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-At the recent term oí the J ackson Oircuit, J udg Lawrence deoidod tlaat all the business done in 1855 and' 1856 in the Probate office by W. T. Howell, then Circuit Oourt Gommissioner, is illegal audvoid. Judge Videto, the incumbent of the Probate office, was absent, in Texas, for a portion of three years, nis family, however, remaining in the county. In his absence Mr. Howell, as Circuit Court Commia sioner, acted as Judge of Probate. Judge Lawrence decided, that inasmuch as Judge Videto had neither deceased, removed fr om the county in a legal sense, nor resigned, that Howell had no right to aet, and all the business done by kim was illegal and void. This will créate a necesiity for oponing and the readministering all the estates adtninistored by Mr. Howell, and the ra issuing of all papers, records and titles granted for two yearn. - Aërian Expoiitor, March'A'A. JJET What many a man calis conscieDte is only a wboleeome fear oí the constable.


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