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Iwtittíl 3BimtnTt. I. O. O. F. WASHTEXAW LODGE No 9, of the Independent order of Odd Fellows mects at tkeir Lodge Room, .Tery tñimj érente, at 6 % o'clock Uli.WII.-iON, N. G. F. Som., H-c}. sTcf "süthêkland& son, WnOLESAI.E AXD roem and Commission Merchants, Hht 4 Main Street Ann Arbor. HdiFbThêsse, PHYSICIAN & So.GKOS Respectifully tender 1118 pmtMUodalaerócM to the dtuena of Ann Arbor and Ticinity. Office n Mack's New Building, Mam Ktreet, Ann Arbor Mich. N.B. Night calis promply attended to. TWITCHELL & CLARK. A ttorxeys and Counsellors at Law, General Lift and 1 Kira Insurance agenta. Office in CitJ Hall HOCR, n Hurón St., Ann Arbor. Collcctions promptly nQ jidremitted, and special attention paid to oonveyancing. d. s. Twnciimx, riOtt] ■ "■AKKJAMËSB. GOTT f AW OFFICE, N'o. 2, over Slawson & Geer's Store. h - J. M. SCOTT. A IIBROTYI'K & PaOTOOHPH ART1STS, in the rooms n. formerlyoccupiedbyCordley,overthe store ofSperry k Moore PWfeOt salisf;'ution guaranteed. W. N. STEONG, D kaler in Rry Goods, Boots andSUoes Grorriics, Bonnets.Fancy üoods, Sc. Exchange Block, Ann Arbor. winësITknïght! DKALERsinStaple, Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shocs, &C. ftc. , Main Street Ann Arbor. MARTIN & THOMPSON. FrRMTtRE Wark-Uooms, Dealer in allkindsof Furniture, te. Xew Block, Main Street. EISD0N&m3NDERS0N, DEALERS in Hardware, Stoves. house furnishinggood?, tin Ware &c. &c, Xew Block, Main Streut. " A. P.ÜILLS Düiim in Ptaple Dry Goods, Grocerics, Boots and Shnraaudltaidv Made Ciuthing, HuronJStreet Ann arlmr. _ ___ JOHN W. MAYNARD, Dkxleb inStapIe Fancy Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Kc. ie. , Main Street, Ann Arbor. BEAKËö & ABEL, ATTOKXETS & C0UXSEI.L0R3 AT U, aild SoUcitorS Ín Chaneery. Office in City Hall Block, over Webater II Co's Boot Store, Ann Vroor . KÏNGSLEY & tfORGAN, TTOF.vcvs, Counsellors, Solicitors, and Notarles Pnbt- lic, have Books and l'lats Bhowing title "fan lande n tlie jounty, andaöend toconveyanotngandooneotiiig emand nes and school interes! in anj part of the State. (Wice east si-:e oftlie Square, Anu Arbor. ■ . Tames e. cook, JrVnCE of tuk Peace. OfEce nearthe DêDot,TpaUi.nti, Michiga-u. " "Wm. Í.EWITT, M. D., PBTSICIA.V & Surgeox. Office at bis residence, N'ortb side of Huron slrtet, and 2d house W.-st of Bivtóion treet, Ann Arbor. ( ). COLLIEE, Tasltactcree and dealer in Boots and Shoes. ExLVX change Block, a doors South of Maynard, Stebbins k Wüson's atore, Ann Arbor, Mick. MC ORE & LOOMLS.. Tixcfacti;biibs and Jealer ip Boots and hoe, -VI I'hoenix Block, Main ütreel, one door North of Vasbington. Wu. S. SAUNDERS, ; DEAI-BR in Boots, Shoes,and Rubbers, Ann Arbor Cash Boot & Shoe Store, south side oi l'ublic Square. M. GUITERMAN & CO , Wholksale and Retail dealers and manufacturera of KeadvMadeClothing, Importera of Cloths, Cassiueres, Uoeskins, kc. No. 5, New Kloek, Ann Arbor. C. B. POTCTER, MHBSt SrRGKON Dextist. Office corner of Main .