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As the tetógraph has already announced, the bilis organizing the Territories of Colorado, Nevada, and Dakota havo pawed both bnuaaa of Coq irress, and have been signed by the President. ïhis increases tl.n number of tho Territories f the United otates to noven, iooíüding the previously existing ones of Washington, Nobraska, Utah, and New Mexico. The first of these Territorios, Colorado, incluJes parts of Kansas, Nebraska, and eastern Utah. lts boundariea run as followe: Beginning at a point where tho 102d degreo of west lonqitude from Greenwich crosses the 37th parallel of noríh Kititude; thüDce north along said 102d paralloJ to wliere it interseets the 41st degroe of' north latitude; theuco west along said lino to the lOOth degree of vvest longitude"; thence south along said une to the 37th degree of north latitude; thence oast aliHigtho 37th degree of north latitude to the place oí begiuning. The Territory contatos about 100,000 square miles, and, at ibis time, a population of sotne 25 000 persons. The Rocky Mountaina divido the Torritory into two parts': westvvard from them tlowing a larga number of rivera, tributary te the ""Calorado; and eastward others equally numeious and large, tributary to tho Arkansas and South Fork Plalt Kivers. It inoludes the famous micing región, Pike:s Peak. Ifevade is taken from western Utal and California. lis boundaries nre as follovvs: Beginniug at the point o intersection of the 42d degree of north latitud with the Sfitb degrcc oí longitude west from Washington; thence running south on the line oí' the 116lh degree west longitude until it intersects tbe northern boundary of the Territory of New Mexico; thence due west to the dividing lidge sepavating the waters of Carson Valley from those that flow iuto the Pacific ; thanco on thjs dividing ridge northwardly to the 41st degree north latitude; tbence due north to the southern boundary line of the State of Oregon ; thenee due east to the place of beginning. 'J'hut portion of tho Territory within the present lirnits o.f the State of California is not to be im'uded witliia Nevada until the State of' California shall assent to the same by ari act irrevocable without the consent of thu United States. The Territory ineluües the lovely Carson Valley ; has great mineral wealth, especially of siiver, in whieh it is rieher than aiiy other part of' the World; aud unlimited capacity for the niising uf agricultura! producís. In general term, Dakota lies between latitude tí degrees 30 minutes and 49 degrees north, and longitude Ü6 degrees oü minutes and Ï03 degrees west. It iri bounded on tho north by lintish AmericB,east by the States of Mianeéota and Iowa, south and west by Nobraska. Itslength from north to south is 450 milus, its average breadth is about '200 miles, and it has an area of 70,000 square miles. It was iormely a part of' the Territory of Minnesota, but was detached when that becume a State. The Indiana, bulonging to the Yonkton, Sissiton, and Sioux tribes, are Qumerous,and live chiefly by the chuse. Tmo terntory ïnoludes open, grusi-y p'ains, biyh rolling prairies, a great nummer oí' íakes and ponds, and very BuméPous valuabla nvers. The eliinato oí the south is mild ; that of the north severe, though less so than might be expscted froip its high latitude. The land is well timbered, and the valloys are highly prodcctive. Coa] abounds in Bome p"art8, and other minerals adti wealtb to l'le región. Tho game is plentiful, and of groat valuo lor its iurs.


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