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Ayer's Sarsaparilla A comiiound rcmccly, designed to he the most effectual Alterativo that can be made. It is iv concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilla, no combined with other substnnces of stilj greater alterativo power as to afford an effective antidoto for tlio diseases Sarsaparilla is reputcd to cure. It is belicved that sueh a remedy in waated by those -who suffer from StnunOUg complaints, and that one which will actomplish their cure must prove of immiib:; service to this large elass of out1 afHicted fellowcitizens. How completely this compound will do it has been proven by experiment on mnny of' the worst cases to be fouud of the fullowing comploints : - . ScilOPULA. AND ScitOFULOU9 CoMl'I.ATTS, Ekuftions AXD Eitui-nvH Disea.sks, TTlceus, Pimples, Blotohbb, Tumors, Uheum, Scald IIead, Syphilis and Syphihuo Affections, Mercurial Disbasb, Dkoisy, ÑeüKaloia ok Tic Doulouebus, Dbbimty, DysPErSIA AND I.NDIGLSTION, ErYSIPELAS, Ito.SE on St. Anthoxy's Fibb, and indeed tlio whole class of comphiinU arising from Impuuity oi' THE ]ÍL0OD. This compound will be found a great promoter of health, when taken in the spring, to expel the foul humors which festèr in the blood at that scason of the year. By thetimely expulsión of them many rankling disorders are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by the aid of this remedy, spare thcmselves from the endurance of foul eruptions and xilcerous sores, through which the system will strive to rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do this through the natural channels of the body by an alterativo medicine. Cleanse out the vitiated blood whenever you find its impuritics buvsting through the skin in pimples, eruptionSí or sores; cleanse it whe& you find it is ob structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it whenever iL is foul, and your feclings will teil you when. Even whëre no particular disorder is feit, people enjoy botter health, and live longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this pabulum of Ufe disordered, there can be no lasting health. Sooner or later somethin;? must go wrong, and the great machinery oL life is disordered or overthrown. Sarsnparilla has, and deservís much, the reputation of accomplishing these ends. Bu the world has been cgregiously deccived bj preparations of it, partly because the dru;, alone has not all the virtue that is claimec for it, but more because many preparations pretending to be concentrated extracts of it contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla or any thing else. During late years the public have been misled by large bottles, pretending to give a quar of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Mos of these havo been frauds upon the fsiek, for they not only contain little, if any, Sarsaparilla, but often no curativo proporties whatever. Henee, bitter and painful disappointmen has followcd the use of the various extracts o: Sarsaparilla which flood the market, xuitil the name itself is justly despised, and has become eynonymous with imposition and cheat. Stil! we cali this compound Sarsaparilla, and intern' to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the name from the load of obloquy which rests upon it. And we think we havo ground for believing it has virtues which are irresistible by the ordinary run of the diseasea it is intendcd to cure. In order to secure their complete eradication from the system, the remedy shoulc be judiciously taken according to directions on the bottlc. PREPARED BY DR. J. C. AVER & CO. LOWELL, MASS. Prlce, Si per Jlottle ; Six Bottles for $5. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral has won for itself such a renomi for the cure ol every varíe tv of Throat and Lung Complaint, that it is entirelv unneecssary for us to recount the cvidence of its virtues, wherever it has boen cmylovcd. As it has long been in constant use throughout this section, wc necd not do more than assure the people its quality is kept up to the besi it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do for tïieir relief all it has ever beeu found to do. