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THE CHEAP COENEK. SE. EK NO FARTIIER, New Store, New Firro AND LOTS OF NEW GOODS ! In Mack & Schmid's Nev Block. TURCITASED recent !y un let Chkniost fnVoraWë circuí x ttancM so uiucli so that we Ceel ■ -nii:nt in sayii t" uil our old as x6aoy npw ones as ca crowd into our New ad Spacious Store Koon Corner of Main and Libeity Streets. Thntwenre now prepared to sell .voh better Goodsi lover irir-s than our usual low prices and aro now i ÜRÏly reccipt ofendiese varieties of STAPLE AND FANCY x m y o o o i s. LADIES' & CHILDREtfS' SHOES HATS & CAPS, BONNEÏS, KIBJ3ONS, RUSHES, CROÜKERY, GLASSES, GLASS AND STONE WARE, ; GEOCERIES, &c. of evcry varietj I Lots more of the same good 50 een Tea, that others scli at 75 ets. Bear in mind that our Goods ar, i all (f the best quality. ËfOur Staple and Fancy Dry Good sürpass all previous stocks for beauty vantty and excellence. EiPOur Ladies Dress goods, Shawls &c.,were never before half eoatlracliv and cannot help but win smiles of ap provál from our fair friends. B8Our Hats and Caps aurpass al for style and cheapness ever he-rd o in Aon Arbor, cali and aee them. Bg.Our Ladies' and Childrens'Shoe combineelliganceandease vvith strengtl and durability. tSF" Our Cloths, Cassimeres & Vest ings are all of the bost qualUios anc styles of the French, English & Amer ican productions whlch we will sell a the same price that others ask for slo] shop stuff. EP Our Groceries & Crockery an fresh, new and cheaper than ever. S&" Our Yankee Notions and smal fixings in general are too numerous t rnention here, embracing every thin that a Merehant should keep and L Customer should buy. t" And now having purebased í muuh largor and better stock of good than ever before; we confidently rel; upon the appreciation oí the public fo a ready Sale of the same, feeling confi dentfjhat. o eannot help but suit all ii prices quality afld sfyles. All kindt oL Planeé tal ín Es change ior göodts as usual. C MACK, 772 F. 8CHMID LOOMIS 8t TRIPP, Succi-.-sor.-t to Chapin fe Loomis, andChapïu, Tripp A Loomi rriHTC above firm of hOOlnbs & Tipp liarinff purchase 1 the Intwost of tlic formex companies wï cDiitiuup thf business at the old stands, where they tri bf ready, od the shyrtit notifeé, io fill all orders in tb liuc of Castings and MacMnery, n the most workmanltke manner, and on is libfiM terms as any other shop in the State. Among the vart (kis jirticlcmiiimfiictured by us, we would enumérate STEAMÉNGINES of all kinds; Mili Gearing' and Fixturcs, wroiightan cast; all the variouti castings formuking and rapuring Ilorse Powere & Thrcshing MachineÊ such as aro at present, or have formcrly been in use h tliis paft of the State, aa wel! as all the viirious kinds ' oastlhgs un.l DMcUna wort calledforby farmers an nn.'cb:uiics intliis section of the co'iniry. of ali thë v;irini-i patteTllS, up ïn sizesami pricos. wil] h keptconstantly on hand, got the most modern and im proved styles. HUBBARDS WROTJGHT IRON REAPERS & MOWERS. h;iing rrmmt'nced manufacturing this KujieriorMa chine, single aud combinedT the fanners are invitad t( c;ill and Bee a specimen machine now in onr ware room before. purchasingelsewhere, beheviog that this tnachiu uved ouly to be scen to couviuce the farmer of ITS SUPERIORITY over the Reapers and Mowcrs in tliia nmrkc-t. Triankful for fermer patronage to the old flnns, w would solicit a contiiiuauce í'rfin old frien(ïfl,atnl atria by all winhitig foranything in our line of businoss, LOOSIIS áí TRIPP. Ann Arbor, May 18th, 1859. 697tf SGHOFF & MILLEK A RE STILL OXIIAND at tlieirold Stand, No. 2, Franklin Block, wüh tHeniost comiilete assortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMERIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS SHADE8, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNICES, CURTAINS. HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS3 Ever offered in tliis Market ! aiul tliey would ngest tothose in pursuit ofanythinin SANTA CLA US' LINE that they can securo a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purchasing from this stock, as each purcliaser gt'ts n adüitiolml present of Jcwelry, &c. , Ranging in value from 50 ets. to $50. J0S" Theytrtut that thoirlong expsrifnee in selocting gooda for this markt, and 8t riet att ention to the trant of Customcrs(may entitle them to a liberal lian' of Patronage. „„,., Ann Arbor, Doe. 5. 