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What Of Fort Sumpter?

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Tho yet all cngrossing topio is Fort Sumpter, Ha Frrt Sumpter boen evaoaated ? when is Fort S timp ter to be evucuated? will Lincoln givc up .Fort Sumpter? where will Maj. Asdkuson go to? Mty AndLB8on has been uil the time u truitor ! l.o will not bo perrnitted to leave Fort Sumpter except ns a prisoner of war ! Fort Sumpter must be reecforced ! Fort Sumpter is to be evacuated írom military neeessity and not as a peaco offering ! pjpon James Blciunan' be all tho reppousibility ! these, and a score more ol similar inquines and exolamations stare at us f mm cvery paper we i open, and salute our rars at every ' atreet corner. They have taken the place of ordinaiy compHinentary gruetings and partings, and vut the whole thing is a mystery, or at least is shadowcd in doubt We have watched the " tolegrams," we have read the leiters ol ''our own correíponder.ts," vo havo endeavored to reooncilti the eontradiciions, and we havo coniiludud that ihings aro l:mixed." AbdkhSUü was to leave Fort Sumpter, ast Mund.iy, he was to luave it Wed'nesday, and ho will piobably leave it soon, for it is conceded by all that he can not be reenforced before bis pro visions run out, and not at all without cal. ing 20,000 men into survice, and at a great sacrifico oí lifo. Gen. Scott says '.bat it is necessary. tho Cabinet, wkh a single exeeption, havo agreed to it, and thu President' orders are onïy wanting. So say various rumors, while the N. Y. Times of tho 18th inst., more than insinuates that it is not to bo ovacuated, but is to be reenforced at al] hozará?. Again, one rumor says that Fort Washington, nir.e miles below Washington, is being prepared fcr tho rtception of Maj. Andkrson and his coinniand, and anotlur rumor tliat he is to be ordcrod to Newport, Ky. - On iho whole, wo be'ievo that Madama Rumor is a ly ing ja de, any how. Serioosiy, tho newa is very vn posit've, but tbero is little doubt that Fort Sumpter is to be evacuated, and that the Chai lestonians, are to be cheated out of a fight. The authorities are evidently waiting for the public to cool off in advanco of the movoment, and then it will tako place; but w hot her 8nlely on military grounds or as a matter of public policy is not so certain. - Wo certainly hore tho latter, for a collision botween tho National authorities and the secedud States can not promote any good end. 'l'his Nation i not to be cemented by blood ; if the okl govornment sh.-uld conquoi' the new it has not conquered a Union ; and the interests of our country and of homanity demand a peaueblo sola tion And we thiuk our Rtpublican irienda, and especial'y those who hold with eum Chandlkr that " without a littlo blood-letting the Union will not be worth a rush," may make up their minds that Lincoln and his Cabinet are not bent upon war. At least such is our hope ; hope we trust uot bom ontirely of desire. P. S. Latest Washington advices sny that Maj, AndkksonV command was paid off on Tuesday, and that Fort Sumpter will be evacuated on Saturday. The troop are to b bronght ott by the Steamor Columbia, and tlie Fort will probably, üke all ungarrisoned Forts, be left in charge of a Corpora!. g" It is eenerally underslood that the ' late" Legislature adopted Bevetal resolutions amending tho Constitii'iou; and provided for their Bubmission to the people at a "general eloction " to ba held on thr first day of April next. If so, it is high time that the State authorities notified the electora of the fact and of tho character ot the amendments. It is even to late that the masser will not be able to voto under standinglv. Individually ppeaking, we doubt both the propriety and the regularity of voting upon Consstitnlional arcendments at Town Meeting. Wo don't believe a joint reeolution or act ot the Legislalue ca" inake the Town Meetings a " general electiori." DSt (Jakl Sciiuhz has beon obliged to resign his claims to Ihe Sardinian Mission, Secretary Sewakd havingpositivdy determined, dospite if retnonstrances and Presider.tul inclinalions, to givo do fuU European missions to ! foreign-born citizens. Thoy can only aspire to bc Secretarie of Legation or Conmils, unless thoy accept South , American posta. Besiilcs, in the caso of Sciiurz, it is allegcd that his ! pointmont would be positively 1 ious to PriiRsia and raight. involvo Sardinia i:i dificulties; and also that ho demanded immediate payment, in cash, for his cnrnpaign services, and is not entitled to tlie larga reward ho claims. Kumor now assigns him to retirement to Brozil. 1" The Republicana of Grand Rapids held a caucus recently, and by a handsoine mfj"iity nominated tho Ilon. G. W. Allen lor Postmaster ; but . vices froin Washington say that tho " plant" has dropped into the mouth of , N. L. Avery, Esq , who only received ■ five votes at tho caucus. Avery had " a fiiend at court" and was there himself. This is another evidenco that " thero is many a slip between the cup and lip," though ie may not be at all consolatory toourfriond Ali,e. Individually, wo tliink Allen would have made a No. I officer, and wo are sorry fjr Itiis (ailuru to connect. JLSL" The Philadelphi Banks re. eumed specio p-iynont on the I8tb iw-t.


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