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, "' FOB THE CURE OP Costhcness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestión, Dyscntery, Foul Stomach, Erisipelas, lleada-che, Piles, Rheumatism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases, Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors ana Satt Rheum, JVorrns, Gout, Neuralgia, as a JJinner Piü, and for Purifying the Blood. They are sugar-coatcd, o that the most sensitivo can takc them pleasantly, and they aro the bost aperient in the world for all the purposes of a family physic. ïrioo 25 cents per Box ; Five boxea for $1.00. Great numbers of Clergymcn, Physicians, Statesmen, and eminent personages, have lent their nam es to certify the unparallclcd usefulness of these romedies, but our space here will not permit tho insertion of them. The Agonts below named furnish gratis our American Almanac in which they are givcn ; with also full descriptions of the above eomplaints, and the treatment that should be followcd for their curp. Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with ther preparations they make more profit on. Semand Ayeu's, and tákc no others. The sick want the best aid there is for them, and they should kave t. All cur remedies are for sale by MAY.NAKI) STKI51S1NS WILSOÏT, and by all Druggists and Dealers everywhere. J. BURRILL, Traveling Agent. An aperient Stómacio preparation of TRON" puricfid iu Oxjgcn and Carbon by coihbustion ua Hydrogen. ie tiuued by the híghe.sf Medica] Authoritles, botli In Eu l the United States, and preacribed in their prac tice The ox]tericnccof thousand.s daüy próvè tliat nu prep aratfoo-oi Iron eau be compaced with i. InasoritiM f blftod, dopresslons f riíál energy, pale and otber wise sickty oomplexions tndleatu ita ueoMsHn In abowi every conceivablc oaso. Innoxious in all walmdies in whic-li it lias b?en tried li;is proved alj-olutcly cunitive In each of the fbllow!n{ conplaints, iz: w In Drdilily. IVcrvoiiH AíToolluiis, Einnclntlna uys]x psin, Congtlpatlon, Dlarrhccn, Uysciitery, rnl]hnf Consuinptlon , Srrofuluus Th berculoslM, Sdt Rhcttm, Mhmcn$tninth)i, Whitcs. Chlorosh, I.r'ver-Complaints, Chronic Headackts, liheümalism. Intermití mt Fecers, Ptmple$on the Face, bc Lajearte ofGsxKfULDsBUJTT, vmether tbe molt of acute diease, or ( the continued etímlnutioji of en ■ muscular enftrgy from chronic complaints, one trial ol this restoraÜVQ bas proved Bucceaaful to nn extenj whicb qo descriptioD Dorvritten atteatatlon would render ëredible. Invalida ao long hvA ridden as to hat'e becóme forgotten is Utoir own aetghborhooda, Uarèaud.1. iilv re appeared m the huy world as f Jast retarned from protracted travel Ipd dUtaoi land, Somc very Bigiwil butances of this kind aro attested of female Bufferers, dmaciatcd victhns of apparoni marasimu, n;intíiiíaeoiií exbaustion, critica 1 chátages, aml tbai compUcation of Dflrioua and dyspeptio ftVorsloD to air ;lii1 exurcise for wliich tli1 ih v -ir hu d:is no Dame. In NERVOOfl AFFKCTIOXa of all kiads, aml for rcasons fafikfliar to medlcaJ men, the ópera tloa of thu preparation of ron must neceaftartyy ba Balutary, for, unlUce the Old óxMch, it is viorousjy ttJiiic, wilbout bv'uvj; cxeitin; and overheatlng; andgéntly. regularly aperient, even the most obstinate cases oí costiveness witbout even beinga gastrio purgativo, or inflictinga disAreeable seasation. It is tliis property.'aihong others, which mates ií mi emarkably effectaa) and perm&neni a reinedy for PiU, upqp whicli it aUo appears to exert a'dUtinot and specific actiou by difipèrsmg the local tendeney which forma thorn. In Dyspei-sia, iiinuiriorablc as are its causea, a single box of these CWybeate