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Messina Unconditionally Surrendered

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New York, Mareta 31. The Fronch cfirps Logislatitt eontinuecl to debate tha addrtsró. Iiidependetit members strongly advocáted the liberal imcnilments', already pubÜshfiCl, but tho firet two p.iragmphá havo been carried without amendment. Details of the surreuder of he Citadel at Messina show that it was uneonditiooal. After lour days firing over five thousand men were taken piismiers, and killed three hundred. Civitella del Fronte is notable to resist muc . longer. Tho Enlili iteamers left Constantinople for Golatz, and took provisional possession ofthê arhis landed irom tho Sardiniun vessels and Böizöd bv Turkey. Paris, Saturday - In the corps Legiíílatilf it was intunated that it might beco;ne necessary to fix a later day than the first of October for tho exeoution of the treaty of coininerce with England, in whiuh case the Chainbur of DeputieS would becalled npon to decido on the matter. New York, April 3. The Commercials Washington clispatch states thát ''A meeüng of the Gabinet, attended by Gon Scott, was hastily smnmoned this morning. Capt. Fox ha urrived fr.,m Surnpter. It is thought the consultation iin reierence to reinf'ircinp Anderson, There is considerable excitement here. "A special raessenger on tho Alexandria and Orango Kailroad has beun tarred and feathered becauso he was a república!)." A special diapatch to the Day Bonk, Cba'rle8ion,3d, aayc: "The crisis has at last nrrived, Provisions to Major Anderson wero stopped to-day. G jn. Beauregard is now inspocting ilie forüficationf. Orders irom Montgotnery for the commenceinent of hostil i tina art hourly expe'cted. The preparations are al! complete."


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