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A Perfect Wife

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Edmnnd Burke, tho orator, was a iTian of parta, and bis heau ideal oí a perfect wife, is worthy of consideration bv our füir friends. Here it is: " A perfect wife is bandeóme, luit it's not a beauty arising frorn the features, fröm complexión, or lrom t4rape. She has nll three in high doeree, but it is not by these she touches the lieart - it is al! that svveetness of temper, beocvolonce, innoeence and sensibility which a face oun exprese, that forma a beauty. She has a face that just rouses your attention at first sight; it gnnvs iipoo yoü every moment, and you wondtr that it did not more than raise Httention at first. Her cyes have a mild light, bat ibey awe wben ehe pleasesj they oomraand, like a good man out of offiee, not by au.horiy, buby vir'ue Hor stature is not tall, .she is not made to lo the admiratioo of every one, he has the finnnesa that doos not exclude delicaoy - all the siftness that doea not imply weakness. Her Tojofl is soit. lovv mut-ic, noi formed to role in public assemblies, but to cbartn tliose who can distinguieh a eompany ('rom a orowd ; it bas its advantage, you must come clofe to hear it. To describe her miiid - one is the traicript of the other. Her anderstanding is not ghown in the variety of matter it aserta itself upon, but the goodnes9 of the chbice slie makéB. - Her politeDees ftows ffom a natural dis position to obMge, than any rules un that subject, a:d tborefore never fails to strike those who undcrstand good breeding, and those who do not." Hemedy fok tuk Black Knot. - I have never found anything that will cmnpare in efficacy for preventing black excrescences on the pluiu tree to a strong solution of chloride af lime, applied to the wonnds made bv their removal. I have tiïed thits retnedy two years,and in 110 instance luis it failed to prevent the fungas wood trom bursting out again frotn the wound, A trial was made this vear on about lii'ty yoong trees, f om a porlioD of whieh the knota were cut offearly in summer, and no application made to the wound ; to a second portion strong lime was applied ; and to a third, chloride of lime. In nnmerous iiistances theexcrescence barstoot again iu the two first cases, in the 1 it:er none. Balt bas been strongly recommendtd, but tho euperiority of the chloride was very decided. - J. J. Thomts Benton's MoTiimt. - How touching the tribute of Uon. T. H. Bouton tu bis motber's iufluunce : " Mv mothcr asked me never to use tobaooo. I have never touohed it from tbat time to the piosont day. Sbe askcd me not to game, and I have never gambled, and I camiot teil wko is winning and w'uo is losing in games tbat eau ba played. She admonishcd me, too, againet hard drinking, and whatever eapaeity for enduiance I bave at present, and whatever uscfuluess I may attaiu in lite, I bave attributed to baving complied witli ber pious and correct wishes. Whcu I wa3 seven yeara of age. she asked mo not ! to drink, and then J mude a resolution of total abstinence at a time wben I was sole constituent ïnember of my own body, and that I bave adhered to it through all time, I owe to my ïuotlier,"


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