i'itl.s have often uffloed For the most habitual cases, Iscladiog tho attotuU-nt CustivenesB. In onohecked Diarrii(ea, even when advanced to Dysentery conflrmed) emaoiatlnfl and apVarsntly matigpantj the eflbetfl baring been ciiialtv décislve and astonftthihg In tho loeal pauu,loss of Beahand strength,debUitatijig congh. :i"(i remittéoV hectio, whlcb geoerftlly indícate Inripmt ConsumptUm, m éeveraj very gratifyiug and i:iterestinj? instancos. In SerofuhuB TtibercuoUh, this medfèated Iron has had far uiore tlian the good etfeots f lbo most cautiou!y balanced preparations of lodine, without any of uncir well knOwn liabUiticS' The attentlon f femalea cannotbetooconfldently inviti-'Mn tliis remedt&u restorative n the cases pecüliarly iffcctiiii; them . En RAtfumdiunp, both ehronto and Inflanunatory- In the lat tor, however.more deoidedry - it has lieon Invarlably irllreported, botb as aileviating patn and reduoing tha iwellingsand Btiflnessof the joints and musecls. In Iniermitlcnl Ferert it mnstnebesMaiily in-u roat rfin;-i_v and energetlo restorative, and lts progresa n Üie nev n-ttlemcnts of the West, will probably be one of high reDÓwn and osefulness. Noremedjr lias ever been discovered in the tvholebjsto ry of lifinc, whicli eoferta such prompt, imd lully restoratlre eÉFopts. Good appehte, complete li?estioi, rpiil acquisition of atreogth, with an unusual dUposltlon for active and cheerful exercise, immcKaU-ly rollo w its use. Put up in ueal Bal metal boxea contalntng T0 pills, lr;ci' BO cents per box; for aale by druggists and dealers. WïÜ be sent (tee to any addresn on recefpt of the prtC0 All lettern, orli-rs, etc., should be addressed to II. II. LOCKEj&Co , General Agent, 477yl 339 Y. Por Salo by GRENVJLLE & FULLER, Ann Arljor. Howard Association, Philadelphia. 4 Bcneroleiit Tnstitntion establishe.d ly special endomnm fr tke relief of the Stek and Dtstretsctd, ajfti-ued vUh Viriiif.nx " ■! wpidfítttc Tristaar., and especxatly for the Cure of DUfMts of the. Srr.uat Organs, Dispensary free to patitas til all mrls of tht United Stalen, VALÜABiEREPORTSonspèrlnatorrhoïandotherWR■asesol thr Sexual Onrans, and on tho NEW EIEMEDIE8 'inycd, cut to the afflifited in eealed envelopos, free . IVo or throe Stampa for pnstage bo will hú icptable. tfir ddreSfcDR. J, SKII.I.TXIIOUGHTON, Aoting Sur on Howard Aüsociation No 2,sinith NiiHh Street, l'hilÖelphia., 786j l 10O0 Vests, Shirts and Drawers For Snl oltenp t 0UÍTEKMAK & Oo GREAT. GREATER GREATESl BAIíGálKS EVER OFFEIÍEL) 1859. -)J859In thisCity, aro uow beingoffered at tlie CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & J &Tjr elry StorerplIK Kubscriber wouldsny lo tbeeltteantol Ann Ar. L particular, and the rest of Wnshtenav Ountv in ci'iieral, thrit liehnsjust IMPORTE!) Of RECTLY from BUROPK.a Tremendous Stock of Watclies! Ah of which ho. bindahimsi-lftosell CHKAI'KR than can !mí boncht west of Nf:w York City. Opf-n Face Cylitider Wntche8 Irom 86 to SIC do do Lever do do 8 to 21 Ilunting Chso do do do 14 to 35 do do Cylindcr do do 9 to 26 Gold Wntrhcs Irom 20 to 150 I havo ;i] -o tliü CËLKBKATED AMERJCAN WAT CHES, wbich I wtll sou Ur $35. Hvory Vvatch warranttd to peribrm vrell, orthe raonvy rctundtid. 4 Clccks, Jewclry, Piated Ware, Fnnc.y Gnods, Ciolil IVns, Musical Instruments an'ï Strioge, Cutlery, &c., and in fa ft n vflriety of evorytninif uaually kopt oy Jew'■ beboughtiorthenextDinety daya ut ynur O W N PBICE8I Persons buying nnything tit this well known eatab Jisiiimt ut can Tf.y upon eetting goods extict'y as rep resentd, orthomonry refundid, f'allt'ftrly and se cure the beat bargaina uver ofte red íu tbií City. One word in regard to Repairing ; We htc. prrpnrnd to mhe nny reoniru onfine or corn ïnon Waichffl, even to makinjio er the entlre watch ! If neCffiary. Repairinj? of Hoeks and Jewelry ai uaual. Also the manufacturinp ol KINGS, BROOCHi ' r auyfhing desired, from California (iold on hort no tice. En era Víng in 11 ta branches exuented with neat ih'hs and dispatch. J C. WATTS Aou Arbor, Jan. 28thl859. 