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Don't Get Discouraged

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Don't get dscouraged. Who ever gained anything bj drawing down the corners of lis mouth when a cloud camo over the 3un, or letting hia heart drop like a lead weight into his slioes when misfortune came upon him? Why, mau, if the world knoeks you down and jostlos past you in its great race, don't sit whiuing under people's feet, but get up, rub your elbows, and begin again. There are some people who even to look at is worse than % dose)f camomile tea. Whatif you do happen to get a little puzzled on the dollar-and-cent question 'Í Others besidea you have stood in exactly the same spot, and struggled bravcly out of it, and you aro neither halt, lame nor blind, thatyou cannot do likewise. The weather may be dark and rainy ; very well, laugh between the drops, and think cheerily of the blue sky and sunshine that will surely come to-morrow. Business may be dull ; uiake the best of what you have, and look forward to something more hopeful. If you catch a fall, dou't lament over your bruises, but be thankful that no bones are broken, If you cannot afford roast beef and plum puddings, eat your codiish joyfully, and bless your stars tor tha indigestión and dyspepsiayou theraby escape. 13ut the moment you begin to groan over your troubles and count up the calamitios, you mav as well throw yourself ovor the docks and done with it. The luckiest fellow that ever lived might have woes enougli, if he set himself seriously to woik lootving them up. They are like invisible specks of dust - you don't seo them till you put on your speetacles. But then it is not worth while to put on your speetacles to discovor what is a great deal better let alone. Dou't get discouraged little wifc ! Life is not long enough to speud in inflamiiig your eyes and reddeniiig your noss because the pudding wou't bake, and your husband says the new shirts you worked over so long aset like mcal bags." jMuke another pudding - begin the shirt anew. Don't feel "down in the mouth" because dust will settle and clothes will wear out, and crockery will get broken. Being a woman dou't procure you au exemption frsm troublo and care ; you have got to fight the battle of life as well as your husband, and it will never do to gi"e it up without a struggle. Take thiugs as they come, good and bad together, and wheuever you feel incliued to cry, just chango your miud and laugh. Keep the horrors at arm's leugth ; uever turn a Messing round to seo if it has a dark side to it, and always take it for granted that things are blessings until they prove to be something else. Never allow yourself to get discouraged, and you'U find the world a eomfortabla placo after all. - Life llhtüratcd.


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