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The Board Of Supervisors

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We have returns trom au tne iown in me County, except Augusta, and the following is t le list of Supervisors: DEMOCRATS. Ann Arbor City, Richard Beahan. Bridgewater, Daniel LeBaron. Dexter, Lorenzo H. Jones. Freedom, Elias Hnire. Lodi, Egbert E'. Harber. Lyndon, Thomas Clnrk. Manchester, Philetus Coon. Korthfield, Patrick McKernon. Scio, Luther Palmer. Ypsilanti City, '■ ■. Henry Com, ton. " " _Y! Chirles H. Tisdale. HLrL'BLICANS. Ann Arbor City, Conrad Krap?, ' " Town, Orriu White. Lima, Morris Thompson. Pittsfk-ld, Allen Critte_nden. Salem, Eoyal Wheelock. Salina, Augustus Bond. Sharon, Cyrus Rnymond. Superior, William Hiscook. Sylvan, Hcrace A Smith. Webster, Roli.Tt McColl. York, Thomas Gray. Ypsilanti Town, Ezra D. Lay. J532T Mi OLER, Da vis & Webster received a teiegrum at 2 o'clock, P. M. }Testerday, that 42 Wisconsin Banks liad been tlirown out in Milwaukee, and all Wiscousiu in Chicago. J555T" Sondiieim lia? juwt returned frum New York, and a síock of choice gcids will speedify follow. Go over to Glitkkmax & Co's , ítt ooxdheim apply the tape, nnd ycu ■will Boon ba t lie garb of a gentleman. The M;irch number of Blacktcood's Ed;nburgh Magazine is on our table. It has the following papera: The Jndinn Civil Service: its Rhe rand Fall - P.-irt If The Physical Gcograpliy of t!ie Sea. Lef'e History of the Cliurch of Scotlanil. Iron Ciad Ships of War, and our Defences. Norman Sinclair: An Au'.obiographv. - Part XIV Receñí Natural Hutorv Books. Wilson's Germán Cnrapaign of 1813. The China War of 1860. $3 a year; wilh the four Review $10 00.- Address L. Scott & Co., N. Y. Jrf Frank Leslie's MnntHi for April presents its usual variety both in mat ter and illustrations. lts fashion plates and patterns areounierous. $3 a year. Addresa Feaxk Leslik, 19 City Hall Square, N. Y. EF We have received and raad the Atlantic Monthly for Ap-il. Tt is an excellent number. The " Profcssor's Story'' is concluded, and the other papers are of more than unusual in'erest. Tn the May numbfr Mrs Stowe's tiew Btory will comme nee, O W Holmes will oontribute a Poem, and other popular authors will farnish papers $3 a year. Address Ticknou fe Fielu, Boston, MB8. JfjSC Much has been said of the Eaatern Esculapius' L.bors for the siek ; not one half has yet been told of ■ he indoniitable perserveranee of this singular man. Imbued with the conviction that Sernfula is the parent of disease, he has been years enjyaged in eearohing the boundaries of the earth, for i s antidote. With vast labor has he canvassed the produets of sea and lnnd, through both eontinents until he discovered that combinatíon of remediiibloa which expurges this human rot and corr jption from the sys tem. This new invention we now offer in our columns under the name of Aveu's Saesapaeilla, although its virtues are from eub ítances far more active and cffectual than Sareiiparilla - Mercantile Journal.


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