7Uw HORACE WATERS, AGENT 3 33 Rroadway, New York Publishcr of DIusIc nnd HuüIc Buokd AM) PKAI.EIÏ IN Pianos, Melodeons, Alexandre Organs Organ Accordeons, Martin's celebvated anduther Guitars, Violioej Tenor Viols, viofincöllos Accordeons, Flutinas, Plutes, Fifes, TriahglesClari jpettea Tuning Forks,Pipefi andlfammcrs, Violin Bows, bestltalian Strings, Bass Instruments for Bands, Piano Stools, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments, J3 la. o O -t OVX tx S 1 o, f rom all the publishers in the U. tí., Jít'rtini's Hantén's, :uiil Modern "School, and all kmas of Insfrñcfíon Hodks for the above nistrunniits; Clmreh Mtisio Books; Music il :inily bound; Musio paper, and all kimls of Musiu Mt-ichandisD, A t t li e L o w e s t Prices. New Pianos, At $175, $200, $'225, $250, and np to S00. BWMnd Band Pianos from $'J5 up to $160: New Melödeons, ?45,' ti0, $7-0, $100, and up to $200; Becond Hand Uelodeoafl i"[-uni SS0toS80 Ak'Xaii'hfOriíriiis, wich (ivo stops, $1(ÏO, oinftfitdps, $185 and $--;; thirtccntopst $250, S27& and $300; fifteen stops, $G20 and $375; A liberal discount to CïergjyjmeDj Chinchen, Sabbatb. Schools, Semiuarie and Taehers. The ïrade upplicd at tbe usual trade diSCOUJDM Testimoniáis of tlie Hornee "Waters Planos and Mclodvons John Hevett, of Cbrthage, New York, who haa had one. of the HoraccWatwa Epatóos, wtlteafeúa follows; - 'f .V friend of inint; wishos me to purclmsc a piano for hér. She tikfla the one you sold me in Iecelnbe, 186fi. My piano is becomiug popular in this placo, and I thïnb I l-iii i;ii r'."luc" ono oi EwoTOOrO! tlicy wÜl be more popular than any other ni;ike." 'Vo have two of Wrftékv1 Planofl n uwe in ourPcrainary, one of whiob baa been sartretr tosted for three ycars. and we torititvto their pooil quality anrl durabiltty."- Wood k Gragorj, Mount Carroll, Uï. "11. Waters, Bh - DKAB Sik: Having osed one of vour !' ano Fortes for two ycars past. I have fonud ït a very superior Instrument. Aloszo Grat, Principal Brooktyn He.ijgkts Seminary. '-TIjo Piano I rcceived frnm you continúes to give satIfifaotion. 1 regard it as one of the bis.t Instruments in the plfice." JamksL. Cl-AKKK, Charleston, Va. 'The Ualodeon h;is safcly arrived. I foei obljged t' yov for y ou r libt-ral dt.couut." Rev. J. M. Mit' -i:-:. :,. Yarpefmille$, C. "The ])i no was iliily rpccivorl. Il came in excellent conditiou, and is vory much admired bymy nuinero'jï Eamfly Accept my tUanké for your promptneas." - BOBKKT COOPZB, Wárrenham Bradjoed Co. Pa. "Your piano picases us weu, It is tlie best one in our county.' - TriiiMus A. Latham, Campbellton, Qa. "Wï ate vory much obligéil to you for liaving sent sHch a Qne instrument for $250." - 15]wnk,IIkld & Co,, liuffalo Democrat. "The Honro Vaiers Pianos flre known as nmong tlie best Wc :uf enabled to Bpeak of these Instruments with confldence, frons personal knowlodge of thcir excellent tone and durable Qoality. - N. Y. Evangelist. "Ve enn spenk of the merits of the Horace Waters pianos from porsoiijil knoniedge, as boing the very finest ■ lu.-ility."- Chrietian Intctlïgenctr. "The Horace Watcis píanos are ouilt of tlie best and most thoroughly Beasonea material. Wc hafe no doubt thatbuyersoan do as wclhpTUap8 botter, at this than at any otüerbouse in the Union.'' - Advocate and Journal. waters' pianos and melodeóns chaUenge ooxnparlson with the finest made anywhere in the country." - Home Journal'Horace Waters' Piano Fortes are nf fulT, rich and even fconfe. and powerfnl - -V. Y. Musical Rcvew. "Our Mends wlll find at Mr. Waters' stre the very best assortinent of Music and of I'ianos tobe foumï in the United Btates,aïid wc argé our southern and western PrieAdS to gSve him a cali wheuever they go to New yyk'-Grakam's Magazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, 3ST. Y. Sab ba th Sch ooi Bel), 