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We have fallen upon evil times. Tho oloud which bus so long darkened the horizon, and almost obscured the ! noon-day ffiin, Ima at length been rent iopieoee. Penco no long-er reigns d all oar borders, but the clang of arme and tlio voice oí the loud-mouthed cannon is heard in thé land. Our country ia ngaged in war, and in tbat most to be depreeated of all waró, a Civil Wau. We had hoped, almost against hope, that by gome intervention of Providenco tlie calumity bg long impendiDg would bo averted ; büt tho blow has fallen ; American blood has been lied, - and by Ame.ncans, - and God alone knows tho end. We vviite with a heart full almost to baratiogj with tuch a fueling as we never bsfore put pen to paper ; with no glimmer of li!;t breaking on tho future, not even the cold glimmer which anticipated rnilitury glory ia wont to tshed on a deelaration of. war botween contending States and Nationa. In the bloody contest now opened, father raisea hishand againta son, and brother puints thesword at the heart of brother; and evon vietorv perching upon tho standard nronnd which we rally - the flag of our Union - will be a mournful viotory. But a truco to these gloomy reiiections, we can't help them, we are not ashamed to utter them, but stern facts now domand our attention. We give place in this issue to the scattering telegraphic reporta of the late engagement at Chrleston, bet ween the forces of tho so-called Confedérate States, numbering írom ten to fiíteen thousar.d and manning nineteen batteries, and the little Spartan band of Maj, Anderhon' imprisoned within the walleof Fort Sumpter. These reports are rneager, disconnected, uusatisfactory ; but they teil the unwclcorae story that hostilities have cotnmeuced ; that the seceded States have made war upon the Union ; that secession has now assumed tho form oi rebjllion and revolution ; and that Fort Sumpter has been attacked and taken. In addition to these reports, we givo the proclama tion of the President calling tho Mihtia of the loyal öiates to the aid of tho Federal Government, and convening Conaress in extra session. This proclamaiion foreshadows tho work to be done, and a bloody work it is likely to be. In this contest. it is onr duty, it is the duty of every A.merican eitizen to sustain the Federal Government. We have had our opiiiions as to the best policv to pura :e ; lor the present those opiniona are charged to the " suspended account," nd our voice is raised fcr the Union, for the whcle Union ; and with no half-uttered or hali-smothered ajwlogies for the course of South Carolina and her nest of traitors,'or for the hot-bed groli cali the Government of tho Confedérate State ; but wiih a heart full of sympathy lor the misguided masses of the Souih. At the saiw; time that we declare lor the Union and its maiutaiuance and perpetuation, we may be allo wed to express a hope that tho Government will notallow tho Warspirit to got beyond its control, but ratherthat it mayalways keep the end in view ; and that end should be tho earliest peace consistent with principio and National honor. With these thoughts weieave the subject for the present with our readers In Bad Tascr. - At the Union Meeting last Mouday afternoon, one of tho speakers, an aident young man, who is wiser now than l'o wil] be some years heneo,. so far forgot the proprieïies due to the occasion ns to speak of tho last campaign, its issues, and victories, and to aseert that its vietorieR are now to be perpetuated in anoiher campaign, and to speak in sneering terrns of Dein()cr:its. We can pardon much to an excited brain, but do it wilh the sujrgostion that tho same offence be not again repeated. Another speaker, an oklcr man, and ono whoso judgrnent ought to bo more mature, mado up an indiclmcnt against the South running back throiigh sixtv years. We protest agitinst euch speeches, at least in Union meetings. - When party platforms, party campaigns, party victories, and party aggressione are to be talked about, toe give fair xoarning that tliere wll be two udes to be henrd If our Repubücan friends are to bo Union men, let them sink platforms, and eampaigns, and whimngs about aggressions, into forgetfulneas, and Uien they may draw Union checks upon the Democratie party, We know no party until tho contest is over, wo sustain the Federal Government as the Government, and not as a RepubÜean ndministration, and neither we nor our iellow Democruls wish lo, or will liear in Union Meetings, such speeches as tho two we referió. ■ - iii - L" A Uniou Meeting was held in Jackson, on Monday evening. Hon. J. C. WnoB presided,and speeches wero made by Messrs. Wood, Gregg, Shoemaker, Loomis, Livermoro and others. Gov. Blair being present, was tendered by Capt. Wetbington with the services of the Jackson Grayg, wbicb wére aceepted on the spot. Fiye thousand person were paid to bo present, and intense feeling prevailed. il MM ill ËP Largo Union demons trations havo been m&de in Graml Rapids, Ponliae. Mooroe, Adriiin, and nearly all the Citios and largo towns of tho State. The excitement is great, and the determinación to stand by the Federal Government in tho eserc80 of all its legitímate functions general.


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