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Nutritive Properties Of Peas And Pean

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iíliíljigan Jrps. The 2Aaine l'ann r quutes Dr. P.iu.-kliiiKl un tle v;.luf f Legniniacmí piants, ati'd mko liis editorial re tn&rks is fiiüuwtf : '■The seads of legnininous plant?, say ; liet eBpeciallj peas and beans. are loadetl witli tho constituents of lüU'ik' and b na ready pivpiired 'O for.n and m:i::r;(ii the .mi! I r ñb r of tlic bódy of animáis. Ilohcé the iapiJ restoratiou of tJie slir.uik ïnu ele of the exhátiáted post horse liv ;i cöod fee I of oii's and lu-ans. (the Engltsli lioro Uan is here möabt.) Utilice the stunly growth of tlic fceotch cirildren .n oat rnt-al cakes and porridjc, and of lirotli made of the tnéal o'' pnrchei and kiln-Jried peas." Un tuis h avcrs a man can live r.n-J do a, good dáy'b work at 1 1-2 penny ;; day ; uhile the childi'cn of the rich on the finest tlour, and on eago end rico, botter and silgar, niany ajioar fat and Bleek, bnt would oftc-n die, as they fometinies d , on Bticli non-nutritions ibüd, were it not tbr the mixture of r.ük and eggá they eat in cake and puddings. lie further retnarkí tb at an old laborer of Axridgc complaiued to bis master, Mr. iSvinoiids, that laborers tVeding there on potatoeá could not do so good a day's work noir as whon be was youngand fed ou pcae. " Pea?, eir," said bc, " stick to theii!)á." In tbis be uttered tbo very trnths of orgaüic ciieiuiitry. ín bcans we have vegetable "cascine," or tbo peculiar clement of cbeese. Wbat is more grateful to man when fatigned bj labor or long walk f Sepoys, on bug voynges, 1 v cxclusively on pens. The woiking and heaithy man and beast wan:: nniscle and not lat. Kat encumbers and impedes activity, and every excess of it is disease. We seld 'in see a fat soldier, except among the sergeants, who sometimt'6 eat md drink too much. We have tbu3 abridged some of Dr. Buckland's retsarks tbr the benefit of our readers, some of who.n are beginning to look npun beans and peas, especially beau porridge, aa very unfasbionable and vulgar íbod. First - flour, superfine tlour raast be ihe bread, inorning, noon and night, and thus foolishly throw away tho most nntritious tbi d - food that everj muscle and bone in our. bodies is begging for, and supply tlum witb that which satisfieth not at all, for fashioo sake. We wiil not say that the man who invented the modern "colt," orsiftingappaiatns, by which tho most nutritious part of wbeat is separated and cast one side, whüe the "superöue" part is sa ved aud made the staple í'ojcI for the people, o ïght to have beeu hung ; Imt we do'say that he was far fiíwm being a benefactor to bis race. Ile pandered to a sickly and suieídal sentiment, tbat fine peoile must eat fine flour. lic helped to bring about a degeneracy in the pbysical strength and powers of the people, which is in strange contrast with t!ie enduring and skalwart frames of our fathers, and which eau only be reproduced by a return to the more substantial diet upon which they fed.


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