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The City Elections

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The Democracy aro not dcad yet, as will be secn by tho appcnded returns from the principal Uities and Towns of our State. We compilo from the Fres Pi esa : J.vcKSON', April 1. The democratie city ticket - Mayor, ! Recorder, Treasurer and BIarbal - ; ed by an average majority of fifty. Grand Rapids, April 1. At the charter election to-day a democratie Mayor and tho ontirc democratie : city tlekét were elected by 'an average mnjority of GO - a democratie gain over lust November of over 300; threc democratie Aldermeu - a democratie gain of oje ; threo democratie Supervisors. Pontiac, April 1. The city has gone democratie, except one Alderman, oue Justice, ami two School Inspector.?. Town all democratie. Owosso, April 1. A. II. Byerly, Douglas Jemoorut, was to d:iy elected Mayor by about 100 , jority. I! O. Villiaii;s and M. W. Quackenbusll, demócrata, were elected i Supervisors. Saqinaw City, April 1. We have eleetcd cverytliing on tho democratie ticket, from Mayor down to Constable. Wholc city ticket and eaeh ward ticket, with the exception of one ConstaJle and one Alderman. Last year the republicana made a clean swecp, and word went out that old Saginaw had at last " caved" to tlin rcpublicans; but we havo rndeemed ourselves. Üur majority oa city ticket is from 20 to 1G5. Lansing, April 1. We bavc just closed one of the closest contested cloctions ever held in this city. We liave elected our candidato for Mayor, Judgc Uhapman, by 34 majority, and for Treasurer, Rodney 11. Gibson, Gt majoiky. The republicans have elected (Jlcrk and Recorder by smull majoritics. We have elect oue Alderman by 20 majority, and have tied with tlicm on another, and thov have elected the othcr threc by 1, G, aud 9 uiajoritios. City of Flint, April 2. Our charter election yesterday resulted in the ohoice of E S. Williams, Esq., [aemocrat), for Mayor ; McFarlane, (dem(icrat), Alderman First Ward. licmaindur républican as usual. Coidwater, April 2. We held our amiual Qlection, the first under the new city charter, yesterday, and the democrats uatonly elected their Mayor, but one Jusficc, the Street Compjisaioner, one Supervisor, two Aldormeii and onc Constable. This shows a grattRing gain, and telis strongly against the cliiiue wbicli has so long held sway hcre. Tbe vote polled was as largo as that of any tonner election In the evening, many citizens called upon Hou. Albert Chandler, tlie Mayor elect, to tender their congratulations, who received thein in a most happy and genial speech. The joy of the democrats was unbounded, and the best of fccling provailcd. If Cold water is not wholly redeemed, she is approaching that goal rapidly.


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