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What Virginia Will Do

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Wc have eouvorsed freely with members of the oonveption, and we are peren aded tbat the nction ol the body will beeminently wisu and conservativo, and, as our dislant reader will naturally desire to know what that anfión will be, we venture, for their satisfiction, to state our impressions on the subject. Wc believe that, af ter ful] debate and thorough examination, tho conveotion will indícate by resoluüons the eonstitutionnl amendments and guáranteos which, in the judgment of Virginia, are necessary forthe ëecurity ol hur rights and inatituClons. When these are acrecí on, she will invite a conference oi thè non-seooded States, at Frankfort or Nashville, to consider our propositions, and to inake common cause wi h lier. Shc will not offer her propositiooa as an ultimatum, but merely ah her contribu tion to the general stock of ug gestiona on the Bubjact. Some of her wisest and most patriotic citizens will bo sent by the conventioa to this conference, and her propositions will there ba considered-, and, it may b", modified in some respects - though not in nny easnntia) particulars. When harmony and conciirrenca shall have been seeured among the border titates, the proposition, as agreed on by thern, will be siibinitted as an ultimatum tu the norlhern States. Thia ultimatum, we feel aesured, wili embrace no ooruaaónable features - nothing which is not in striem confortnity with the principies of the constUution, ns understood and acted on by tho fathers o{ tho Republic. If it should be accepted by tho North, the Union will be and harm my restorad. I', or. tho other hand, it be rejecteiij then the bordor States will, in a body, withdraw from the Union, and unite with such States, both slaveholding and non-slaveholdiug, as may bo willing to adopt them. In the event of rejection, we believe that New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois will unite with tho border States. The result may bo to throw off the New England States and the extreme northweslorn States. The Gulf States will soon find it to their interest to reunite themsclves to this conservativo confederacy, and ultimately tho exscinded northern States, having learned a lesson oí wisdom and humility, will knock at our donrs for readrnission into the family tuansion. This is a noble programme, and it is one which we believe will leail to the restoration of. the Union to all of its pristine glory and ampio proportions. - We are satistied that the ultimatum of the border States will be so fair and just and reasonablo that it will be promptly and glndly embraced by an ovefwhelmiog ntajurity of the 'norlhern States, and that any wliich may foei temporary ilissatisfaction will bo coinpclled to acquiesce.


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