100,000 Issncrt in ten Months. The unprecedentod sale of this book has induced the publisher to adl aome 30 new tonesand hymnstoita present, si.", without extra charge, except on the che&p edition- Among themany beautiful tnnefl and hymns added may be fonnd: - "I onriit te lovr my mother;1' "0 I'U be a good cbild, indeed I will." Tltese and eight others fron tlii' lifll. wort' sunir jit il'i' Sii!L'i;iy School Anmver. Uay of the JI. E. Church at the Academy of Mdslc, with great applause. The BeHcontál8 m-aríy 200 tnnes and hymn, aiv.l Uone Of the best collectums i;vi-r iin-ii. Pcice 13c; $10perliundredLpoataKe4c-Elegntly bpund, embossed iilt, 26c, $20 per 100 It has boen introduced into many of the Public Schools. The xo.'i is publiahed in suaafl numbersentitletl Annirdrsary and Snnday School Music Boofcs, Nos. 1,2, 3, & 4, in order to the milliuii; price $2 & $3 per han'dred No. 5 will Booobe Issned - coramencement of another book. Also, Revival Mtisic Books, No, 1 & 2, price $1 k $2 per 100, postale lc. More thaa 300,000 cij.irs of Ötó siboTe booka haTÖ been tssued the past effhteen inouths, and the demand is rapidly iocreasing. l'ublishcd bv HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Broadway, N. ï Publisod by Horace Waters No. 333 Broadway, New York. Vocal,(Kind Word s can neverdie;" "The Angels told tno so;" "Wilds of the west1 "ThougBta of God;" ''(mM me back my Monntain Home;" '(lay fïreams;" "Dandy CockRobin;" "I'ra with thee still;'tPetname.s;1' "Therw's no darllng like mine :" (tSaiab Jane Leé"Ever of the1;" Win leaving thee in Sorrow;15 "Blr4of Beauty;" "Home of our birth;" "Grave of Rosabol' and 'Wake, lady, wake,,' price 25c each. ' Iniki'Mkxtai., - ' 'Palace Garden, or Pinpring BirJ Polka, 40c; ''Swinging 8chottische;" "Mirabel ScfrotHsca;'1 "Ihomfta Haker's Schottische:" ''Piccolomini Polka, 115 cents each. The ubovepii'fsh:ivi' beautiful Vignettee "Welmer l'olka;" "Arabian W.n cry March,'" the very last; "Vassoviai'na Itoniells Mazurka; ''Read: ing Polka;" "Crinoline Waltz," and "I-ancers' Qua drillo," '25c each. "The Empire of Reich's Quadiille;" a in-w datice, and 'The llibcntiiiu Quiulrillö," 35CPach. Jlany of these picces aro pliiytnl by Baker'n celebrated orchpst ra with great applruse-JBEJ" llailed free. A largo lot of Foreign Music at half price. Pianos, Melodeoïis and Orgatis. The Horace Waters Pianos and Melodeons, for deptli, purity of tone and durability, unsnrpnssed. Prices verv iotv becond Hand Planoa m.! ttelodeonfl ftom $25 to M60. Music mul Musical Instructions of all kinds, attbo lowest pricea. HORACE WATERS, Agent, No. 333 Broadway, N. Y. TeSTOCOMJUBj - (tTlie Horace Waters Pianos are known asauiong tlievery best.' - Evangelist, "We aan speak of their merits from personal knowlelge." - Christian Intelttgcncer. "Nothlngat the Fair displayed greatr excellence -" - Churchman. Walers' Pinnos and Melodeons challenge comparison with the finest made any where in the country." - Home Journal. 7iOtf Irvhig's "Works - National Edition TUIS Fine Kdition of the Works of Wasui(;to In vic (including the life ol WaslringtiDJ wilt bu iubished for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY Ie Honthly Volumes, Price $1.50 Paynble on Dolivery. ieauiifully Printcd on heavy BUperfine paper, of "the (.iv bftft quality, and subiitantially bound in hcavj bevelled boards. [jLach Volume illustrated with Vigacttei on Steel aud Wood. jQ Entokerbojcker'a New York, Sketch Book, Hoth. OolumbuSj ! vuU. Bracobrldge Huil, Antoría, Talos of a TraTelor, Crayon Üïsoellanj, Capt. Bonnevüle. (ol'Nniith, Malioimt. 2 volw. Orenada, Albambin, Wolftrrt'fi Roost, L1& of Wasliington, 5 vol. Salmagnndl . This edition will bo sold excttsivkly tn BubBOÜbetl nd will bo groaüjr superior tO any ever bcfoir issuwl,V vi-i v handsome set of tliese universally popular vork i thuö rlact'd within the tnans of uil. G. P. 1TTNAM. Agt-, PtiMisher, JM Nassau Street, Nrvr York.