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Female Artists In Rome

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Frederica Bremer, in the last volume of "Life ia the Old World," thus notices soine Amcricau Female Artists and a lady of high scientific entertainnients in Kome. "The Euglish sculptor, Gibson, is especially happy in imitatiug the antique. His figures of Pschyc have a sylphized beauty, which places them, in thia respect, bcfore the anticue. But his most interestii'g woi-k, in my eyes, is his pupil, a young American lady, Miss Hosmer. - After five years' instruction from hiru, tbis gifted girl has developed a perfcctly peculiar aud rnany-sidod talent, lier many perfected statues prove this, for instance, hor Ilercuba, her Daphne, her Sleepiug Girl - a figure intended for a sspulchral monument to the memory of a beautiful youug English lady, Miss Falcony, who, when riding one day, on the banka of the Tibor, the ground suddcnly giving way undor hér horse's fcet, she was drowned ; but above all is her peculiar talent shown by her Puck, the kink oi all naughty little boys, whom ouo could feias and take a fancy to at onco, as he sits there on his throne of acanthus leaves and mushroorus, aad seeins to throw a lizardatyou. Take care ! He is so full of like that - who knows if he is not ally alive: Miss Ilosmer Las executed seven copies of this charming impish boy, atid lias yot orders for more. íáhe intends to mako a counterpart to Puck, in the form of a little girl which shall be called ïopsy, after a little Africau child in Mrs. Stowe's excellent story of "Uucle Tom's öabin." Miss Hosiner hns still her atelier near to that of her master. He seems to rejoioe like a father over her. She is twentythroc 3'ears of age, and has a email, but wellfonned, figure, with an expression of enerey aud health ; she bas also that pretty, round, auimated countenance, tbc glauco and arch smile of which have j something of little Puck in them. She seems happy and full of the fresbness of lifc, and'will dedícate her whole lifa to art "Otjly take care," said I, ':that you don'i fait in love! ' "Oh, I bavealready gane througb that," said she sanliug with au expreéfsión of Puck-liko uliaracter, ''all tbat is over !" If I mi.stake not, the Puck-like character is her own, of course in a proper degree. But indeed., without somethiog of the Puck and a great deal of euergy, a young woman could uot havo advaut-ed to - whei'e she is. Another young American lady, Miss Lander, from Salem, in Massachusetts, is gtudying also the plastic art in Rome, and for the present these two are the only fe male students in Rome as the pupil of the distinguished American soulptor, Crawford, but siuce bis trágica! clcuth - by cáncer of oye - ehe has worked inde peudontly. She has less talent, perhaps, and less origiuality tban Mrs. Hosmcr; but her subiects are noble, and the presada of her heads at once puro and great. ïhus in her young Sibcrian and ni tbc bust of the American noyelist, Hawtborne, with the striking head. - fin expression as is there given proceeds froni the .soul. A third young American lady in Rome confers honor on the New World bv her uuusual soientifio culture, this is the astronomer, Miss Mitchcll. She is already kaowu in Europe. as w ell as in America, by an astronómica! discove-ry, and she has Ijither to acquire knowledge re ■ garding the ob.servitory of Rome, and to cDiimmnicatc the same to hernative land. Tlie Jesuits, who have the care and management of the Observatory, as well as of all other seieutitio institutions in the States of the Church, have, with great liberality and politeness, thrown it open to her, and given her all th,e iuformation she required. She fouud everything conuected with it in the utmost order and porfection. These gentlemen, the Jesuits, are distiuguished for their profound kuowledge of the positive sciences.


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