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.f 1CI(.. SOUTHKÜN & 1YX iii.road: win ;i:.MrNr. ïsm. Ir-.ins now run on tula roaJ, ?acdayá excepted, as Colín: ], .1 . ■ !liln pnrChïcftJ?o rinily p toept ]wvlays ■" 12 l-r V '! ;i :; i 1 .. In i A ■ i ! ín M 9 A. M. ,;„, t'i.r l,i.. H. ;i lid 0,Su P. M ■ .i ik', L'etrbll at l'J.w A M. :n. '.' 11,0 I P. M : '. l', t C:16 A. )l-, . 00 r. il. ■ in 0.00 I". M., aml 3.16 I M fïl lo rum Chlcao S,-10 P. II. aiu! 4.31 Ai 'I 1 r-rn" Adiian rnr .Tactton nl 9.15 A. M. .iti ! ''.i" I'. M. '■ Jttoï ion tor A Irian al -r,:w A. M., aud 11,68 1. 11. con:vü"NS. Ar i.■r- '.Vil!. Oletekinil & Tulcde Rail IIoíiíI, with ! V;ii)iisii v.illw Buil Rond. n-Uitli (rand Tnrnk Kailwar, wtth üreat] Wost-ni Katlwiiy, als, iih ilie Dstrolttnd, ; vr N .f Air-.AW & S.M cm R. R. CRomxa- WithTrta ■: l I.OüiSvillp. .. . V, ■■. i ...... ui ! :: ■ . I !.i i '. (.'.llnn, úiimiukfip, Cliicago. DurTington and Qu'mcj - N'orlli ■ - , Alton aiül Louis. Illinois l !..! Smilli. nu are run by Hticago time, vl;icli is 20 saiQ1 utes l wer tli ;ui i'n!o'i. timo. - C'ars arrompjmy the i :o tba Mineasliy any othr B&i) : ;'.c. .ISO. D. CAMPtEIX, i;crip-!il Sopcr'aian'lent. avil, ïnsura.cï:. Ths Cornecticut Mutual Life Insuranc Company. A:rumul;1toa Gpital, - 6-V00,000. tJtTIl.I,tN?ORKI.n'i5S for aiiy : ■■■■ ctti'dlg , hole t' .') ofLife orfor ;i terra of : the raoat favorable I . . ispumly mutualnd the pnlioy , ver ii.' ■ act ö it oi iuaut: .,-üf,. [( . the nsnrwi '■■■' the wlucmeMt of a uruí UN'K rOLlCtiiS, f iU-i:cl. l.y taking half the Ssnóuütj b ■ I at si jiei1 cc:it, per anniim. firitlcntl.f ar?. Dcchircd Annualhj! ... f j er '■■■nt on the pre. ro mcrcasing iticy may be -il j r'-snium arcs low as nny otlir rf('bmpnny andthelarge accunlútelwJ fund ui .iiioly m.-su ■■!. M ma te -■ '■:. ■ :■ ■ i the atatem?nt . ;rfc';. law, on Ulo io . ■ i ., it And Arbor I JAMUS Gi-ODWIN', l'rcst. ■ I !7 to JAMP3 C. WT-(IX, J;ont at Ann SrTOr, Mich. NEW YORK LIFE IN SUR A.N CE COMP'NY. iccumulatéa J:m, 1SCO, S'-JCT, 133,24 SrORRÍS FRAXKLIX, President, J O. KEN&Máh, Vire President, PLIXY F UK K MAN, Actuary $103,000 DEPOSITED with UicCrtinptrollprof the State of New York. Oivi'kii'ls average 10 por cent. annually. A. S E T S . (Lh In Bank, 31,355.49 in securitie.i , ereato.l uniler tbc lawsef i Kew Yorkandofthe 11 S. , 25S,870,70 Keal E ' Cta and Kiiturej, Nos. 112 awl 114 182,460 01 Irawlngïperct. interest 5SO, ■ t -l't per viit.ufprciuimn i i. ], ; ., bi Brin : ittterogt, 075,315.85 au I Stiiói-annual premiums, due subsequenttb íanaary 1, IKfiO -0.550.38 o Jan: 1, 1860, 30.4SS.77 iccrued upto Jan .J, 1880, 1,708.84 ;:is on policios iu nauds of Agents, 26,44M9 S1.T67 ,137.24 Drs TVells and Lewttt Medical Examinen. J. G1LBERT S.M1ÏH, Agent Insurance Agency ! C. H. MILLEÜï [3 TUK AGENT for the rollowfng Bral clan eonipanies: ROUB INSVRANCÉ COMPANV, ■ : . STorl CHy.- Capital and SurpluK, $1,500,000. CITY FIISE I.VSIKAXCE CO3IPASY, (.f Hartford. -Capital and Surplus, $400.000. COVTIXEXTAL ISSCHASCK COMPAXY, of New ïbrk City.