1860. "7tf Rifle F actor y! A. J. SUTHERLAND HASremovcdhie Gun Shoptothe New ÜIockinHuton street, south ofthe (íourt Hmei,oiitlieícconl floor, wherehe ís prepared to furuish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, PouiJies Game Bags, and Evcrj other artielo in his Line. On tbc most reasonabletrme. and to do all kind of n the shortflst notice, and in the best mannel , f ui 1 assurtmcntalwayekoptonhandgond renje tourAfr. SherifTs Salo. BY VIRTL'K ol un oxecntfon tamed out o' and ander of Uië Circuit Court for theCoanty of Wa#btenaw, and State of Mlöhttfan, hearing dato the 29 'hiv ni Muly, lfiCO, and to medttóoted and deliveiedj againt tlie goods und chattels, and l'ur the want thereof land and tenementfl of John T. Rnywaultdefcndani therein naim-d, I IM n the 2itli day of July, 3860, lcvy tijuni :ml Selze all the right, title and interest of the naid .lohn T. Kaywault in and to th followlng do crlbed land and prënifeea to wit : cnimene ing four rodii North of the North-wt-st corner of Lot No. one, in Block No. one, in the Village of Chelsea, in Bftfd County, and running thence North along the EaetUneof the hjghway running North from Kaid Village of hekea eight rods, tbonee North-east or parallel with North atrcot, [n said villaje, fnr rods, thenc Sontb or paiaUcl witbatid highway eight rods to tho north line Of Mfd North strect, thence Sonth-west along the North lino of said North streel four roda to the place ofbeginning, containingthirty-two rods o f la ml, be tlicsiinni mnre or KW, in tho eounty of Wasutenaw and State of, Michigan, all of which premises I shall èxposo for aale at public auction, as the law dirocts, at the front door ot" Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, rh;it befng the place for holding the Circuit Cdnrt for the County ol Wa.fhteoaw, onSaturday tlie lSlh dny of May next, nt eleven o'clock in the forenoou of saiiM.iv. THOa F, LEONAKJi laU Sheriff. Patedj Harob 27th 1801. 793td Mortgage Foreclosure. DEFAÜLT havinf been made in the condition of a Mortgage exeontad by Nelson Ellsworth and BDeanor bú viCe to Jabu Uibbard, dated the 30th dar of August, A. D.185O, andrecorded in the Register's oflise, in the eoanty of Washtenaw in liber No. 22of mertgnges at pago77Üf m the secondtay efSeptember. A.Ö. 1856, al i o'clock, P. M,, ani assieiwd y Jabcs Hibbard lo 8. S". Rneelandby atnigninent under seal, dated the 9th day of Kebruary, A. 1). 1861, and recordtd in aid liegiter's office in Liber No. 'l'l of Mortgages at page 770 on UtelOth dny of March, A. 1. 1861, at 4 o'clock, F. M.,by which dcfault the power of sale contained iu said mortgage became operativo , and no suit or proceeding harin heen institutcd at law to recover the dobt securtd by suid mortgage, or any part thereof, and the urn of fir hundred and three dolían and thirty-three cents beinir now cLiinicd to be duethereon: Notice is thcreforcherebygiventhat thesaid mortgagewill bc foreclosed by a nale of the niortgaged premises, to-wil: All that certain tractor parcel of land -sitúate in the Town of I-yndon, Ín the Counly of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, tevnded añd aeserfbed áflfollows. The corth-west part of the smiili-wt:it fnictiuntil quartur, and the part north of tho Sate road running from Oeiter to Grand Jtiver in the BOath-weflt part of the south weêtfractionalquarter, all on tection - i (6), township one nouth of raneo uumber threo (3) east; coutaining fifty-eight (58) ncra and 53-lUO of an acre, more or lesn, or some part theieof, at public vendue at the Court House ín the city of Ann Arbor. on thcelcvcnth day of June next at noon. S. W. KN'EELAKD, Assignee. Ki.vgslkt k Morcan, Att. Batd,Harch 1ü,a. D.1861. 792W Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT havini boen made in the eondition of a certain Mortgage executed by James Connelly, Ji ., and Catharine Cotmeliy bta wife to H ram G. Warren, dated the üfteenth day of December in theyear kighteen hundredand lifty-three, and recordedin the Office of the Register oi poedsof Washtenw County, Michigan, in , Ltber 20 of IfortgaMfl ou pap.e 15fi, at eieren and a qoarter of the oloek ín the forenoon on the nineteenth day of Pecemoer, A. !.. 