÜ'U. The scholastic yenr omhincinu iforiy-efgnl weeks, uvo ternes, comprising ivo qn.irters eaeh - tweivc wceeks in quarer - n geneial exai'nination at the close of cach nu - in Febfuary ;uiu August. '''lui Inst quarter nf the present term com iu;iK-el Msy 2Uih. Afier a ïr.onth's vocaiion. itthe close of ihisqunrter. which etuis the sehoastic year, school will be again resumed the first week in September next. Tei.mí of Timtion. - For the English brnnch ps, y2,5l) 10 5 per quarter. A'o rcduction mate or ni 8pnce. e.xcept in case ofsickness, and no upil tüken for less than a quarter. Extra charges are made for music on' the Piano, with the use o' the instrument, $H.0O French, 3,00 Latín, 3,00 Diawinc and Pair.ting, 5,00 Fancv Work, 3,00 Board, ncluding washing. lights. &c, $1.75 per week il' ynid ín ndvüiice. or $ii,00 por week I p'iirl ut the close of ihe quarter. Piirents and suaftüans are invited fo visit the school every Friday. when the studies of, the week nre revicwed - a!so semimonthly on WeclneStihy afiernoon, at readingof the week 1 y comjositions. Young ladies desirous of entering the school ind pursuing the regular courso of siudy, would do well to coir.mence at the begining of the ter n. Having purchasedn healihy and commodious hinidingin a plensant and convenient part of ihe village, no pains or expense shall be'spnred to acilitatethe studies and render the situation o( ihe voung laciies profitahle and ngieeahle. Belonging to the school are a Library of herween threo and Cour liundred volumes, and Phiosophical Apparatu?, Eléctrica! Machino, Globes, &c. Sciemific lectures are delivered before the school at proper intfrvn!a. The Misses Clark %vi!I endenvor, nof cnly to jromote the intelleciusl culture of ;i;eir pupils but will attend strictly to thcir morul deportment. With a deepsense of religious responsibiliiy, thev would -rivc such b tonu to character, os shall ciidei i( prw.ncully litie.l for every station- yieldng todutybut. firm to principie. Ar.iong the book'a used in the school are, Ab- eiciombio n the Intellftetual and Moral Powers - Küiie'a Elementa of Criticiem - Wayland's Moral Science - Newmnn's Rheioric - Hedge's Logic - Puley's iSTn;urni Theólogy.and Evidences f Clir:sii;inity - Comstock's Cheiüistry and Nfntural Philosophy - Corube's Physiology - Mrs. Lincoln's Botany - Eaton's Manual o!' BotnnyBu.-ritt's Gengniphy ofihe Heavens- Fiist. Sec nd and Thud Books of History - Mrs. Wil :ard's Répiirjlié of America - Phelps' Legal Classics - Playliiir's Euclid. and Davie'e Algebra and Aiithmetic - P.-üker's Nottuül Philosophy. The Misses CInrk have tautiht a Young Ladies School for severnl years in ihe Ciiy of New York. and are funiisiied vviih testimoniáis froni Rt. Rcv. Benjamin ünderdonk. D. D., and John M. Griscon, M. D., of New Yrrk, Rev. J I,. Blake. of Brooklyn. and Mis. Etrirnn VVillard, o! Troy. N. Y. ; also, .referencc is made, by pernissi')ii. lo the lollowing gentlemin : Rt. Rcv. S. A. McCoskry. D. E., R'ó'bërl Ruirsey rind L. B. Misner. Ef=f;rs., Detroit ; Rev. lsiac ?. Kíchaii).. CVntreville ; Rev. J. Hudéon, White Pigeffn , Rev. J. P. Cleveland, and Geo.' Kt? u-hum. Marshall ; Ffon. Wrn; R. Dcland. .Tackson; ?in! B. Ring. Michignn Centra; E. H. Winan, Adrián: Daniel Flrxscrn] Clinton: GnnJine. Wheek-r. M. D .. Howellj Rev. F. H. pumipgj Grand Rnpids: Rev. H. Colc-lazer. Rcv. A. M. Fitch. S. Dentón. M D . P. Bngham. M. ü.. Hon. Win. A. Fletdier. l!on. W:n. 11. Tjhompson. E. Muritl'y, Ësq . J.'hn Allrn. Esq., Geo. W. Jpwett. Ksq.. QoE. Thonips Mfisély, Capt. J. Pcrkins. TJioinos M, L.idrl, F. Süwyer. Jr.. !