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Hubbard Squashes

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We bipeds of this northern climatu, regard the swéet potatoes as one oí the greatest luxurie bat purmit me to s:iy that the Hubliard Squash is a very near apprpachto its excellence; indeed, it may bu said to havu [qualitiea of use' fulness and vnhie fár exceeding the sweet potatoe, when we takts into account its long keeping. The Hubbard Squash, is of a very ilark green color, tapering at both ends, weighiag f om six to twalve pounds, and having a hard steil wKfcti cannot be out vvith a knifü. I iind a light luitchut is just the thing lor cleavj"g thüin apart. Ihe hard, strong shell givos thein a decided advantage p.vpr most other sijuashos tor their long keepmg, and they aro not easily bruieed. Their beaiïng habite', also. are very fair. From fivo bilis I raisüd about forty-fivo squaahes this eeason, and tbey furnishud moforabout sx weeks, up to the present time, sp good a substituto for sweet potatöes, that we have rieither bought nor dosired theforeign potatoenince we commenced Ubing thurn. On the whole 1 thiuk ït is the end of all controversy on the subject of good squash. L-L" There is n deal of sound sense at tunes in the remárks of insana persons. At the South Boston Asylum, a few days si nee, a patiënt was asked if he was fond óf riding on horseuack. " No, sic, I ride a hobby." " ïhero's not miich difference bet ween the two," carelcssly remarked a genileman. " Oh, yo?, there is," s lid the patiënt, j i: and it is this: 11' you ride a horso, you can stop him and got off', out when you mount a hobby, you can't stop him and you uan't gut ()if." There is wisdom for you !


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