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Ann Arbor On The Crisis

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At 2 o'clock, P. M., on Monday, the 15t)i itist., the Court Hou-e bell gave the sigoal, and without othor noticc, iho house was eooa fiüod to overflovting. The meeting wna cnllcd to order, and organized by tho clcction of Dr. TaiPAN-, of tho Uiiiversity, President; and 13. B. Pond and L. Davis, Secretarie. In taking tho chair Dr. T. spoko of the recent events at Charleston, events now ngitating the country and exciting every patriot. He thought the General Government had forborno with disorranizers, eeces8ÍODÍ6ts and traitors until forbearanco was no longer a virtue, and until it had seriouuly Veen a qtMstion whether or no we had a government. But tho overt act had been cornmitted, the Government could no longer ignore the iaot of open rebellioo, and it must act or iall to pieces and the good old flag trail in tho dust. I He was In favor of conquering a peace, oí planting tho fl;ig again on the ratnparls of Fort Sumpter, on the Arsenal ia, Charleston City, and on every goverumeut fort and building in the land. II is refnarks were reoeived with ap. plause. Sunator Bi.voiiaji, being present, was called out, and briefly addressed the meeting ii? defonse of tho position now occupied by the Federal Government The Star Spangled Banner was then played by tho Martial Band, after which the meeting was fnrther addressed by Messrs. K. G DePuy, C. II. Dennison, A. I). Crane, Hov. J. S. Smart, Rev. P. A. Blades, Prof. A. D. White, aud Rev. J. M. Gregory, all (.f whorn were enthusiastically cheored as they pladged themselvea to 6tand by their country. Mr. G. D. IIill offored the following resolutioiiH, which were unauimonsly adopted : Resuhid, That the people of Ann Arbor City will 'stand by the President of the Uuitud States in the proper and continuad performance oí his duties in executing the laws of the United States. Resolví dt That a committeo of five be appointed by this meeting to take inmediato measures to secure the organization of all citizens of Ann Arbor who are prepared to stand by theFedoral Government in the present emergonoy, into military companies, in order to be readv to trfeet a draft upon the ötate ol Michigan which the President's proclumatioD iiitimatos will aoou be mado. The Chair announced as the Comtnitteo : Gen. G. D. Hill, Gov. Felch, Jas. Kuig-O.oy, Maj. Burry, and Maj. Vanee. Ou motioa, President Tappan was addod to the committee. The Band played Yankeo Doodle, and the meeting adjourned. jLT A Boston diepatcb of the 15tb, savs : " Gen. B. F. Butler, an ardent supporter of Breek' nridgo during the election, has tendered his services with his entire brig ide." And Gen. B. F; has done no more than his duty ; he aided in breaking up the Democratie party at Charleston and Baltimore, which brougbt defeat to its candidate and the present difficulty upon the nation, and if ho is a man aud a patriot he will givc himself to tho work of DDdoiog the wrong done to his country by himself and associates. All the Breckinridge men should stand by tho government and the administration they have directly aidod in placing in power. ui nmm in J&ST Tbe Goveruors of Missouri, Keutuoky and North Carolina have refused obediiiuce to tbe proclamation of the President. Tenucssee and Arkansas not heard frora. In Virginia, Gov. Letcher is waiting the action of the Conveution, in whieh the secession ordiuanco hangs fire. The Charles'.onians begin to fear the decisión. Maryland and Delawaro will stand by the Union. Jf3C In h'3 crisis, when all are enger ior the newe, every family in the eounty ought to have the Arous, and thus get both local and general intelligence. Now is tho time to subscribe. JL5LT Tbe Legislature of Pennsyl vania has passed a free banking bill. We wish some Logislature would pass a bill making every man's note current as monev. It would be flmphatioally a bill to encourage immigration. iy Hon. Jamks Birney has reeigned the oflice of Lieut. Governor and received tho appointment of Judgc ol the lOth Circuit, vice Woodworth, compelhd toj'esign. JC5C Thos. Alexander, Jr., has boen appointed Depnty United States Marshal for this County, and Jas. R. Beknett, of Adrián, as been designated as the principa! Deputy for tho transaction of criminal business. L1L" Dispatches from Lancaster say that Ex-President Buciianan comes out squarely in favor of sustaining the Government at all hazards. Ex-Senator Bigler also takes the same pos.ition. In faet, Pennsylvania is a unit. .♦ i - 1 Ex-Vico President BreckinRisai is reported as declaring in favor of tho Southern Confedracy. And this is tho end of his treason to the old Democratie party which had dealt with him so bountifully. j&Sr The Steubon. Guards of this City are nHin? up their ranks, and Licutenant Mogk was sent to Detroit on Wedneaday to tender their services to the Governor. Anothor Company is also being formed. JT The Northern States thrqugb both their governments and the people are responding earnestly to tho cali of the President, nnd in every city, town, viflage and hamlet in the land tho nctes iif military prtpnrntion are heard


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