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The Case Of Kentucky Against Ohio

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Washington, March 14. 1861. Chief Jusiico Taney delivered an opinioii mi the matter of the Cominon wealth of Kentucky ugainst the Governor of Ohio, Dennison, deciding it was a cuse of original jurisdiction, and, in effect, onu S ate against another, and thereforo the Gourt has Jurisdiotíoo uuder the Oonetitution. It is a case to omnpel the Governor of Ohio, by muntamus, to surrender a f'tigitive from juBtioe from Kontui'ky. The Court ays that tho demanding State has u right to have every fiuch ' fugitivo dilivered up ; that the State of Ohio has no right to enter into the question as to whe'.her tho act of which the fuijitivo stands acciised i criminal of not in Ohio. provided that it was a crime in Kentucky, ar.a it is the duty of tho Govüi-nor oí Ohio to delivur up, u pon the proper uroofs that the act charged is a crime by the lavs of Kentucky ; that tho act of Congress of 1793, determines what evidence is to be submitted to the State of Onio; that the duty of tho Governor is niinis-terial rneruly, like that of a 8herití r Marshal, and appeals to his good faitti in the discharge of a Oonstitutiojial duty, for tho"reason that Coiigrons canjiot iinpose any Federal duty on the otBoera ol a Siate", and that whereHiich nffioere ace oalled upon ly an act of, Congross, to perforo) such d'ity it is ' oonceived to bo good sense and good faith n their part so to do, and on these grounds the mamlamus is rotused.


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