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The President's Proclamation

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On Mond iy, President Lincoln, in view of the attaek tipon, and surrender of Fort Sumpter, issued the following proclamation, calling upon tho States [or seventy-five tbouöaod Militia troops, commanding tho secession troops to disperse, and wuvening Cungress in extra session : Whertas, The laws of the United States have been for some timu past, and bow are oppoeed, and the ezeoution thereof obstructed il) tho States of South Carolina, Georgia, Alabania, Florida, Misemaippi, Louiiüana and Texas, by combi oatione too powerfuJ 10 be suppressed by the ordin&ry eourse ol judicial proceediogs or by the po wers vested in the Marshals by law, now tberefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, in virtue of the power in me vested by the Constitutioo and the laws h:ive thóught fit to eull forth and hereby do cali forth the militia of the several States of tho Union, to the agregate numbor of seventiijire thuusnd.u order to suppreaa s id oombinations and to cause the laws to bu duly exaouted. The details for this object will be immediately cominunicated to the State aiuhorities, through the War Department. I appeal to uil loyal c-iti zens to favor, facilítate, and aid this effortto maintuin the honor, the integrity and the existence of our National Un;on, and the perpetuity of popular governrnent, and to redress wi'ongs alivady long endured. I deetn ït proper to say, that the first service assigned to the forces hereby called forth, will probably bo to ropossess tho iorts, places, and property which have boen seized f rom the Union, and in every event, the utmost care will beobserved, consis'ently with the objects aforosaid, to avoid any devastation, any destruction of, or intorference with property, or any dislurbanoe of peacofnl citizens in any part of the country; and I hereby command the persons oompneing the cornbinations aforesaid. to disperso and retire peaceably to their respective abodes, within twenty days trom this date. Deeming that the present condiaon of public affairs presents an extraordinary . ccasion, I do hereby, in virtue of the power ir. me vested by the Constitution, oonvene both Honses of Conjress. The Senators and Representativos aro íherefore snnimonud to assemble at their respective chambers at twelve o'clock, noon, on Thursday, the fourth day of July hext, then and there to consider and determino such measnres as, in their wisdom, the public safety and interest may seotn to detnand. [s witness wherenf, I have hereunlo et my han1, and OHOStd the seal of the United States to be atlixed. Done at tlieCüy of Wathinst n, this fll'tcenth 'Iny of April, n the year cf uur I.ord odc tliDusand and Bignt hunU1edandiiixt.v-one, aml of the Ind.'pömleuC'iol' thy luitud States, tlie eighly-fll'th. ABRAHAM I.IN'CüI.N. By tiifi Prostdent. Willwm H. Sbwabd, Secretnry of Siati.


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