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The crown of England ia valauble , enongh to lound half a dozen moderate colleges. Tlie tWenty roar.d the cirele are worth $150,000; two ' large centre diamonds, $20,000 ; ' fmir smaller cjiamords in the angle. ' $'270,000 ; four crossen, eueh oompoBed ' oí' twoiity-five diamond, $00,000; four ( lirge dtatncroda on tho top of the crosses, ' $-20.000; twelve luiiro diiunonds in tho ' jieur-delii, $00,000; echteen small ' ones in the saine, $10,000; poarls and ' diamouds in the arehes iuid crosses, $50,000; also one hnndred and forty èix small ones, $25,000; tweBty-six diumonds in tlio upper crc.-.í, 150,000; ' two circles dl pearks about tho rim $15,000; value of precious stonas, exclusive of mentid. ÍS'20,000. E5T i" oí'tiic courts, atPike's Poak tV'i opposing attorneys got to abusing each other, until one remarked, '-It it was not f-r disturbing the diguity of the honorable court he would jiitch into his opponent and tiirash hi;n Cor his impertinenee and llaekguardisin." Vlier pon the coort generoasly remarked, ''Gentlemen, the court waivL-s its dignity for tiif present, so go in, and may the best man win.'' They did go in, not waiting for a secoHd invitation, and n hard fight was mude of it; weariug apparel was confideraMy damaged, and the belligerent partiea finally separated, havjng sufliciently viiulicated their prowess, and amvised the court and the crowd . The battle was ended, ]ieace declared, and the "cunrt proceded to b'us'nëss." f" Steam Navigation on cauala in Englatid has boeonie so suecessful as to reduce tbe cost of couveying freiglit no legs than 25 per cent. The Grand Junction Canal Coinpany have dispensed with horse power, and now use stoam alone. - There are 5,000 miles of canal in Great lïvitain. representing a capital of about $200,000,000, and since the adoption of steam as tho propellinpr aaent the traffic increaaed last year 2"',000 tona. J3S5 n ab8ent-minded professor, in going out of tbe gateway of his collegR, ráfí agqinst a cow; in the: confusión of the moment, he raieed his hat ar.fl excliinii'd, '-I beg your pardon madame,;" sooh affcer, he sHimbled against a lady in thestroet; n suden recollection oí liia fornicr misliap, he ralJed out, "Is that vou ftgain, y ou brute?" r'Ty" CharJey, about four years old, was one day receiving a reprimand fr.nn his motherfor 1 quency, when he turncl, and, with j America condensed in his j look and tone, reminded he' that. shc was " nothing hut af male " jr"iln.niinity," said Burke, "cannot bcdegraded by humiliatioTi. It is its very ctiaractei to submit to puch tilines. There is a consanguinitv between benovolence and humi ity. They are virtucs of the same stock." Japan.- It is certain that tho American Biaptehiry of legation, had been mnrdered al Jeddo. The Erijrlish and Frenoh Mini tera had rctired from Jeddo, bat tho Americau Minister rernained. p" " How do yon an'l yonr wiíe get alonLï?" " O, rather budly ; ghegaVeJ her hand i yenr ago, nnd 1 thnnked her, bat she gives it tó ttle now everyj ! time I dare tb :-Deal:, and I'd thank her ! not to." " I


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