-3q . late Supeiintendent of Public Instruciion. ProfsfMs VVhitinir. Williams and Ffougjrtifn, of the Uniyeriiy cl Michigan, Ann Arbor: James !iids-ï!l and Rev. John Be'acfv, Flint; Amoi Mead, Eso., F:iiii;inuton. The lollowing gentlemen, Rev H. Coïclnzer' Rev. O. C. ConiKtoek. Rev. A. M. Fitch. Rev. Mr. Curtips. Professors V'hiting nnc! Williams, if ihe University of Michigan, nnd F. Sawycr. 'r.. late Superintendent of Public Instruction, iiiive consenied to act asa visiting conmiiitee e.; ihe school to be present when the weekly s;u'iics are reviewed; hm especially to attend during tiie sonii-anr.uiil examinations. September 4, Ï843, 9tfANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND RHEUMAT1C PLASTER, AN efficiënt remedy tbr Itheuinatism, Feve; Soiés, Wlmu Sweliings, Felona, or weaknt-ss in ihe Back, Bronst. Side or Limbs, Burns. Brnises, Crnmps, Chllblains, Liver and Liïig affections. Indolent Tumos, Spinal afiectiosn.Jnflamed Eyes, &c. &. It is iinsusp:issed in all luflarnmaiory diseases, eitber Chroiiic or Acute, na it operates by counlcnicting and redttcivcr lnflamotion, nllaying Pain. Sweaiing ir.t parts alfected, and by i is 3treng:hening nnd Anodyne proporties givingspeedy relief. Aiso invaluableasan anti-tnercurinl pjnster. Price ?5 cems per B"X. - For runhcr particuhirs. sce circulnting Pamplilet.) For snle ni Moseley's Bookstore, Ann Aibor, and J. T. Stocking, travelling agent for Michigui. lG-ly Heady Made Ciothingü! TH F. LMIGLST and best asRortnient of ready mude clothing 2 er bëfore ofl'ered n this títate iiDW opening, and for rale, Wholesale or Retail, at the Cl'tbing Emporiuin of lUe subsc'ribërfl, consisting in pari of plain and fancy Beaver. l'ilot, Broad Clotbs and other styles of Over Coats. Tweed Cassimere, Benver. Pilot, Doniestic Clotb. Urtion Cassimere nnd atinett Frock and Business Coats. Fine. Plain and Fancy Cassimere, Bine and BInck Broad Cloth, Tweeds and oiher styles ol Paninluons. Pliin and fancy Si'k and Silk Velvet, Woolen Velvét Marino, Sati; and Cassim.ere Vesis, &c &c. &.C. ipgether witli n very. large stock o co.nmon lowpricod Over Coats, Business Coats Pantaloona and Ves's. such ns blue and blncl Flushing, Saiinet, Kentucky Jeans, Comnioi Tweeds, &o. &c. Also, extensivo assort ment ol fJosiery, Stocks, Scarfs, Handkercbiefs Co'llars, Lamb's Wool and Merino Drawers anc Sliirts. Coiriioncrs. Gluvee, S:c. &c. nll of whicl will be sold very low Casli. They woulc lespectiully invite all in want of rendy madt gónnénts to cali nnd examine tbeir ptock before purciitising elscwbere, os it b,is been selected wit' mea: curó, in ihe Eastern markets, and manufac luted in the l'itest stvles nnd niost durable manner 1IALL0CK &, RAYMOND, Corner oí .lerlerson and Avenuee, Detroit. Oot. 10, 1844. 3m25


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