1853, whicli Mortgage was on the thirty-Iïrstdny of Ootober, A.D., 18M, duïy asnigned by said Warren to Zebedee Waldron.anil said assignment 1 wa recortted in the said Office of said Register on th twenty-third day of Fobruary, A. })., 1S61 at nine and a half o'clock in the forenoou_ ia Liber '20 of Mortgages, on page 157, and tlii safd Morigage was also on tho Lightctnth day of Februarv. A. IJ., 1801, dly asiigned by said Waldron tn Alpheus Fclch, which last toentioned ttsMgninent wan recorded in the said Office of aaid BAgwteronthe twanty-flfth day of Fobruary, A. D.,1861, at nine and a half o'clock in the forenoon, in Lïbr 27 of Mortgageifon pJ ge 614, by which default the power of sale containod in said mortgage bccarao operative, ;iml do suit or pioccediiigs have been instituted at law to recover the debt now secured theieby or any part thereof, and tho sura of three hundred and fifty on dollar and fiftj feur cents being claimed to De du thcreon at the date of this notice :- Kot ice u therefore hereby given that said mortgago vrlll be foreclosed by sale of tlie niortgaged premiüe to wit : the Wft half of the South West Quarter of Setrtron Humber Two, in Township One South of Raoge Six East. being in N'orthfield, in the County of Wahtenaw and State of Michigan, or so mucfa thereof as wiU be iiccos:u"y to pay tliesnm claimed to be due with the Interest, opta and charges, at public vendue, at the' south door of the Court House, ín the the City of Ann I Arbor, in saidCouoty of Washtonaw, on the ten th day of June, A. D., 1861,at ten of theclock in the forenoon of said day. ALPHKUS 7KLCH, Aseignee. Dated, Srarch 7, 1861. 791td SherifF's Sale. T)Y VIRTüE OF AN' KXKrrJTlON is Sued out of 13 and unior the seal of the Circuit Court for th County of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, bearinjj date the 13tlr day of January, lS60t and to me directcd iii'l di'iivcreii , agaJnst tlifgoods and chatte's, and for want thereof Unds and teuementa of Richard Conaty, and John Conaty, defendantrf thercio named. I did on the 18th day Of .I.innary, 1860, levy upon and seize all the right, title and interest of the said Kichard Conaty, and John Couaty, in and ti' the (ollowing described land and premises, to wit: The west half of the southeait quarter section Ihirty-two, tho south west quarter of section thirty two, also, the south part of south catt quarter o section thlrty-one, in tho Town.1 hip of I.yndon, in the County of Washtcnaw, and State of Michigan, all of which premises I shall expose for sale at public auction, as the law directs, at the front door of tho Court House, in the City of Ann lrbor, that being the plac for buiding the Circuit Court for the County of Wanhtenaw, ou iConday, the sixth day uf ilay next, at eleven o'clock iu the forenoon of said d ly. THOMAS V. LKONARD, Late Sheriff. Pated, Mfirch 13, 1861 791td Sheríff's Sale. BY virtuf of a ti ftxeoation issued out of and under th seal of the Circuit Court for the County of Washteu;iw, and State of Micbigan, hearing date thetenth day of July, 1860, an 1 to me directed and delivered, against the goo.ífl and chattels, and tor want thereof land and teuenients oflra Bebklejr, defendant therein named, I di5 on tlic t'lfvciitli d y of July, 1800. lcvy ujon and aeize all the light, title and interest of tlie aaid Ira Bcckly in and to tho f ollowing described land and premises, to wit : Tlie north h;ilf of the north-weat quurter of stction uumbei íítxtetn, in Township nümber two, south of tsoure -ix east, containing pigtity acres, in the county of Washte&aw aod State uí Michigan, all of which premises 1 Hhall expose for sale at public auction, as the law directs, at the front door of the Court House, in the City of Ana Arbor, that being the place for holding the Circuit Court for the County of Washtenaw, on Monday the sixth davof Muy uext,at eleven o'clock in the foranooii of aaid day. THOMAS F. LKON'ARO, Uated, March 13, 1861. td791 Liito SheriffMarshal's Sale. pIRCClT COURT of the United States, District of Vj Michigan, ss:- By virtue of an executisn istuedout of the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of Michigan, bearing date December 29, 1858, tome directed and ddlvercd, 1 did on the first day of January, A.D., ISüi, levy upon and seize all the right, title and interest of IVescrvi-d Ituflington, the defendant thereia nttned) in and to tho f ollowing described lands or prem ises, to wit, Lot number two (2) in Bowers addition to tin city of Aun Arbor, in the County mf Washtenaw and District of Michigan, whicli J tliall eliat public auction or vendue, at the fr.nt door of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, on Saturday, the twenty-seventh day of April, A, D. 1861, at tvrelvo oxlocfc, noon, of said day. JOHN 3. BAG, U. S.'Marshal. Ky