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The Wild Hunt For Office

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rne wim üunt lor umce. Corrtipondenco of tho X. y. Conimerci A Advertíser. Washington, March 19. Applications for office contiuucs to pour in, Already at tho Treasury tbc elerks havo noted, and filed awar for future reference, tkirty-two bushëls of well-endorsed documents. Among the applications last week was one f rom a young lady on the Hudson liiver - at Ioa9t so report 6aya- askmg an apÍ)ointment for her lovor as keeper of a ight-housg, prorniáín-g tb at, in the event of the appointmont bei Dg made, the two would bo united and made happy, and she would assist in a'.tending tho governinent light. Of curse the appoiotment w.;s ordered to ba made furthj with. At the Postoffice Department fifteen thousand applications lor office have boen filled. The War Dopartment etnploy three elerks to note and file away the applications. The worse diwappointed men who come to Washington aro the little town and ward politicians, who, having "stumpod" their own localitiñs, funcy tho vvholo world, including Mr. Linoolo, be fully Batiflfied that but for each f these the republican party would have been defunct. These gentlemen oxperienca much mortification, whsn presenled to the President, in finding that he fatls to recognize them. Oio of them, on boing presented last week, gave his name and rosidence to tho party introducing him, which were repoated to Mr. Lincoln, who took him by the hand and pasüd him gontly along to mako room for tho noxt one. Our stump orator ws not satisfiod with the iutroduction, and managed to nndergo a secor.d turn of the wheol, but with the same result at the first. Tho crowd present, seeing a chance lor fun, persuaded him to make a third attarnpt, whioh resulted in a similar non recognition. After thi failure ho ind gnantly duclarod lie " didn't believo tho President knew who ho was," and turning round took ono glance at Mr. Lincoln, at a distance, and remarked that " tho man who didn' know who it was thateloctèd hi:n Presidont couldn't know much."


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