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The Deposition Of Sam Houston

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The fact that as Gen. Houston refused to tako tlic oath of allegiance preseribed by the convent ion of Texas, lic was deposed, and entered a protest, is already to the public. ïhe scène of his final retiremeut from tlio Govcrnor's office is thus told by the New ürleans Delta : " By-and-by, the deposed Govcnior (■mie hobblir.g to his office - old Saui'g San Jacinto wound having broken out afresh, as it always does ou oecasious of political tria!. Perceíviag Governor Clark ooeupying tbc chair, old Sani addrussed biin : '" Wcll, Govcnior Clark,' giving great eraphasis to the title, ' you are an early riser? " ' Yes, General? replied the Governor, with a great stress upon the military tillo of his predecessor, ' I am illustrating the old niaxiui, ' the early bird gathers the worm.' ' " ' Wel), Qovernor Glark, I hope you will find it au easier seat than I have fonnd it.' "' I'll endeavor to make it so, General, by coniortning to the clearly expressed will of the people of ïexaa.' " The General, having brought a large lunch-basket with him, procecded to put up nurnerous lttle articlos af private pruporty, and to stow them away very carelully. üatching his foot in a holo ín the earpet and atunibling, tho General suggested to Governor Clark that the government ought to afford a new earpet for tho Oovcruor's office, whoreupon the U-overnor remarked that the Esocutivo of Texas would get along very well without a earpet. " Approacliing the wash-siand, tho General caüed the attontion of Gov. Clark to two piüccs of soap - one, the Castile soap, was lus own privato property: aud the other, a perfuuiüd artiele, was the property of the Stato, and added, ' Governor, yaur hands will require the very frequent use of this cloansiiig artiele ;' whcreupon Gov Clark poiuting to the waah-bowl, whiuh was full of very black and dirty water, remarked : ' Ooucral, I suppose tliat is the bowl in whioh you washed your hands before leaviug the office.' " Having gathered up all his duda, old Sam made a little farewell speech Tery rouch in the style of Cardinal Woolsey, declaring hia couvictiou that, ai in the past the time would soon come wheu Texas would cali hm t'iom hig retiremeut, aud he hor.ud (lov. Clark would be able to give as good an account of his stewardship as he could nowrender. Halting at the door, the General ruado a profound bow, and with an air of elabórate djgnity, said ' Good day, Governor C-1-a-r-k.' - ' Good day, General Houston,' was the Governor's response. And thu th ' Hero of San Jacinto' concluded his political carecr !"


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