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Krom the Chieairo Trihune. Chicago baukers h avias been waiting patiently for State bÓocfa to rise, bul they havu obstinately refused to do to. Tho couise Itiey have been obligod to purgue involvüs groater losa to tliem Iban to their customors. Every bao in the city has largí amounts oí this rejected moncy on hand, reagina i'roin a thousand dc'iara in the smaller brokers' office Ir. hundrods of thousands of dollars in the largor banks. It is hoped that niany, per hups most, oí t he banks rejootod wiii rnako good the'r eeourities n the hands of the Auditor, and, as soon as they do, we understand tbeif notes will be promptly takeu agaiu by Chicago baokers. The following embraces the banks now tlirown out,and the nine heretotore rejected, with the amount, and the value per dollar, of their circulation on the 31 day of January last, as given in the valuable report ol Hon. S. A. Hulburt, ehairman of the comniitteo of Banks and corporation, made to tho Legislature on the 11 of February. The value of the bilis will not vary very materially from the table here given. We shall publish a list of the prices at wbich they are bought as bood as it is decided at what rato tho brokers will buy them. Atnt. f c:rcil.ition. Value 011 do!. C:ioal B;uik $ t;7,'.ilH 8S c. Minhalppl fttver Bank 1 1 7,7;t 87 Kw Markii Bank VUfisl 60 Citi.tna' liank 88,734 85 Continental Ihnl lll,4i". N Rdgair Cuunty llank 75.4SU 83 Corn Ploater1 Baak fi;,s3 91 Kiirmors' ltmik, New Cantón 62,7(iO 91 l'anncrs' üiuik of lllinoil 80,168 !H) 1nloD 'uu[itVïiank 5',.0 tl Comrocroial ii;i!ik, Nw HavD 85,li0 00 Pmirla ïutu Buik -'J IS 82 Sbaane Bant 80,009 S10 Farmers and Traden' Bank 10."i,71S 83 Premier Bank M8,l)95 a Untnd ['niric Dank 011,141 y Illinuis üteM Baak W,4! i 00 Uuioaator Ihnk lii:s,T-0 90 nd 0ronn' Boók 88,485 70 M.iriii CV .iintv Bank 61.757 S'J PametUnik ' 60,160 !U Rallroad llunk v.i.'.v83 HanU f Albion 144,680 02 Bank of Chwter 81.ÏM 81 Uaokof l'ik.: Connty 130X2 l Bank of Quine; 83 Bank of Monthcrn I'.Iinois 284,680 87 liank ol Cm nu 116,300 in Uanb of the Pedcral Tnio f-.'i 12 89 BitDk of the ttepablio Z56.SM 90 Bank of lienlou 74.613 VI Bclviderc lhnk 8,IW6 81 IILJNnls BANK8 IlFliïKTnFUHR RVJKCrr.D. stnto Bank, Shavotetova,713 Po Corn Bxehange Bank ï7",:;.')7 s.i Amri;an Exsbange Baak 1,ju0 8a X; Bank S3,8l)9 S2 Bouthorn Bank. Grajvillo lss.270 t,- Qrayvllte Bank 9,0(W 84 JUtik of RMtfigh 257 .536 83 Hank of tlio CommonKenltli 85,680 82 Htnk of Aorora Ï76.9Ó6 81 From tho Ohidago Times, April 2 Among the list oí thrown-out banks pubüshed yesterday rnorning was thé Lancnster Bank. We bave since received a note from P. Granger Adarns, stating that he was receiving the notes of thi bank at par. [ A dispatch froin Bpriogfietd, April 1, say . " Tho State Auditor reporta that the Lancaster Bank has this day given full and ampie socurity lor al! oi its circulation. "J He also Síys that a nurnbor of other bunks will increase their aeourities in a few days. We hiive no doubt but that at least ten of tlmso banks will bocome good within tho week, or bef ore the l5th inst. at the farthest. A dispatch was roceived in this city to-day from the owners ot tho Citizané' Bank, Mt. Carmel, Bank of J'iko Oouoty and the Continental Bank, saying that they would niake them good, We are also assurod that the notes oi the Farmers and Traders' Bank, Charleston, Bank of Benton, Jj;ink of Carrjrji, Bank of Ch ester, and Bank oi Albion will be made good in a few diys. It was stated unofliciallv to-day that the last naincd bank has al readv put up soourities. These bauks had in circulation on tho lstol January $833,613,00. The entire bahV circulation on the Ist of January was $12,820,Gü4,00. Of this amount near 1,'250,000 has been retired.


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