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IIartfohd, Conñ., April 2-1 A. MThe republicans havo eleeted their St:ite ticket by an intJrearfèd rEajorïiy. Thov have oarried both brunches oi the Legis'ature and the first and third Contfressional district?. They haVe lost the Becond. The iburth s not lully hcard from. Hnrtiorcl oounty - Iiuekinglinni's vote 8.2(;; majoriiy against him 65 j last year it was 210. Providence, April 3. The election to-day resulted in tlie defeat cf the Republicans. Gov. Sprague is ra-ílocted by a lar ge majority. The Legislaturo is of the same political charaeter. Sheflhtltl and Brown are elected to Congress over the latu Republ;can membors. Cincinnati, April 2. Full returns of tho city election yesterduy show a democratie Union average mejority ot 2 800. ïbobighest majority is 4,196, and the lowest 2,077. The republicans elect 8 Obuncilmen and the democrats and Union 26. ÖANDOSKT, April 2. A-t the municipal eloction yesterday, the democratie Mayor was elected by a niíijority of 155. The democratie Treasiircr and Solicitor, and republican Clork and Marshal, were elected ; two republican and three democratie CouncilmeD. Ci.kvklaxi), O., April 2. At the city election, yesterday, Edward S. Flint, domocrat, was elected Mayor, atid tho entire democratie ticket is probably carriod. Toledo, April 2. At the city election yesterday tho democrats electod tho Mayor, Treasurer, and seven out of tho ten Councilmen. Kansas City, April 2. R. F. Vanhorn, Union candidale, was elected Mayor of Kansas City yesterday by a large majori.y. Poutdand, Me., April 2. Tho republicans elected William Thomas for Mayor, A deinocratic Mayor ivas elected last year by 31 majority. Jefferson City, Mo., April 2 At tho election yesterday E wing was elected over Miller, uoconditional Union, by two miijority. St. Louis, April 1. In tho municipal eleciion to-ilay, the Tay'or anti Republican ticket was elected by from 2,00 to 3,00 majority. The Howe unconditional ticket was unsuccessful in 'jut two wards. New York, April 3. At tho election in Brooklyn yesterdav, JCalbfleisch, Dem., was electeU Mayor, and the Democratie ticket was Biiecossful generally, bv a majority of 4,500.


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