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Arkansas To Stay In The Union

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In the Arkansas Convc-ntion tho Ordinance of Secession has been defoated by a vote of 39 to 35. A close voto. J53E W1. Saxdeks has been ap pointcd Post ter at Memphis, Tenn. He is srtid to be obnoxious to leading secessionists, and a riot is tlireatcned when he atteinpts to enter upon the discharge of lus duties. If he is acceptable to the Union nitii, k-t 'cm riot; wo'll risk it ïrïgr Tho State News says tliat R. R' VanFdssen is to be ippointed Postïuiister at Yp-silanti ; wliei-eupon the fnends of the unsuccessful applicauts say a row is to ensue. It is better to give up graccfullv. All-can not be succcssful. Tho News also sajs that A. Hawkixs, of this City, is to reeeivea ütnute Agencv on the Michigan Central Railroad And here, too, are scveral disappointed ■would-like-to-scrvetheir country-in-thiscapacity -individuals. JfC Hon J. M. Edmunds of Detroit, (i)iincily ol Ypsilanti, and well known to all the oíd resident of this County, h:is boen appninfed Cmnmissioner 01 the Genend Land Office. SST MeÉsra W. L. Yancey, P. A. Knot, A. D. Mann, and T. Butler King, have been nppointed Commissioners from the Southern CDnlederacy, to procure the rooognition of tha new governtnent by Franco and England, and to establish eornnierciul relations with thosu power. gr EsSecretiii y of the Treasnry Dix declined ihe pablie barvqiiet tendercd hiin by his fullow citizens of New York, on his return home. We have loñg believed Gen Dix to be one of the most sensible men in public life, and this is another cvideneo He needs no i' banquet," to perpetúate his famc, nnd hi brief administration of the Trensury dpartment will speak for itself. Ooi. Sumnek has been promoted to the post of Brigadier General' made vacant by striking Gen. Twiggs I from the rolls. Twfiity-f'ightyears ago Col. S. was given a Lieutenanfs commision on the recommendation of 'he present Secretary of War, Gt=n OamERON. Bé" Waldo H. Johnson has been elected United States Senator from ; Missouri, in place of Guekn, whose tenn espired on the 4th oí March.