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Tea Gardens In Japan

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pondent of the Tribune thus writos from Japan : The beautiful tea gardens were moro attractive. Erom a sido door of the templo we crossed a narrow street to these. Embosomed amid shade, and scroened by rows of living hedge, wero numerous cottages, eharrningly situated amid gardens and flow ers, where the neatest and the ck-anust of mats invited to rost and repose, From ths city's diu and confusión without vo were in a moment transponed as by magie, to a sceno of avivan quiet. Every cottage hasïts attractions, it. rrray be a grove of cypress and fir, with winding walks, or trim rows of shrubbery and blosaming hedgestriinmed in a c'iozen fanoiful simpes oi unís, candelabros, tables, birds, beasts, and monsters; or parterres of flowurs, separated by gravel walks ; or landsef.pes in miniatura, wi h little vistas of eloselycropped turf, spreading undor miniatura pines .nd dwarfed yfkWSj or artificial rook-work, covered with creoping plants; arbor coveid with the purplo racemos of the wistaria; ponds of gold fiüli, in rocky batjins ; p,r spveral of these uttractions combined. We pasmid geveral of theso protty Swissli!:e phalets, where well-dressed poople were taking meals, or quiutly smoking in the veraudahs. W selected Qae for ourselvea where the tall hclgos as effectualty screened ns from observa-ion without as though we had boen picnicking on Fuyi's sumniit. Ton, pipes. and tobáceo wut'tj immediately brought us wiiile we awaited the preparatión of a moro substántial repast. This, when set befbro us, consi.sted if hard boilüd oggs, prawna dipped in buttor and fried Ti oil, boiled rice, relishes of pickled vegetables, hot cake and fruits; pears, insipid and indigestible, and porsim ffions large and i'air as lluvana orangus. ! Everything was clean and ntcely sorved I on üttle stands, a few [nches high, añd qafttted a Ia Japan, on the mata, we did it justice. A tfay oí sweetmeata follouod, atnong which were candios wrajiped in motóos, linee tender lau1 .'■unge was bidden under Ilegible aeters. H. translated some of thorn for op, and they provéd ío be an sentimental as tbose ö pass to HWeethear'.s at homo umlcr the gap lights.


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