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How The Money Goes

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How goes the monay ? Well, I'm sure it ijn't hard to teil ; It goes for reut and water rat es, For bread and butter, coal and grates, Hats, caps, and cárpete, hoopa and hose - And that's the wuy the money goea ! How goes tbs inoney ? Nay, Don't overybody know the way ? It goes for bounets, coats and capes, Silks, satina, muslins, velvets, ompes, Shawl, ribbons, fura, and furbelows - And that's tho way the tnoney goea ! How goes the money 7 Sure, I wish the many ways were fewer ; It goes for wagea, taxes, debts, It goes for presents, goes for bat, For paints, poníate, and 'sue-de roso' - And that's the way the money goes 1 How goes the money ? Now I'ye acaree begun the mantion how ; It goe for feathers, rings, Toya, dolls, and other baby tilinga, Whips, whistles, candios, bella and bows And that's the way tho monoy goes ? How goes the money ? Come, I know it didn't go for rum ; It goes for schools and Sabbath chimes. It goes for charity sometimos, For iuissluna and such thiugs as those - And that's the way the money goes ! How goes the money ? There. I'm out of patience, I declare ; It goes for playa and diamond pim, For public aim and private sins, For hollow shama aud silly shows - And that's the wav the money goes !


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