- J and Huron strects, over 1'. Bach's Btore, JmMRk Ann Arbor, Michigan. ""-U-LL-LT April, 1869, Wm. WAGNER, On.ll.ER n Ready Made Clothing Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Hats, Caps, Trunks, CarpetBags, &c. Main t. , Ann Arbor. M. CAMPION, j jTercilant Tatlob and dealer in Ready Made Clotliing, VX No 41, Phoenix Block, Ann Arbor. BACH& PIERSON. Obalere in Dry Goods, Groccries, Hardware, Boots & Öhoes, &c, Maiu street, Ann Arbor. MAYNARD, STEBBI1ÍS & CO., DEALERS in Dry Goodh( Groceries, Drugs h. Medicines, rjBoots & Shoe-j, &c, coiner of Main and Ann st reets. p6tbelw the ExcUangc, Ann Arbor. SLÁWSON & GEER," PROCER?, Provjsios & Commis-sion Merchants.and dea'JT lersin Water Lime. Land I'i.asiep, and 1'lasier of PiRlPjOne door Kant of Cook's Hotel. C. BLISS7 Dealer in Clocks, Watches, Jewclry. and Fancy Goods, at the fign of UwBigWatcb, No. 27, 1'hocnix Block. jTcTwatts. OiALKRinClocka, Watches, Jewclry andSilver Ware Ko J 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FRËËMAN. BAitiiER and Fashionable Hair Dresser, toin Stroet, Ann Arbor, Mich. llair Fronts and Curls kept jonstantly on hand. SCHOFF & MILLER. Deat.krs in iïiscellaneous, School, and Blank Booka Sta tioncry, l'aiier Hangings, &c, Main Street Ann Arbor. D. DbFOREST." (irHOLKiALE and Rctail Dealerin Luniber, Iath, Phin V gles, Safb, Donrs, Blinda, Water Lime, Grand Rive piaster, I 'luster l'aris, and Nails of all sizes. A full und perfect aisortment of the above, aud all other iind of building mati-rials constautly on hand at the lowcst possible rates, on Detroit Street, a few rod tram the llailroad Depot. AIbo opcraling exteusivdy in tho i'atent Cement Koofing. washtenawcountYIjible society. Depositort of Bibles and Testamenta at the Society prices atV. C. Voorhaia'. : chapín, wood & co., ' SÜCCKSgOEB TO ijXJ3Xri, CHAPIKT Co MANUFACTUKERS OF Iai3a.t, Eooli, - AND - COLORED MEDIUMS, Wrapping Paper,c, AS ABIIOH NU.II. MISS JENNIE ÈTIjNeS, T2ACHKR OF Piam Forte, Ouitar, and .-'inging, beiüg desírousof enlargingher cías, will roccivo pupila at the rosiduDce of l'rof. "WINC.'HM.I., wbich being ear the Union School, wlll bc convenient for sucli seholarattending thcrp wh'j m;iy winli to pursue the stU'ly óf Ti'iriicm p.tinnection with othcr bran TerrnstlU, half to he paid at the middle and the bal auce at Uie close fo the terra. CARDS! CARDSÜ CARDSlü Having purchased a. RyGOLKS BOTABT I'iamond Card rross.withafine assoriment of Card type, the Altpue Offif'-is preparad to print Cards of all kinds in tho neat-st possible style and at a great reductiou from former Jiriccs, including Business Cards formen of all avocatioDsandprofessioiiR, Hall, Wedding, anii Visitii.g Cr(i.% etc., etc. Cali, give uu your orders and see bow it is doofe-, Livery Stable. B GREEN, at hiw Livory Stable, rear of FraAKUa, kotóa himself rPa'ly tó favnish the bent "Uu-u nut,1' ingloürdouljie,at short notice. Ca) land sre ia Hortt ■nd Cairiages. Oflico ecooud door vet t oí Webtcr's Bonk Btort!


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