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The Sleepers

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They are steepitg! Who aro sleeping Ohildren, waaried with their play ; For the stars uf iiiglit are peepiug And the suu hath sunk away, As the duw upon the blossoms Bow ihcm on their slender stem, So, as light us their own bosonis, Baliny sleep hath cuuquered them.They are slecping! Who are sleeping? Mort als, oonpassed routu". wiUi woe, Eyelids. wearied uut with weqnug, C osed for verf weakness now ; And ihat ehort relief from sorrow, Harassed nature shall sustain, Till llic.v wake agam to morrow, Stren'gthened to contend with pim ! Tlioy are sleeping ! "Who are sleeping ? Captives in their gloomy cells ; Yet sweet dreams are o'er them creeping, With their many-colored spells ; All they love - agaiu theyclasp them ; Feel again their long-lost joyB ; But ihe has'.e with wliich they grasp them, Every fairy form destroys, They are sleeping 1 Who are sleeping ? Misi-rs, by their hoardtd gold ; And in fancv now are hoaping Genis anJ pearls of priee untold. Golden chains their hmbs eneumber, Diaiiionds seem before them strown ; But they waken from their sluinber, And the spleuded dream is flown. They are sleeping ! Who are sleeping ? Pause a moment, softly Iread ; Anxiousfriends are fondly keeping Vigils by the sleeper's bi'd ! Other hopea have all fors iken - 6ne remanĂ­s- tlmt ilumber deep ; Ppeak not, lest the slumberer waken From that sweet, that siving sleep. They are sieepiug ! Who are sleeping ? Thouaands, who have passed a xay, From a world of woe and weeping, To the regions of deeay ! Safe they rest, the green turf under ; Sighing breeze, or musie's breath, Winier's wind, or summer's thunder, Cannot break the sleep of death !


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