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A Speculative Union

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v AsiiixoTox, March 26. Sovcral plans for the re-organization of the dismembered Union have been presentad n the press. One of thern etieets the object through a border State convention, which shall adop: the constitution of the Confedérate States, and invite the northern otates to do the saine. The derangement of intornal and foreign trade and depression oi industrial purouita consequent upon the clashing systems ot revenuo adoptod b)Mhe governments at Washington and Montgomery will, it s suppofed, form ft ttrong argument wifcB the border sluvo States and the northern States in favor of adopting the Montgomery oonstitution. The seceded States will be imrnovable. But it will not be a matter of choice with the remaining States of the old Union whether th-jy shall go into the new Confederacy or not. Theconstitution of the Confedérate Stutes requires for the admission of ncw States a rnnjontyof iwo-thirda of the members ot the Ilousts and two-thirds of the States represented in the Scnato. This provisión was made, it is said, to prevent, or at least to restriet, the accession oi free labor States to the Union. They will be carefnl, at all events, not to be overpowered in the South by unti-slavery States. Tho provisional government now existing continuos one year i rom its coniinencement. It will be suceeeded by the sjopernment under the permanent constiruiion. The eloction ior President and Vice President and of Senntors and Representativos will tako place next November. Thero is no doubt, as I learn from thu best sourcea, that the present President and Vice President, Jefïerson Davis and A. H. Stephens, will be iinanimously chosen lor the term of six years. The first Congress will be in sesHon next December. States outside of tho Confederation may then severallv apply ior admission. They must secede first, howuver, and then make tho application. Any of the slave States will bo glad.y accepted, and, in the course of a year or two, should the peaco of the country be preservad, a number of the free States on the border would apply for admisson, and be accepted. Home of the northern States may bo divided upon the question of uniling with tho South, New York for instnnce. The constitution of tho Conicdt'ratc States of America próvidos that a part of a Stateshall not be admittcd without the assent of the other part. As western New York is rmich more thoroughly abolitinnized than even New England, it will never pennit the city of New Yoik to join .tho fortunes of the southorn free trade Confederacy, and it must eithor lose its trade or be OUDstifuted and recognized as a free city, with favorable commercial treaties with tho Confedérate States. Thoagh the Virginia convention has not yetcomo toa conclusión, it is taken for grant(id that it will rucommend a border State convention.


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