N. B. NYE, Deputy. Dated, at the city of Ann Arbor, this 13th day of March, I8ol. 791W Cbancery Sale. miIK CIRCUIT COURT for the County of Washtenaw- X in Chancery- . Isaac L. Denni, complainant, rt. Jauu's Bignall, defendant. In pursuanceaml by virtue of a decree in th;s cause bearing date the 17thday of December, A. D., eighteen hundred and sitv, tho uiidcrsigned Circuit Court Commlasfoner foi the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan; will sell at public auction to the higheit biddor at the front door of the Cmirt House in the city of Anti Arbor, on Tuesdiiy, the sixteenth day of April next, at ten o'clock, in the ioreuoon of that day, the following described real estáte, wit : - All that certain tra et or parcel of land known and described as foüows: Being the irest half of the sonthrwert quarter of section number twonty -three, ('3) ; also the west half of the north west qwter of section number twenty-six, (26), in th township of Salero, County of Washtenaw pand State of Michigan, containing one hundred and thirty-fonr acres of land, be the sauiejmoreor lesa, or so much thereof as may be necesaary to satisfy the decree in this cause with interest and costs. D. S.TWITCHELL, Circuit Court Commissioner for Washtenaw Co., Mïch. Hkakks í Abrí., Solicitorsfor Comp'lt. Dated, Feb. 26, 1861 789td Cbancery Sale. THE CIRCUIT COt'RT for the County of Washtenaw- In Chancery. - Matthew F. Gregory, complainant, vs. Nelson Mosher, and Catharine Mosher, defendants. In pursuance and by virtue of a óeerce in this cause, hearing date the thirtevuth day of June, A. D. 1S60, the undersigned, Circuit Court Cmmisioner for the County of Washtenaw, and Hlate of Michigan, n-ill sell at pnblic auction to the highest bidder, at tbc front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Frida-y, the fifth day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon ot tliut day. the following described real estáte, to wit ; All that certain tract or parcel of land known and described au follows, to wit: Lot number six in block number two south of Huron street, range ten cast, according to tho recorded plat of the eastern addition of tti' villa, e - now city - of Ann Arbor, in the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, or so much thereof as may be neecssary to satisfy the decree in this cuui, with iuterests and costs. D. H. TWITCllEIX, Circiiit Court Commisioner Washteuaw Co., Mich. James B, Gott, Sohcitor for Coinplaiuant. Datcd, Kcbruaryï'th, 1861. 788td Estáte of Gillett Minora. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cou.vtt of Washtüxaw - si. At a session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office in the Citj of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the eighth day of March in tht year one thousand feight hundred and siity one. Present, Thomas Xinde, Judge of Probaie. In ttte Bntter f the feta te of l'hebe J. Gillett, Teressa g. Gillett and Amos W. Gillett, Minors. On reading and filing the petion, dulr verified, of Charles V. Sanford, Cuardian of said Minors, prayinghal be may be Hoeosed to sell certain lïeal Kstateof said Minors tor tluir malntenano and education. Thennpön it is Ordenxl, Thut Monday. the eighth day of April next, at 10 ifclock in the forenoou, be assigned 'or the hearing of sid petitiontall persons interosted in s:tid estáte are required to appear at a session of said .'ourt, tht-n to be holden at the Probate Office, n the Sty of Ann Arbor, in said County, and floW caurio, f any there be, why the prayer of the petitioner t.hould iotbogrante: And it is "further Oraeod, that Mld 'etttiooftr give notice to tho persons HftoreMM in mh state, of the pendency of said potition, and the hereof by causinga copy of thtó order to be published n the Michigan Argus, uewspaper printed aud circulating in said County f Waahtenaw, three successive weeks previons to said day of hearing. A trne copy.) THOMifl NIXD1Í, Judge of I'robaje. City lVIeat Market. - # Thü uneïorsigned . fyflsacfyjf Have RemovedVBÊHB THEIR MAKKET O THE CORXKH OF ANN AND MAIN STREETS Aad will keep coustantly on hand a full assortment of I-Tr-os-tk. 3M-O-.-t-et- which Ihoy will iihvavs De found iu raadiaS(to cut upon DIT CUSTOMEKS. N' iuins will lo synred to keep jeir market Clean, and Meats S w e e t nd patrons may rely upon Rctting the best roast n:.K, cnors, etc, that cun be fouuü in theCity. 'CALL IN'DTKV US. S. VROCTOR T. WAI.KKR. Aua.Ubor.May -i, 18C0 74Din6