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TJ"ew .vertisernents. List of Letters RBU4INIKQ ntbe PoftOBoOat Ann Arbcr Marcb 81,1801. Atwell s Oaborii ïlenry Baker Mary Peadloton J O Barnes A V Parker Ilenry HrilíKí Mi-3 Mary PickHl Benj I!iclc Wm Rice Havi.l lïcuiic Rice Jobo T Carson H N Root Jared Clark Mrs I. A lïoor.ey .Mary '"x [ÍL-nry 8henaeny Anthor.y ('ole Mrs Julia Sliijnnin Adelbery E Dohegbo T'motby Sloan J H Davi.son I.izzJe Scbanfclp John lleveriam Murgaret Sill Maiy Drurv Edgar Spanlding Helen Elll 'N -1 Stevens N r'inm-v John SuV'lam (ïoodale MarïOD Snow L D HáUMT Jacob StetTer Abraham )l-irricli Peter Steanaud Hoorjr 1) Hqwott T Thompson C l Hilfl-lcy .l..lin ThompflOD (J W llowapl Jolia P 2 Tlimnpson Geo I JacV on W Tilomas S IJ JaeJxAon Mary A TbayerMisfl .Iones Vice Taytor .J:lm JobtHOD Jmnes R Tutti! Mattie Kont Jamoa Vaïamore J Keunch Willïam WhëeW Homsr Kenl Ediratd Wtodmuiy WH LoBderJG 2 Vasliiiii:ti'n Huraco litie James WWlama -Nirs d ljimb J V Wetliorby B Lm Bdward WelltsMaryF McDonald D J Koreiiïn. McClure Kavid O Hclber Cunrad Uierigan VVm Kalleobach Jacob Morrison íl.nv A Sptttér Jph Obrien !ichnl Wabr Gottüel O.born Ui niv 1) 2 lvv iDSealling fr anr of iheabnre letiers will ploas mj Advertisod 11. I HKNNKIT, 1'. St. Notice. f Y JTlFB F.I.IZ.vnCT 11 CATHARIXE hasleft my bed -1 a:i 1 b:ar.l withmt jnst cause ot_provacationl and I -shall pay iio debtwf ber contractiDg. VAI.ENT1NK ÜAK.NHARD Pittsfield, ipnl 3, 1861. IWwï IiOSt T N THH C1TV onTuaaday aflenwon a SILVEH SXCFT 1 B )X- inneribei) "Mown D. McKImy & C. McDunnel, reryRoT, .. 4. Kinnelta, St.Marjr'sCollígí, Chicago1 The li:iUer will be liborally tewarded fur its rrtuin. TOOMAJ CUl.LF.y. April M, 1861.. '. i:4 Wow Priinary ScucolAPRIVIARY sc!l o1, of the lowest grade w.n openad In Che biijement of thé l.'uinri ebool ballding bn .l.iniiy. rfosschóïari Vest of .tato Street will be adinitte-l aal no.i 'i .■.- chagrada, wbiob uua'ly incluuc's ebildron tram five to syven years. By oriler of Coiiim ".'.!■■. E. B. POKD, Secretary. April 3d, 1861. TJMrl Side-Walk Order- South Liberty StreetiTATK OF MICHIGAN- Waslitennw coun0 ty, (Jity of Ann Arbur, ss. - Kceordi-r's Oftiec Api il 3d, A D. 1BG1 - Tu Uhr. Mack & Suliipid. _H'3. A'tnily, Catharine Soharuacker, 1 ootor Belber, Gotileib Hauser, Mrs L'nniniua Schlaok, Henry Kpauso. Fredcrick Kuhn, J:cob Gross, Jodi.'ph lit-rwig. John M iiollcr, Mrs iinorv Murry Ohr. Hoff let ut, Wcu. Marlde, Fr. Kim, Wm. Kuhn, Uyan fstale (non resident), Mrs MullioiUnd, and Sonuel P Jewett: - You und each of you are lureby notititid that the Uo iimon Counoil of tli City of Anr. Arbor has ordered the eid-walk on tlie North side of Liberty and South Liberty streetg to bc gradad and planked from Main streel to tlie west line of tie Corporation Büuinhiry; that sucli sidu walk is to be conStrocted fivc fwt ivide of Oiik plank two inches tliick and from fotir tosix inclies wide, und spiked to sleepers of oik four by four inchi's, und is to be built under the superin tendenee of th: Street Comrni-sioner and Supervi-or of the Kirst district of snid City, n'nd that yon ?ire aDout to be assessed to defray the expnnst'8 of grading and phiiiking Mich 8ide walk in front ol or adjacent to certain preinieea in snid city, owned or nccupied by you respectively, and that o report and ossessment roll litis been made out in the pi'emiees, and