- CapM il .nd Surplus, $100,000. T'iroc-qu:.ircis of the nfltt pniflfaa in this Company i diviüeO aonuaUy amoug its policy holdcra. C.HMILLEN. Ann Arbor, Ducembcr 13, 1' 'n. Cm778 Comvay Fire Insurance Co-, Of Conway, Mass. Capitül paidup, - $150.000 00 Assets (Oash), - - 269,963 12 Lhibilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Hogers, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary, Pretident. DIRECTORS. J S.WriITNEY, L. 3ODMAN, W. EI.T.1OTT, .si üour. NI) D O. MeGILVKAr.E.D. MORGAN WAIT BEMBNT, JOSIAII A,LIS. A.H. BI;' LEN W.H. DICKINSON, W.T. CLAP;', D. C. KOGBHS. Ann Arbor References: Dr. E. WEI.I.S, L. JAMES. U noriGF-, KNOCH JAMES. OAPT. C.S. GOODRICH J. W. KNIGHT, Agent. Ann Arbor. Michigan. THe1jE0KIA MARINE & FIRE IXSURANOE COMPANY, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capita - - 1600,000 one of tne HEAVIEST, BAFBBI and KICSl' i-isuranco C'o's. in tbe l'. i. Inanrea oo reasonable tenns, and al ■v piomptly. 'f heve is uo bettcr Firo Insurauc Cotn] Mo ney Wanted, V Ii o w il 1 LendMoncy1. r AXIIKQUESTKI) BY SEVEBAL TERSONS to obtain - i :.em at Ton Per Cent Interest, (OrMore.) l'or :y otif1 trilling to li-nd, I can at once Inroc! on . ï'rTATE security : .;.iii seetliaf the tillo Lnd secizrftj RlOffl, ■ Lm" Tho borro'.ver paving all expenr-s, inclndinp recordTng. K. W. MORGAN, Irbor, Qot. 7,1859. 715tf General Land Agency f"Eüa0SS wonting f ar roe, or rcaldeDrrrtn oroer Ann Arbor, cun by calling on me tolectfroma liit ofover 1OO Parnis Por Salel Ofvariout sIííík trom 3, te 1300 acrofiacn ;(sorao %a goodaianvnthis (7onnty.) Murctfa&n .10 IWe!ll!S (iollSfri nhii'ity,from two 'ïundied to fourthousanddo-.r :ach : au d over 2 O O E.ÜItiDIWG LOTS! minLT'.hofartn are the Blshopttarm, [.lOOacrcn, ■r farm, in Oreen Oak;, a.i] t . ) aerrs, tlielll'ïndon ind Jfiiiks ffirnia, inWobater; -!i StbbSa, Mlchael Clancy, Newton Beegan, and l'-ilhihai farmi, in Ann Arbor; J.Kii:galfy'4 farm, in PUtsfield the tiltch and ilick tarms in Lodt;thfl PTri-i.:k('layurarm in Freedom; W. s. Davlbon, B. f!. Hakur s and üitck'n Tarins inSylvan. Mostot fae and m.iiiy otbet3 can be dividedto auii purchiiüori ■$. MO tGAN. AnnArboj.Jan lit.l5f ■ 5, Y . Jï O R G A N , Agent tor Mutual LifeTnsuranceConipany, New York. , ,fU, .... $9,360,000. ■ insiirance ('ompany in the V. S. Knickrbocker Lire Ineurance Qompanj, Kew York, - n llrst class $afc Co. - lering reaapnuble. !ll rfrö [nsuranQe ('omjiany, New York. Capital, witli a Krire surjiltw, - - $200,000. reoria Marine X l-'ire Iniiiance ('n., I'eori.'i IU. v No. 1 i'ire Insurancf Cu'. 7f7tf CkpltSl, .... $500,000; DE FOREST, ARMSTRONG & CO. DRY GOODS MERCHANTS, 75, 77, 79, 81,83 & 85 Duane Street, flïaw York. TTTOtJLD XOTIFV TUK KtADE that tney are openin V ■iJv, in ntw and-Doautifol patterns, the -nu: A H'.'w T'i'iül, liich 0X6Ote Bveiy l'rint in Iho Country :;.)ii ftQddestgniafüU Ifaddar Colors. - Our I'rints clieaper t' u any iu iuarUt;tf and ■.vtli exicnan Ordura promptly attenOed t . 732yl ,EYE and E AR. H Pli. F. A. OADWELL, (i!;lT01í (ii THK KYK AND EAR. I'ur lít'íifm -.h. Ulindi -. nnd all dt !V t ts of M';il atul Hearing. DU. C, BEIHQ a REGULAR Phyiücln,-ïth TWENTY ÏEAR' Bxclosive practíce in treatmeni of ds. . i: ■■ i.'ii N1) EAR. wil! befound qu&Uficd to givo relief or Spet a curo in ;tuy easy yfjilln the roach of buman eklll4Ö No charge for an czamlntflon or an opinión, orfor vjtsuct'atful wvicts. Dit. O Thi:aiisk on the Ktb and p: ar, of 300 pp., coiiliiiiiiug referoac9 Titin;.ini;i]s, Dèsoipttos of Ui% ■ . aud oih ■ important opUe?, illusfftted witb Cuw, to be hádrdZit, by fieoölrig ? CWii to pny ! ::, Ur. i.'.uiwiu., 98 Randolpfi 8treet oor oer Dea boni, Chicago, UI. 1 y 708 Oval Picture Frames AU. SUR?, TYÏJOS nnd PRÏC09 juet received and CHOFP & MILLER'S. I :ec.26, Í86D. T'--rt


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