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tion of the second divi-ion of the Junior laas will lake place on Tuesday eveniig r.ext. The Medical Commencement will occur on Wednesday forenoon, and the Lw Cotnmene. niei.t on Wedntsday ufterncon. The tfiadu ating class of each departnient numbers abou furty L3J" The exhibition of tho Union High ichiol takes place this evening in Union School Hall. The ejcaminatioES ie now in progress. and close to duy. There wil] be a vacation of one wt-tk umi the next term will i pen on ibe fiiet d-y of April. EP On Monday evenin, , two prisontii vamed Tcbias and Sagk, brought from Detroit and eonfined in the ja il of tb is City. to wait trial on charge of Counteifiting. dug ïhrough ihe wall and escaped. They have not been heard from LX Prof. T. M. Cooley leutured befure the Wclisier Associntion of the Law Pchool on Munday evening on which occn. êion the Oongregalionol Church Wftl wi-11 filled His sul)jeet - " The Oharaoteriatics oi Aniciit'un Liberty," was elaborited i i an in tere6ting and inst ructivL uiannei. The the orj' ol' om government wna kept prumineut ly in tí-t. and its pat history, o iar aait beurs upon the prment " criáis ' vividly por troycd. lt wns an able lecture.and at this time an appiopriate une JC3" Ghacr Greenwüod loctured in the M. E. Church, on Friday evenii g last' to the gratificati n of a crowded audier.ce. We were unable to bo present and cannot give even a meagw synopsis. Aflcr the K-e ure. by invitaiion of W S. Matnabd and lady, whone guest she was, many of uur citi lens called upon her. made her aoquaintaneei and enjoyed ft social hour. L3C" FntE Insurance. W. N. Stkono ha receivid the appi intmont of Agent of the Western Matsachusetts Insuranee Company, o " sund and reliable" iuititulion. Seehis Card. L3L C. H. Millkn & Co. have thoroaghly refitted the store receiitly occupieá by A. DeFobest, have removed thereto, and are now reoeiving New Spring Goods. We will ■warrant thuir customers to be pleased with thir present commoaiou quarters,. and w'tn their easonable stock y Dr. A. W. Chase, of this City, has placed on our table acopy of the eigluh edition of his " Recipes, or Informal ion for Everybody." Beginning with a Hnmll putnphlet, tha Dr. has swolled bisworktoa bound yolume of 324 pnges, n evidence that his labors are appreciated. The ittle volume furníahes tnany recipes and muih in formation of real practical value. Idi DeForest has in store a very large stock of Grand River snd Ohio White Piaster, ground in the best marnier, which he is offering to farmers at unusually low figuresNow isjust the ime for farmers tomake their puroliases for Spring sowing, and Mr D can ■upply all their wants. Give hiin a cnll, purchaso Piaster liberally, spread it on your fields, and next harvest you will reap your reward. jZST Bach & Pierson are reooiving their Spring ss.ortment, and we will warrant that they hare something nice. JC3C Wines ói Knight have reeeived" New Spring Gooda. Give them a oall.


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