ia on file in lilis office for inspect;o"n; and tliut the tointnon voonoil of said City will meet at the t'iremen's Hall in said city, on the sixth day of Mnv, next. at seven o'clock, P. M. to roview such assfssment roll on the reqiK'Si of at;y person eonsidering hirns.'lt aggrieved then-by. and you are hereby further notificd that the party is allowed thirty days from the time of the service of bbis no ice upun li i m. witbin which to makc 6uch grading and sule walk under the superintendence of the Street Comiuissioner and Supervisor of the First district of said oity, and that if such side walk ehall witbin that timi huve been so constructcd to the satislaction of such superinlendents no expense of proceedings t(icollct eue.h assessmenl shall be incuned by the persons so eonstructing the same. But if any part of such side walk shall not be eonstructed wiihin said time, tho the premisos so assessed for the construetion thereof will be sold or leased for the shortest term of years at which aii3 person will take thesvirnc oud pay the tax assessed thereon for con8truciing such side walk, with the interest and all custs und charges thereon. By order of the Doinmon Council, D S. TWi PCHELL. Recorder. Side Walk Order-Di visión Street. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waihtenaw, City of Ann Arbor, ss. - Recorder' Office, April 3d, A. D 1861:- To Mrs. Welch, E. VV. Morgan, and Wm. Everest: - You and ench of yuu are htireby notiiied that the Conxmon Council o( the City of Ann Arbor has ordered the Side walk m the west side of División street from the North east corner of Jcfferson and División straets toHanover Square, to be g uded and plnnkcd ; such Side walk to bö const.ructid five fout wide. and of pine piank two inches thick, gpiked to sleepers of oak.nud to be built vinder the superjntendence of the Street Commissioner and ?tipryïsor of ihe First district of snid city, and ihut you are about lo be nssessed 10 delruy the expenses of gradingand pUvBfeing sueh Sidawalk in front of or udjocent to tei'tnin premisos in Baid city, owned or oocupted by yuu, respect i vcly , and tliat rt report and asnopsnient roll has been made out in the premisus. and is on fili in this oflice tor inspeoiion; and th..t llie Common Council of said city will meet at the Firtmen s nall in said oity on the sixth day of May, next. ftt suvun oclock, I'. M. lo review sucli a8S';r)smont nll o.i the requrstuf nny peraon eonudering hiniself a;giieved llireby: "n . yon ure furtlur notifid thal the party is allowed lliirty ilays trom llio of the service of thia noiiee pon hun, wiihin whicli to intke sueh gradinff :ind side-walk onder the suprintendenoe of tho Street Conimissioiier and Supervisor of t ie First district of said city, and ilmt if 8iieh side wnlk shnll witliiu thnt time have been so construcled lo the satisfaction of such superintendents no expense of proeeeding to colloct such aasessement shaU ba incurred by tlie persons o oonstrueting1 tho saaie. But if nuy partof uch side walk sliall nol be construeted within said time, the premist'8 so assess d for tlio construotion tbereof will basold oi lousad fir tba shortest term of year at whioh any person wili lake the same and pfty tlio tax awosssd thereon foi conitructing uon side wuls with theinteres nnd all cots and ch .rgea tboreot), Ti nrdcr of the Comnion Counoil . P - T'. n O EELL, Ree t !-p.