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An Oily Letter From Oily Springs

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As the Oil Springs in Trumbull County, Ohio, are ex iling a great deal of iníluenec, wc preVaiied upon the Fat Contributor to go there last week, in order t-hat we migbt furuih our readers an authentie account of üie locuüty. We liavc rcceived the following unctuous letter : Gentlemen: - Everything about hera is greasy and oily ; it ia with extreme difficulty that I writo at all. My pen slips out of my fingers, there is an oily scum on the iuk, the paper is fairly transparcut, and I slosh aroui'd ín raj chair in a vcry unpleasant manner. Patiencc and perseverance (svveet oil is uunecessary here) will, however, overeóme inany obatacles. Drilling is unnccessary here, as the oil boils up in springs, sometiuies to the beight ui' twénty-five feet, and is caught in tin pails as it comes down. On a hot day, I ain told, it is no unusual thing to sce women frying doughnuts in these jets of oil. The balls of dough are dropped uto the jets, whcre they are allowed to i out like corks in a fouutain, uutil they are fried in the heat of the sun. Theonly specimen of tree which abounds here is slippery clm. These trees are so slippery that a squirrel can't climb them without dippiug his paws in pre pared glue, a small bottle of which he always carries suspended about his neck. Tliere are a few niaple trees hcre, but no sugar is made, as nothiug but oil runs out when they are tapped. The principal amusements here are climbing greased polcs, and catching oiled pigs, the liecessary Bpplianees being constautly on hand. Blippiog down hill is popular among all classes during the summer months. This is efieeted with uur slede, on a lull of solid tallow, just baek of the tavern. There was a thunder storm in tbeafternoon, and as the elebtric fluid ran down one of these süppery elms I told you of, I was treated to my tirst view of '' greased lightniug " It is quite comaion here ; they say thundor is divested of all its harsh intonations by the minute partióles f oil which fill the air aud -groase the wheels of Joves noisy chariot. If any of our readers think I have " cut it fat" in this letter, let them visit the oil spriugs and see for themselvéf. - Pennsylvania Paper.


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