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This old Democratie Town never waver-j. The wholö Democratie ticket is eleoted escept Treasurer, whieh was given to tbe Republioan candidaie bocauso of Iiis need. Thomas Clark ia the Supervisor eloef. jL3Lr Mr. Loun, late Judge of Probate. of Ouk!iit:i.l County, hy the unconstitutional apptñntment oí Gov. JBlaik has vacatod liis office, and the dutiea are being disehárged by tho Circuit Oourt Commissioncr. Tliusan attempt to foiat an officer upon a pcople without their consent has siüfnally failed. - "The best luid plans of mico and men," &c. ui ui E1 The Pcnnsylianian, published at Philadelphia, has suspended bucause of the ttght times." We fear that unles8 subscriberH genenilly are more mindful of their duty, a few other papers will have to snspeiiil. CF We learn that in NortbSeld, O. Hawkins was nominated for Judgu about 3 o'clock, P, M. on Monday, and that in the two hours left bcfore tho polls closod he beat Manning. SiaT Sf.tii Lkwis, Esq., Editor of the Marshall, StQteivian hasreceived the appointment of Postmaster. We congratúlate "Uncle Seth " on his good fortune. ty It i.s expected that the steatner Great EaStero will arrive at Ilampton Bóáas, Virginia, tho present month, and that after visiting Charleston " offing" she will return and load with cotton at Norfolk.


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